Davalos, Alberto, Sr., SP 5

Infantry (Enlisted)
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USA Veteran
Current/Last Rank
Specialist 5
Current/Last Service Branch
Ordnance Corps
Current/Last Primary MOS
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Infantry (Enlisted)
Primary Unit
1969-1970, 111.07, 4th Infantry Division
Previously Held MOS
111.07-Rifleman (Parachutist)
Service Years
1968 - 1974
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Official/Unofficial US Army Certificates
Army Wheel Vehicle Driver Certificate
US Army Disabled Veteran Certificate
Wildland Fire Training
Close Quarter Combat Training Certificate

Specialist 5

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4th Infantry Division Army Recruiter

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Recon LRRP Vietnam 50th Anniversary

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   1969-1970, 111.07, 4th Infantry Division

Specialist 4
From Month/Year
September / 1969
To Month/Year
May / 1970
4th Infantry Division Unit Page
Specialist 4
111.07-Rifleman (Parachutist)
Camp Enarii
Pleiku (Vietnam)
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4th Infantry Division
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Infantry Divisions
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Best Friends
Pancho was drafted, butcher, killed a pig a the start of the mission in Central Highland on LRRP mission.

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4th Infantry Division

Cooper, Kenneth, SP 4, (1968-1970) IN 111.07 Specialist 4
Dsno, Sam, CSM, (1953-1975) IN 00Z Command Sergeant Major
Hester, John, 1SG, (1968-1989) IN 11B20 First Sergeant
Dingman, Milfred, PSG, (1950-1969) IN 11C20 Sergeant First Class
Freitas, Robert Edwin, SFC, (1959-1969) IN 11B10 Sergeant First Class
Hicks, Prentice Wayne, SFC, (1968-1969) IN 11B10 Sergeant First Class
Latimer, Clarence Albert, SFC, (1965-1978) IN 11B20 Sergeant First Class
Stephens, Curtis Adron, SFC, (1951-1969) IN 11B10 Sergeant First Class
Bartholomew, William H, SSG, (1969-1970) IN 11F40 Staff Sergeant
Bechard, Raymond Joseph, SSG, (1962-1969) IN 11C40 Staff Sergeant
Berney, Terry Lynn, SSG, (1968-1969) IN 11B40 Staff Sergeant
Bishop, Gordon, SSG, (1962-1970) IN 11B10 Staff Sergeant
Cameron, James Luther, SSG, (1968-1969) IN 11B10 Staff Sergeant
Cline, Curtis Roy, SSG, (1968-1969) IN 11B10 Staff Sergeant
Czerwiec, Raymond George, SSG, (1968-1969) IN 11B10 Staff Sergeant
Doss, Luther James, SSG, (1969-1970) IN 11F10 Staff Sergeant
Duran, Salvador Gutierrez, SSG, (1968-1970) IN 11B30 Staff Sergeant
Figueroa-Melendez, Efrain, SSG, (1963-1969) IN 11B10 Staff Sergeant
Gallion, C. Warren, SSG, (1968-1970) IN 11B10 Staff Sergeant
Hammack, Leslie Tobias, SSG, (1965-1969) IN 11B10 Staff Sergeant
Hatton, William, SSG, (1956-1976) IN 11B10 Staff Sergeant
Johnson, Gerald, SSG, (1963-1969) IN 11B40 Staff Sergeant
LoSasso, James, SSG, (1968-1970) IN 11B10 Staff Sergeant
Luster, Robert Lee, SSG, (1964-1976) IN 11B40 Staff Sergeant
Messer, Thomas Hubert, SSG, (1964-1970) IN 11B10 Staff Sergeant
Milliard, Dennis Evans, SSG, (1969-1969) IN 11B10 Staff Sergeant
Parham, Michael, SSG, (1969-1971) IN 11C20 Staff Sergeant
Roller, William Eugene, SSG, (1960-1970) IN 11F10 Staff Sergeant
Smith, Guy, SSG, (1968-1970) IN 11B10 Staff Sergeant
Snowden, Davis, SSG, (1968-1970) IN 11B30 Staff Sergeant
Vohringer, William Thomas, SSG, (1965-1970) IN 11B30 Staff Sergeant
Walker, Martin Jr., SSG, (1968-1970) IN 11B40 Staff Sergeant
Abbey, Brian, SGT, (1969-1971) IN 11B40 Sergeant
Adams, Clarence Clifton, SGT, (1967-1969) IN 11B20 Sergeant
Allen, Rex Thomas, SGT, (1969-1970) IN 11B20 Sergeant
Altevers, Don, SGT, (1969-1971) IN 11B10 Sergeant
Archer, Jesse Harold, SGT, (1968-1969) IN 11B20 Sergeant
Arquillo, John Dominick, SGT, (1968-1969) IN 11B20 Sergeant
Ator, Johnnie Wayne, SGT, (1968-1969) IN 11B20 Sergeant
Ayala-Reyes, Wilfredo, SGT, (1968-1969) IN 11B20 Sergeant
Barksdale, William Howard, SGT, (1968-1969) IN 11B20 Sergeant
Barnes, Tommy Lee, SGT, (1967-1970) IN 11B20 Sergeant
Bathgate, Jeffrey, SGT, (1968-1970) IN 11B10 Sergeant
Bebout, Stephen Eugene, SGT, (1966-1970) IN 11B20 Sergeant
Bellomy, Timothy, SGT, (1969-1971) IN 11C40 Sergeant
Blake, Richard Thomas, SGT, (1968-1969) IN 11B10 Sergeant
Brady, Thomas, SGT, (1969-1971) IN 11B40 Sergeant
Brueske, Harry Dietrich, SGT, (1966-1969) IN 11B10 Sergeant
Budzinski, Lawrence Joseph, SGT, (1968-1969) IN 11B10 Sergeant
Buescher, John Francis, SGT, (1970-1970) IN 11F10 Sergeant
Burgess, Norman, SGT, (1969-1971) IN 11B40 Sergeant
Burgess, Norman, SGT, (1969-1971) IN 11B40 Sergeant
Butler, Linnell, SGT, (1967-1969) IN 11B10 Sergeant
Bynum, Ron, SGT, (1969-1971) IN 11B40 Sergeant
Charlesworth, Chad Allen, SGT, (1969-1970) IN 11B10 Sergeant
Cognitore, Joseph, SGT, (1969-1970) IN 11B40 Sergeant
Coit, Leon, SGT, (1968-1969) IN 11C20 Sergeant
Conkright, James Edward, SGT, (1968-1969) IN 11B10 Sergeant
Copeland, Eugene Jack, SGT, (1968-1969) IN 11B10 Sergeant

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