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The Military Chaplains Association of the United States of America is a professional support and Veterans Service Organization. We are dedicated to the religious freedom and spiritual welfare of our Armed Services members, Veterans, their families, and their survivors.  We were founded in 1925 and chartered in 1950 by the 81st Congress.  We are recognized by the Internal Revenue Service with non-profit, tax exempt 501(c)(3) status.

Our Members are serving or have served in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Department of Veterans Affairs, or Air Force Auxiliary Civil Air Patrol chaplaincies.Our Associate Members come from among other chaplains, chaplain assistants, religious faith group leaders, and those interested in supporting military chaplaincy.

Our Members and Associate Members represent a broad cross-section of religious faith groups in the United States.  Together, we speak for chaplains and chaplaincies with a professional, prophetic, and pastoral voice.

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CH Chandler, Floyd (Vern), COL 2 CH Choi, Ed (Spader Shepherd), MAJ 1
CH Densford, Daryl ( Daryl), MAJ 9 EN Farmer, Bobby, SP 5 
CH Fox, George Lansing, 1LT -Fallen  CH GeRue, Keith (Chaplain), MAJ 4
CH Godfrey, Debra Annette (Debo), SP 4  CH Goode, Alexander D., 1LT -Fallen 
CH Johnson, Myron, CPT 7 CH Kircher, Leon, Jr. (Chaplain, Lenny, Strike 9), LTC 3
FA Morse, Chris, SP 5 CH Parks, Theodore (Ted), MAJ
CH Poling, Clark Vandersall, 1LT -Fallen  CH Rindahl, Steven, CPT 3
CH Ryan, James (Jack), COL -Deceased  CH Shaffer, George, MAJ 1
CH Snyder, David (Chaplain), CPT CH Strange, Bert, LTC
CH Stull, Arthur (Lucifer 6), MAJ 2 CH Sweezy, Marvin Dwight (Dwight), LTC 
CH Van Sloten, Cory, MAJ 4 CH Washington, John P., 1LT -Fallen 
CH White, David, COL 1 CH Winn, Buddy (Wheelman), COL 3

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