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Administered By : Facteau, Gary, PO1, (2005-2017)
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Acevedo, Rick, Sgt  99 Aguayo, Floriano, 1stSgt 
Alban, John, LCpl  Alvarez, Lester (Alvy), GySgt
SK Arana, Giorgio (Gio), PO2  EN Aubry, David, SP 4
OFF Baksh, Razika, LT 3 63 Bellino, Sal, Sgt
432 Berlingo, Ralph, Sgt AD BIAGGI, ANGEL, PO1 
Bliss, Robert, Cpl 5 CS Boateng, Yaw (n/a), PO1 
431 Bonilla, Nestor, TSgt 2 RM Bowers, Steven (Big Bird), PO3 7
31 Broussard, Mary (Adams), LtCol MI Bucca, Ronald Paul, WO1 -Fallen 
BYFIELD, MICHELLE, Sgt  Cantwell, Kevin, Cpl
HM Cardenas, Andre, SCPO 29 Clark, Patrick, Cpl 1
SM Colon, Ivan (Chico), PO1 2 IN Colon, Richard (Rock), SP 4 
HM Compres, Alfonso (Chep), PO3  Cuomo, Anthony (DocT), HM2 2
60 Delamater, Harold (Harry), Sgt 1 BM Doran, William (OAE), CWO3
Egan, Tim (8th Marine), PFC 9 SC Eiken, Thomas, SP 4
Facteau, Gary (Doc Face) 1 -Family  FMF Facteau, Gary (Doc Face), HM1
HM Facteau, Gary (Face), PO1 1114 00 Felix, Jim, Jr. (*), PO3 1
OFF Fontano, Keith (Funk), CWO4 51 EN Foster, Kenneth (ken), PO3
MP Garbus, Jay (Jay), CW4 5 66 Gilligan, Frank, Capt
MA Gimpel, Heather, PO3 10 18 Greeley, Larry, Sgt 17
HM Heath, Stephen, PO1 6 00 Hope, Bob (Leslie Townes) (G.I. Bob), AN -Deceased 
00 Hugel, Alan, Sgt 3S Hyde, Kevin, SSgt
AV Irvine, Seldon (Lancer), SP 4 25 Lenz, Robert (Bobby), Cpl
MA Lopez, Richard (Grandpa), PO2 MD Loyd, Glenn, SPC
AX Macey, Paul (Mace), PO3 1 422 Mancuso, Paul (N2VET), Sgt 12
YN Martin, Kimberly (Hammerstein), PO3 AD Martin, Verna, SFC 17
FC Martinez, Eduardo, PO3  Maurer, Kevin, Sgt 3
QM Moreno, Angelo (Moe), S/SGT AS Morrison, Shevon, PO3 1
EM Napolitano, Jennifer, PO3 PS Pasdiora, Robin (Pazz), PO3 11
OT Potash, Patricia, PO1 HM Richardson, Blythe, PO1
SK Riley, Robert (Bulldog), SN 3 EN Riley, Robert (Bulldog), SPC 
58 Rivera, Joaquin (RiveraPMO), LCpl 121 OD Rivera, Luis, SSG  
MP Rodgers, Grezzel, Sgt BM Rollan, Jeannette, PO1 2
25 Rowe, Charles, Cpl SC Saari, John, SP 4
LS Santiago, Diego, PO1 21 AG Serrant, Cornell (C'nells), SSG 3
Shapiro, Jerry ("SHAP"), LCpl ST St John, Robert (Saint), PO1 5
MM Sudol, Richard, PO2 OD Summers, Todd (Hellfighter4), LTC 8
Taylor, Stanley, Cpl 1 MD Todd - Hazell, Sharon, SP 4 2
MM Toledo, Adrian (MM2 Toledo), PO2  70 Topilnycky, Stephen (TOP), Sgt 15
SR Tritto, Joseph, SR  AE Trizano, Steven, PO3
58 Tuohy, Jim, Cpl  IN Vasquez, Rafael, SP 4
EN Von Dietsch, Charles, PO2 TC Wai, Eleanor, SPC
RM Walker, Gail (quietstorm), PO2  28 Weatherwax, Lori, Sgt
ET Werner, John, PO2 HM Williams, Terrence, PO2 
MP Wohlrab, Tom (Tom), SGT

College News and Events
H,I,R.E Veterans Job Fair (2014-11-19)
New York Senator Jeff Klein & The Bronx Chamber of Commerce Are Proud to Present
(Help Identify Real Employment)
Veterans Job Fair

Hutchinson Metro Center
1200 Waters Place
Bronx, NY 10461
4:00 pm - 7:00 pm

*Participate in on-the-spot interviews

*Network with other veterans and organizations that assist the veteran community

Please bring your proof of military service.

This is event is co-sponsored by: BRONX CHAMBER OF COMMERCE

RSVP for this event by calling the Bronx Chamber of Commerce at (718) 828-3900.
The annual Veterans Day Run (2014-11-10)

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