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CV Adams, James Frank (MOH), CPL -Deceased  IN Adams, Stanley Taylor, LTC -Deceased 
IN Adkinson, Joseph Bernard, SGT -Deceased  Allworth, Edward Christopher (MOH ), MAJ -Deceased 
IN Alvarado, Leonard Louis, SP 4 -Fallen  IN Anderson, Johannes Seigfried (MOH), 1ST SERG -Deceased 
IN Ashley, Eugene, Jr., SFC -Fallen  IN Atkins, Thomas Eugene, Cpl -Deceased 
IN Atkins, Travis William, SSG -Fallen  Austin, William Grafton (MOH), COL -Deceased 
AR Baca, John, SP 4 -Assisted  MP Bacon, Nicky Daniel (MoH), 1SG -Deceased 
IN Baesel, Albert Edward, 2LT -Fallen  IN Baker, Edward Lee, Jr. (MOH), CPT -Deceased 
IN Baker, John Franklin, Jr. (MOH), MSG -Deceased  IN Baldonado, Joe Rodriguez, Cpl -Fallen 
AR Baldwin, Frank, MG -Deceased  MS Ballard, Donald (Doc), COL 2
IN Barfoot, Van Thomas (MOH), COL -Deceased  IN Barger, Charles Denver, PFC -Deceased 
IN Barker, Charles H., PFC -Fallen  IN Barkley, David Bennes, PVT -Fallen 
Barkley, John Lewis (MOH), PFC -Deceased  IN Barrett, Carlton William (MOH), SSG -Deceased 
IN Bart, Frank J. (MOH), PVT -Deceased  CV Batson, Matthew Arlington (MOH), MAJ -Deceased 
IN Belcher, Ted, SGT -Fallen  IN Bell, Bernard Pious (MOH), WOJG -Deceased 
AR Bell, Dennis (MOH), CPL -Deceased  IN Bell, Harry (MOH), CPT -Deceased 
USA Bell, James Franklin (4th Army CoS), MG -Deceased  IN Bellrichard, Leslie Allen, PFC -Fallen 
IN Benavidez, Raul Perez (Roy), MSG -Deceased  IN Bender, Stanley (MOH), S/SGT -Deceased 
IN Bennett, Edward Andrew, Jr. (MOH), MAJ -Deceased  IN Bennett, Emory Lawrence, PFC -Fallen 
MD Bennett, Thomas William, CPL -Fallen  IN Berg, George Francis (MOH), 1ST SERG -Deceased 
IN Bertoldo, Vito Rocco (MOH), M/SGT -Deceased  OD Beyer, Arthur Otto (MOH), Cpl -Deceased 

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