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Dustoff Association
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San Antonio, TX 78208


Membership in the DUSTOFF Association is open to anyone, active duty, National Guard, Army Reserve, or retired that is serving (or has served) with an Army air ambulance unit. While the Association is primarily made up of pilots, crew members (flight medics, crew chiefs, door gunners), and flight surgeons, membership is open to anyone who actively supported in any capacity aeromedical evacuation programs in war or peace.

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305 Verified 5 Pending All Members
MD Adams, Gary, SGT  TC Adams, Thomas Edward, WO1 -Fallen 
MD Addington, Larry, 1SG MS Agosta, Richard (Rick), COL
TC Ahrens, Russell George, SP 5 -Fallen  AV Aklan, John, CW3
AV Albee, Harold (Gene), SSG 5 MS Alderete, John (FEZ), 2LT 40
TC Allgood, Ronald Kevin, SP 4 -Fallen  TC Alling, John Stephen, Jr., SP 4 -Fallen 
MD Alverson, Robert Warren, Jr., SP 4 -Fallen  CM [Name Withheld], SSG 38
TC Arnold, Rodney Keith, WO1 -Fallen  MD Arnold, Steven Ernest, SP 5 -Fallen 
TC Ballinger, William Joseph, MAJ -Fallen  MD BANDY, LUCAS, SSG
MD Barnes, Rhonda (Hyde), SFC 9 MD Bartoe, Darren, SFC 
AV Beals, Stephen Carl, 1LT -Fallen  AV Beaudoin, Lou, SFC
MP Bender, Dennis, SSG 2 MD Beson, James, COL 4 
MD Bess, Gene (Doc), SSG 102 AV Bradley, Robert Neal, CPT -Fallen 
AV Brass, Paul Robert, WO1 -Fallen  EN Bratcher, Clifford Sheran, SP 4 -Fallen 
MD Brockett, Brian, SFC  MD Brown, Harry Willis, SSG -Fallen 
MD Brown, James L (Witch Doctor), SSG 13 AV Brown, Joseph Gordon, CW2 -Fallen 
TC Brummer, Michael Lee, SP 5 -Fallen  SC Burge-Ortiz, Anthony (Ortiz77), SSG 29
AV Bush, Edward L., WO1 -Fallen  MD Caesar, Patrick (blackhwkdoc), 1SG 3
AV Carson, Mike, CW4 MD Casey, Max (madmax.casey), MSG 1
AV Cheney, William Charles, WO1 -Fallen  AV Chrin, John Stephen, WO1 -Fallen 
TC Cinotti, Ralph Silvio, SP 4 -Fallen  MD Cirigliano, Michael, 1SG 

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