Vining, Mike, SGM

Infantry (Enlisted)
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Current Service Status
USA Retired
Current/Last Rank
Sergeant Major
Current/Last Service Branch
Current/Last Primary MOS
11Z50-Infantry Senior Sergeant
Current/Last MOS Group
Infantry (Enlisted)
Primary Unit
1992-1999, 11Z50, United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM)/Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC)
Previously Held MOS
55C-Ammunition Maintenance Specialist
55D-Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Specialist
55D-Explosive Ordnance Disposal Specialist
Service Years
1968 - 1999

Sergeant Major

Ten Service Stripes

Two Overseas Service Bars

 Official Badges 

Infantry Shoulder Cord US Army Retired (Pre-2007) WWII EOD Sleeve Insignia Austrian High Alpine Police Badge

EOD US SOCOM Army Special Operations Command

 Unofficial Badges 

Airborne Ordnance Shoulder Cord Army Honorable Discharge (1984-Present) Cold War Medal

Cold War Veteran Special Operations Vietnam Veteran 50th Commemoration Vietnam 50th Anniversary

 Military Association Memberships
Post 8121, Seigfried-Leyte PostUnited States Naval InstituteVietnam EOD Veteran ChapterVietnam EOD Veterans Association
ATWS Unit Historian
  2001, Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States (VFW), Post 8121, Seigfried-Leyte Post (Member) (South Fork, Colorado) [Verified]1 - Chap. Page
  2006, United States Naval Institute - Assoc. Page
  2008, National EOD Association (NATEODA). , Vietnam EOD Veteran Chapter1
  2008, Vietnam EOD Veterans Association
  2008, National EOD Association (NATEODA).
  2013, ATWS Unit Historian [Verified]

 Additional Information
What are you doing now:
Fully retired.  Keeping busy by writing, hiking, backpacking, rock and mountain climbing, mountain biking, snowshoeing, and alpine and backcountry skiing.
Other Comments:
Recipient of The Order of 1st SFOD-D - Delta Colors, Serial Number 123, on 19 October 1995, for singularly exemplary contributions to 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment - Delta (Airborne).  Graduate of Operator Training Course -1 (OTC-1).   In Delta served as an Operator, Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician, Master Breacher, Climbing Instructor, and Mountain Guide.  Army Historian for the Vietnam Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Veterans Chapter of the National Explosive Ordnance Disposal Association (NATEODA).  Recieved the 2013 Art Macksey Citizenship Award presented by the Vietnam EOD Veterans Association.  Selected for induction into the U.S. Army Ordnance Corps Hall of Fame, Class of 2018.

Married to Donna L. Ikenberry, a freelance photojournalist.  We have two daughters and six grandchildren.  The oldest two grandchildren served in the U.S. Navy.   One grandson is currently assigned to the carrier USS CARL VINSON (CVN-70), homeport San Diego, California and the other finished his enlistment in the Navy.

BBC radio interview that I did on the Iran Hostage Rescue Mission - Operation EAGLE CLAW, 24 - 25 April 1980.

 Remembrance Profiles -  52 Soldiers Remembered
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Operation Eagle Claw (Iran)
Start Year
End Year

Operation Eagle Claw (or Operation Evening Light or Operation Rice Bowl) was a United States Armed Forces operation ordered by US President Jimmy Carter to attempt to end the Iran hostage crisis by rescuing 52 embassy staff held captive at the Embassy of the United States, Tehran on 24 April 1980. Its failure, and the humiliating public debacle that ensued, damaged US prestige worldwide. Carter himself blamed his loss in the 1980 US presidential election mainly on his failure to win the release of U.S. hostages held captive in Iran.

The operation encountered many obstacles and was eventually aborted. Eight helicopters were sent to the first staging area, Desert One, but only five arrived in operational condition. One encountered hydraulic problems, another got caught in a cloud of very fine sand, and the last one showed signs of a cracked rotor blade. During planning it was decided that the mission would be aborted if fewer than six helicopters remained, despite only four being absolutely necessary. In a move that is still discussed in military circles, the field commanders advised mission abort, which President Carter accepted and confirmed.

As the U.S. force prepared to leave, one of the helicopters crashed into a transport aircraft which contained both servicemen and jet fuel. The resulting fire destroyed both aircraft and killed eight servicemen. Operation Eagle Claw was one of Delta Force's first missions.
My Participation in This Battle or Operation
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Last Updated:
Oct 30, 2012
Personal Memories

People You Remember
Member of the Rescue Force
JTF Helicopter Detachment
(Alphabetically by Service)

U.S. Air Force

Russell E. Rakip

U.S. Navy

Terry Allen
Rodney Davis
John Diascuk
Robert Mingo
James Scurria
Stanley E. Thomas

U.S. Marine Corps

Dean Beach
Richard Beaucamp
Daniel Bird
William Buchanan
Jeffrey Coffin
Larry Cook
Walt Dehoust
David Doroski
James Fiori
Joseph Harold
John D. Harvey*
Thomas Higley
William Hoff
George N. Holmes, Jr.*
David Husman
Dewey L. Johnson*
Dominick Klasek
Henry Karch
Dwayne Lewis
Charles Lightle
James Linderman
K.D. Logue
B.J. McGuire
Ronald Mueller
Rance Neymeyer
Barney Oldfield
Leslie Petty
James Schaefer
James Scurria
Edward Seiffert
John Sigman
Larry Sosa
Phillip Strickland
L.C. Walt

USMC Attaches:
Mission Coordinator

Colonel Charles Pitman

Intelligence Officer

Major Robert Mattingly

Other Members of JTF 1-79
By Service & Rank

U.S. Marine Corps

Lt. Colonel Robert Neff
Major James G. Magee

U.S. Navy

Captain John A. Butterfield
Commander Maynard R. Wyers
Chief Yeoman William A. Collins

U.S. Army

Major General James B. Vaught

Bernard Balaban
James S. Barkett
Charles A. Beckwith
William R. Foley
Jerry M. King
Stanley Olchovik
John Sperandio
Joe N. Thompson

Lt. Colonels:
Roger W. Ahrens
Carmelito Arkangel, Jr.
Peter f. Dieck
George Hammond
Jesse L. Johnson
Jerry A. Matthiesen
Keith O. Nightingale
James Olstead
Charles Phillips
Richard W. Potter, Jr.
James M. Salander
Carlton G. Savory
Hubert S. Shaw
Joseph Thompson
Sherman H. Williford

Herman Adler
Nathan J. Bender
Marshall J. Bowen
William G. Boykin
Lewis H. Burruss, Jr.
Donald Cagle
Norman Custer
Darrell G. Elmore
Logan D. Fitch
Richard B. Friedel
Elliott Klain
Wayne E. Long
Richard Meadows
William C. Ohl
James Q. Roberts
Peter J. Schoomaker
Robert Slay
Edwin K. Smith III
Peter Thompson
Tyrone T. Tisdale
Jorge L. Torres-Cartagena

Timothy J. Casey
William H. Deane
William P. Gowdy
David L. Grange
James Iagulli
Wade Y. Ishimoto
James f. Knight
Johnie McClellon
William Moran
James H. Schwitters
Robert Toomy
Steven J. Wright

1st Lieutenants:
Thomas Milam
John Provost
Wayne Richardson
Tommy T. Wall

Warrant Officers:
Michael Bryda
Harry J. Byard
Philip D. Clarkson
John C. Lamonica
Paul A. Zeisman
Charles R. Donau
Michael J. Hollingsed
Larry Sykes
John W. Stanley, Jr.
Russell R. Vona II
William L. Welsch

Sergeants Majors:
David Cheney
Forrest K. Foreman
William R. Grimes
Ratchford P. Haynes
Jack G. Joplin
Angel Macias
Jan Schalavin
Walter L. Shumate

Master Sergeants:
Andy M. Almueti
Robert L. Bolton III
Richard A. Bridge
Angel C. Candelaria
John M. Clemmens, Jr.
Ronald C. Czarnecki
Roger L. George
Rodney L. Headman
Paul A. Lawrence
John r. Martin
Gary M. Moston
Alan Ravitz
Leon E. Sharon
Donald G. Simmons
Kerby A. Smith
Eugene Spencer
Norman C. Taitano
Michael P. Waite
Edward H. Westfall, Jr.
Dennis E. Wolfe

Sergeants First Class:
Herman L. Adams, Jr.
Deciderio Alvarez
Donald L. Briere
Kent H. Brown, Jr.
Marshall L. Brown
Edward U. Bugarin
Jerry L. Burney
Guy L. Chapman
Junior L. Chewey
Bradley Cooper
Thomas B. Corbett
Norman F. Crawford
William F. Cronin III
Durwin D. Dengerud
Donald M. Feeney, Jr.
George M. Flanagan
Gerald Fontana
Lawrence N. Freedman
Mark S. Gentry
Terry L. Hall
Eric L. Haney
Phillip L. Hanson
Daniel F. Hobson
Randall A. Hoeffer
Steven T. Hoffman
Patrick R. Hurley
Frank J. James
Killis W. Jeter III
John w. Jones
James L. Knotts
Billy Krieger
Clemons E. Lemke
Robert D. Little
Danny L. Mathers
John C. McEwan
Frank O. McKenna
James A. Miller
John P. Mims
Earl J. Moniz
Cecil W. Morgan
Billie D. Morton
Steven Murphy
Glen M. Nickel
John G. Potter
Eulis A. Presley
Keith W. Purdue
Donald E. Purdy
Harrison Reves
David C. Rigo
James D. Roberts
Rodolfo D. Rodriquez
Donald J. Shelton
James V. Shelton
Kenneth W. Spivey
Raymond E. Suggs
Joseph J. Sumakeris
Gerald R. Troller
Bruno Urbaniak
Rolland E. Vincent, Jr.
Arthur L. Waldo
Melvin L. Wick
William J. Wilderman
Robert R. Wilson
John Yancey
William L. Zumwalt

Staff Sergeants:
Christopher W. Abel
Irvin J. Banta
Roger D. Berryhill
Randall A. Bullock
Donald W. Chrisman
Joesph Cook
Iain T.R. Crawford
Derek A. Delaihoussaye
William Donovan
Francis W. Fish II
William C. France III
Gregory Gainey
Alfred L. Gandee
William Guest
Kenneth R. Holt
Reginald H. Honaker
Barry T. Hotle
Jeffrey L. Huber
Bernhard W. Kaita
Michael A. Kalua
Robert Kuenstle
Thomas B. Lambert
Charles Laws
Frrederick J. Lewis
David R. Littlejohn
Azzam Lostan
Michael T. Moore
Thomas L. Mushrim
James P. O?Callaghan
James R. Owens
Douglas G. Pechtel
Manuel R. Pelaiz
John D. Pitts
Jack Rogers
Glen A. Staples, Jr.
Larry A. Steele
Joseph Thompson
Peter Vanborkulo, Jr.
Mike R. Vining
Donald F. Vlasko, Jr.
Carlos C. Westling

Franklin Ashe
Mark Baillaigeon
Francis Bowman
Richard Burrows
Selmer Hyde
Roy Kampmeir
James Kinny
Michael T. ?Mike? McGirr
Daniel Muro
Ruban A. Nieves-Nieves
Michael Noyes
Wilson Nunez
Stewart K. O?Neil
Juan M. Perez, Jr.
Gene Peters
James Phillips
Donald J. Pirtle
Joseph Ripepi
David Sisk
Blasť W. Smith
Larry Smith
Jeffery Swyenburg
Helal S. Syouf
Michael Tietjen
Mannifred Yates

Corporals/Spec Fours:
Roger Beck
David Berkan
Roger Chapman
Arvin J. Collicot
Frank Derienzo
Stanley C. Evans
Mark Fletcher
Daniel French
Joseph Friedman
Edwin Gilbert
Marty Godding
Steven Hogue
Roy Horsley
John Hudachek
Wesley W. Kaylor
Richard Lamb
David Lewis
Peter Love
Kenneth Martin
Kurt L. Kassey
Henry Navarro
Gary Noble
Joseph Principe
Charles Ray
Raymond Rhash
Hector Rodrigues
Robert Rubio, Jr.
Michael Sampson
Kurt Schneider
Eric Scott
Gordon Shields
Donald Smith
James Stewart
Mark Taylor
James Tomazin
Horace Turner
Bryan K. Weeks
Gordon Young

Privates First Class:
Arnett Brantley
Kenneth Clement
James Dee
Dennis Dodson
Charles Fooks
Joseph La Flex
Slade McCalip
Keith Marrow
Michael Pflaum
Bobby Reed
Fritz Resil
James Sparks
Makie Warf
William White

Michael Hitchcock
Kerry Kolhof
Warren Long
James Miller
Bret Parker
Timothy Spayd

DA Civilians:

Ronald C. Waananen

U.S, Air Force

Major Genral Philip C. Gast

Richard Keating
James Kyle
Eugene A. Moore
Robert N. Pinard
Thomas J. Wicker

Lt. Colonels:
John P. Bateman
Lawrence D. Bonham
Thomas P. Bradley
Robert L. Brenci
David I. Casperson
William M. Crane
John A. Drohan
John A. Gallagher
John E. Gamble
Bobbie Gene Graham
Roland D. Guidry
Lannie W. Hall
Glaude R. Horton
Ronald L. Jones
Robert Lawrence
Rod Lenahan
James A. Livesey
Thomas L. McCarron
Ronald Michaels
Kenneth D. Oliver
William T. Postles
Lester C. Smith
Raymond Turczynski, Jr.
Flurin D. White
John H. Wilson

Frank W. Anderson
John R. Anderson
Alva E. Bagby III
George R. Barratt
David J. Blum
Alan H. Brown
Donald Buchanan
Clyde Butler II
Darin T. Cairns
John T. Carney, Jr.
Terence L. Casteel
M. Couvillon
Russel B.G. Darden
William F. Deegan, Jr.
William H. Diggins
James D. Duke
Clifford Gilbert
John E. Hawkins
Less Hess
Carl S. Houston
William K. Horne
Terance L. Jahnke
Harry Johnson
James M. Kirk
John M. Logan
Michael D. Overstreet
John Ozolins
Juan Pena, Jr.
Fredrick L. Pumroy
James N. Roberts
Paul W. Rumple
Arthur W. Schwall, Jr.
John Stock
William R. Terry
John W. Thomas
Stephen L. Toles
George R. Toth
Douglas L. Ulery
Gerald J. Uttaro
Douglas R. Waali
John V.O. Weaver, Jr.
Frank Wells
Wesley T. Werling

Richard L. Bakke*
James Bennes II
Thomas M. Beres
Dennis R. Bishop
Jeffrey A. Blohm
Paul R. Bolduc
Joseph A. Brennan
Stephen Burke
Thomas W. Butler
Robert H. Bysewski
Clayton J. Chaplvian, Jr.
Joseph J. Contigquqlia
Jerome F. Conway
Michael A. Cummings
Judson D. Daley
David L. Davenport
James Dickensheets
Jack R. Dickinson
John E. Downey, Jr.
Leslie R. Drake
Michael A. Driver
Michael A. Dungan
Bobby F. Earle
Donald S. Ellis
Steven D. Elise
George C. Ferkes
Michael R. Filler
Stephen A. Fleming
Samuel Galloway
Steven E. Garbe
Terry Godby
M. J. Hamilton
Michael L. Happe
Jeffery B. Harrison
Raymond P. Hicks
Robert L. Honaker
John S. Jaczinski III
Douglas A. Johnson
Martin P. Jubelt
John P. Kegel
James D. Kelly
James L. Langenhan
Stephen D. Lavender
James D. Lawrence
Clark P. Lee
Kevin H. Leeman
Ellen K. Lewis
Harold L. Lewis, Jr.*
Robert M. Lewis
Charles R. Lovett
William Lucyshyn
Robert T. Luginbuhl, Jr.
J.J. McBride
Michael McClellan
Lyn D. McIntosh*
Charles T. McMillan II*
John R. Michael
Robert L. Miller
John A. Nimmo
Basil S. Norris, Jr.
Bennis E. Novy
Lawrence J. O?Keefe
William E. Osborne
John G. Pearson
Gregory S. Peppers
Joseph D. Perkumas
Kenneth H. Poole
Timothy C. Prater
James R. Pugh III
Russel E. Rakip, Jr.
Michael D. Remington
Dean E. Rice
William P. Robb
Richard A. Robbins
Neal T. Robinson
James D. Rorabaugh
William W. Ross
William E. Saier
Mark R. Sanderson
Michael D. Scearse
Robert G. Schultz
John P. Sherkus
Donald C. Siegel
Brian A. Sliwa
John M. Smilek
Harold L. Solomon
Maurice F. Sonner II
Edward C. Springler
Larry M. Stephens
Steven J. Srubbe
Michael K. Sumida
Ronald L. Tanner
Russell E. Tharp
Jerry L. Thigpen
Wayne L. Thom
John G. Townsend
Lester P. Tucker
David L. Valenta
Xavier G. Villarreal
Richard G. Viray
Warren I. Weaver
Myron E. Williams
Charles Williamson
John C. Witzel
Ray A. Yagher
Karl B. Young
Herman Youngblood
Russ Ziegenhorn
Davis R. Ziegler

1st Lieutenants:
Clyde C. Ayer
Joseph M. Drosezko
Charles D. Ford
Vincent J. Guida
Jeffery B. Harrison
Robert W. Hudson
Armas J. Jaskey
Robert J. Mongillo
Dennis E. Novy
Timothy C. Prater
Lin A. Riley
Berton B. Rund
Ronald C. Sharpe
Gerald R. Smith
Stephen P. Vancil
Mark Widermuth
Michael N. Wilson
Ronald D. Yaggi

2nd Lieutenants:
Allen A. Moushon
Michael E. Strang

Chief Master Sergeants:
Fred O. Harris
Buie E. Kindle

Senior Master Sergeants:
Richard G. Davis
Sherman E. Eller
Stephen L. Foster
John M. Gerkey
Olive Hodgson
Arthur W. Humphrey
Wayne Keeserling
Clawson L. Messer
Kenneth D. Patterson
Albert J. Turcotte
Atwell L. Wiley

Master Sergeants:
Frederick R. Allen
Roberto L. Almanzer
Gerald A. Appleby
Freddie L. Banks
William D. Beavers
Don Boudreaux
Gray E. Brandmeier
Michael R. Bryan
Roger L. Capps
Robert A. Chitwood
Reuben S. Cole
Thomas Daigenaut
Anthony G. Denoi
Ray C. Doyle
O.B. Duncan
James W. Garrett
Clyde C. Gowdy
George W. Hawkins, Jr.
Johnas Jackson
Fred E. Jenkins
John F. Katakik, Jr.
Edward F. Kirby
Michael I. Lampe
William H. Larsen
Harold D. Maddux
Ronald McGill
H.L. Michaud, Jr.
John W. Mink
R.T Plain, Jr.
Francis J. Puskas
Dennis C. Ray
Daniel G. Russel
John Schugman
Joseph G. Sheldon
Bobbie K. Sikes
Francis J. Skorupski
Bruce B. Williamson
Garnett E. Wilson, Jr.

Technical Sergeants:
Arthur F. Allen
Warren S. Allen
Lewis G. Aokin
Rodney Arviso
Kenneth L. Bancroft
Raphael M. Barthlett
Fred E. Beach
T.A. Boknevitz
Stephen R. Booe
Gary L. Boughton
Jack G. Bracken, Jr.
Mitchell Brown
James Charvat
James D. Chesser
Eurial Davis, Jr.
Richard A. Diehl
Ben R. Ferrell
Donald H. Folley, Jr.
William R. Gingrich
Manuel L. Gonzalez
Denny M Grisham
Kenneth F. Haman
James Hamilton
Michael L. Hassler
Barry P. Holloman
J.J. Hollyfield
M. Hosenbackez
Charles W. Hughes, Jr.
Ronnie M. Janes
William R. Jerome
Thomas Juniper
Arthur King
John A. Koren
James A. Kowalik
William A. Lippens
James H. Lutterman
Michael R. Marbry
Mark S. Martin
John W. Mattison
Joel C. Mayo*
Rex D. Mays
George S. Miller
Dwight A. Newberry
Robert W. Nichols
Dennis C. Ray
Robert L. Roeder
Jerry L. Schutee
Stephen Smith, Jr.
Edward B. Strange
Jose L. Torres
Robert B. Underwood. Jr.
Theodore C. Vandemark
Thomas A. Wacht
Frederick Welty
James W. West
Barry E. Wilkins
Dean F. Winters
Walter E. Wood

Staff Sergeants:
Jerry L. Anderson
Nasamichi Arija
Larry J. Beattie
Jerry Beeman
Joseph J. Byers III
Larry A. Bloomfield
Leonard Boeninghaus
Guy W. Bogisich
Virgil C. Bramer
Larry L. Bupp
Larry B. Burrus
Ronald Calhoun, Jr.
James L. Chamess
Barry W. Clain, Jr.
Dannie Clark
Kenneth W. Clark
Raymond L. Coons
S.G. Corbett
William D. Cowan
Freddy Adamos Cruz
William E. Daughtery, Jr.
Chester G. Davis
Teddie C. Davis
James B Devine IV
Salvador Diaz
Roy S. Duncan
John T. Felton
Charles A. Fleming
Harold W. Fowle
David A. Fredricksen
William R. Galt
James A. Graczyk
Clint A. Grant
James K. Haase
James C. Hall
D.L. Harrison
Dana B. Hensley
Roland C. Hickman
Jackie D. Holly
James A. Holmes
Andrew J. Huff
Kenneth R. Ingram
Wilbert L. Jacobs
Ray A. Jimenez
James B. Joy
James A. Justice
Ricky E. Kahler
Robert J. Kane
William M. King
Frederick Kramer
James M. Labit
Vincent A. Latona, Sr.
William H. Lawrence
William McCoy
Kenneth F. McKee
Leverious D. Maston, Jr.
William f. Milburn
Horace T. Mize
Thomas L. Mock
William Necker, Jr.
Robert S. Page
Earl Parchment
C. Perez-Murales
Randall Permenter
Bruce L. Pettry
James H. Price
Joseph D. Reid
George Reschetinkow
Bernard Roessling
Burton C. Rought, Jr.
Richard T. Sanchez
Clyde S. Silva
Charles D. Stevens
Andrew J. Stigar
William A. Tafoya
Billy J. Tate, Jr.
Frederick Taylor
Edward L. Teaford
Ronald J. Thomas
Dale R. Town
Ray Treadwell, Jr.
Thomas R. Vadnais
Luis E. Valenzuela
James B. Varnadore
Miguel Vecchione
Richard W. West
Daniel O. Whalen
David N. Williams
Ernest W. Wilson
Wesley B. Witherspoon
Bradley M. Wolf
Rex V. Wollmann
Ronald L. Zummer

Senior Airmen:
Amin Abirached
David C. Alwerdt
Steve P. Arthur
Keith G. Barton
Roy L. Bigham
Keith A. Blanks
Milton R. Bowman
Mark A. Busha
Dennis R. Bradshaw
Richard W. Bridger
John Bryant
Gary H. Cardenas
Dana A. Carter
Bruce A. Chiras
Joseph J. Clancy, Jr.
John W. Clark
E. J. Cooney, Jr.
Dewy D. Dahl
George L. Davis
Ronald J. Dawley
Joseph Disalvo, Jr.
Michael G. Duffie
Arthur L. Evans
William C. Fullan
Joseph W. Finnerty
Rodney B. Forest
Randy E. Garrett
Johnny George
Gary L. Green
Paul Greene
M.T. Grossman
Eugene R. Hagge
Clifford M. Hare
Joseph M. Harrington
Stephen E. Hartman
Martin Hayes
Robert D. Henrie
John R. Heard
Bradley A. Herdman
Louis Hernandez, Jr.
Dewight L. Herndon
Geogory L. Hooper
Michael L. Hosler
Lawrence Houghton
Jeffrey D. Howland
Toy L. Jones, Jr.
James D. Judkins
Donald L. Kark
Robert A. Lindsey
James W. McClain, Jr.
James McCluskey
Steven A. McCunney
Harry A. McDaniel
Timothy Masenburg
James R. Massey
David L. Mayes
David Metherell
Daniel Meyers
Laurence D. Miller
Charles E. Moore
Bruce W. Nicholson
Daniel P. Parabis
Larry E. Poston
Anthony R. Price
Kevin Randlett
Thomas H. Reeder
Alfred A. Romero
Jessie J. Rowe III
John R. Sandrow, Jr.
Jerome H. Schultz
Matthew J. Shankle
Thomas Shaver
Michael A. Skelton
Chester Slavings
Derral Skinner
Donald K. Smith
Henry F. Smith
Thomas G. Smith
Dewayne P. Snodderly
Edward I. Spence
Paul E. Sulzberger
Martin E. Thompson
Tommy Thompson
Charles E. Tindall
Thomas R, Vaisvilas
J.T. Wallingford
Lawrence G. Walsh
William B. Walter
Joel Williamson
Daniel B. Wright
Michael J. Ziarniak

Airmen First Class:
Glenn Barndollar
David C. Bateman
Ishael Blas
Michael J. Bradley
Thomas G. Brosius
David R. Brown
James D. Caplinger
Carlos Cardenas
Jonathon Carlisle
Jerald Chiarell
Nikki A. Cornell
David S. Crawford
John R. Crimmins
Kevin F. Daniel
Thomas K. Davis
Scott A. Delong
Gary R. Denis
Matt G. Doane
Robert A. Dryer
Daniel E. Durington
D.S. Eggum
Alan T. Evans
Mark L. Feuser
Anthony M Forster
Jerry Frank
Jerry Goshia
Lewis E. Gray
William Greffrath
Mark Grondin
Fredrickl R. Hassel
Terry L. Henry
Gray D Holt
Eric J. Hooten
Lawrence J. Houghton
John P. House
Douglas A. Johnson
Juan R. Johnson
David Kerstetter
Ricky L. King
Mitchell D. Larson
Dennis L. Lowther
Jerry E. McKee
Stephen L. Maloney
James L. Marine
Robert A. Martin
John A. Melanson
Randy L. Miller
Michael Mondragun
Rodney J. Mudge
Douglas J. Neal
Joseph O?Brien
William E. Ohms
Mark Osterhout
Craig E. Peters
Perry L.J. Pogue
Michael D. Price
Alan T. Ramirez
Randall L. Rinehart
Ernest E. Robb, Jr.
Richard R. Roundtree
Kevin D. Rumple
Kevin J. Rutkowski
Robert P. Ryan
Frank V. Sabato, Jr.
C. Sanfilippo
Alex D. Shear
Steven T. Sistrunk
Randall L. Sleggs
William Spera
Anthony V. Suarez
James R. Sutton
D.E. Thompson
Mark D. Tidruw
Willaim V. Tootle
Ricky W. Tracy
Richard M. Veenstra
John Vincent
Mark R. Wadding
Hyram L. Walton
Dale E. Welsh
Douglas S. West
Thomas E. Whitt
Matthew L. Wilhelm
Charles F. Woods, Jr.
David B. Young

William L. Amos
Philip J. Carpenter
Vincent P. Cimatu
Cardell Jones
Romeo M. Laniog
Mark Shimono

Airman Basic:
Christopher Schod

My team's responsibilities was to conduct a search of the Ambassador's residence for the hostage. As part of B Squadron, we were on the EC-130 bladder tanker when it was hit by the RH-53D helicopter. All of B Squadron members survived, but five Airmen and and three Marines lost their lives in that accident.

My Photos From This Battle or Operation
RH-53D Helicopters on the USS NIMITZ (CVN-68)

  29 Also There at This Battle:
  • Banta, Irvin, SGM, (1969-1992)
  • Briere, Donald, LTC, (1963-1993)
  • Carlson, Thomas, MSG, (1977-2008)
  • Cassel, Rick, CSM, (1977-Present)
  • DeRienzo, Frank, LTC, (1978-2012)
  • Donovan, Bill, CW4, (1967-1995)
  • Elmore, Darrell, LTC, (1956-1994)
  • Ferrari, Kevin, SP 4, (1981-1984)
  • Hanson, Phillip, SGM, (1969-1989)
  • Hawk, Steve, SSG, (1974-1983)
  • Jauregui, Vincent, SSG, (1974-2011)
  • Love, Peter, 1SG, (1978-2000)
  • Morgan, Cecil, SGM, (1970-2012)
  • Morrow, Keith, SFC, (1979-1999)
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