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Association of 3rd Armored Division Veterans
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Association of 3AD Veterans 201 Friendship Church Road Douglasville, GA 30134



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80 Enrolled 0 Eligible All Members
FA Alicea, Luis, SGT 8 AR Alvarez, Arturo (Big Al), SGT 2
SC Bain, Jon, CPL AV Beahm, Dick (Beahmer), LTC
OD Benton, Ray, SSG  OD Berry, Tim, SFC 1
AR Birch, John (Trailer Park Villian), SSG 42 Bowen, III, Calvert (Triiip), LTC 1
AR Brewer, Michael, LTC 62 MP Briggs, Robert, SGT -Deceased 
EN Buxbaum, Michael, CSM 1 MP Carlson, John (Dai uy, Michael), MAJ 2
MP Carlson, Sam (OCITA), CPT -Deceased  CV Clevenger, James (jim), SGT 2
IN Coffin, Bill (Stonewall 06), COL 1 IN Cole, Richard, SP 4 1
MP Concaugh, Michael, SGT 36 AR Craig, Robert (Uncle Bob), SGT 
AR Diaz, Erick (SSG), SSG 60 MD Donovan, Paul, SFC 4
AR Dudley, Halford, CSM  AR Eckhoff, Jeff (Redwings45011), SSG
EN Follum, Renee (Roach), SP 4 1 IN Fouts, Michael (Frisco Red), SGT 79
AG Gabel, David, MSG 1 OD Gill, Bill, SGT
FA Graves III, James N. (Pappy), SP 4 8 MP Habick, Randal (Cage Kicker 6), SSG 40
AR Harper, Frank, SFC 14 FA Hatley, Jim (9'r Charlie), SP 4 7
IN Hermann, Thomas, SP 4 46 OD Hill, Kenneth (Chiefwhat4), CW4 3
SF Hostetter, Ira (Ed Hostetter), SGT  CH Hutchins, Olen, SP 6
AR Hutto, Cecil, SP 4 1 AR Huxta, Michael, SGM 2
OD Jacobsen, Edwin (Jake), SP 5 36 OD Jorn, Kenneth (svc24), SP 5
AR Kehrwald, Larry, SP 4 3 AG Klauser, Larry, SGT 1

Eligible Units
503rd Administrative Company, 3rd Armored Division
503rd Aviation Company, 3rd Armored Division
503rd Military Police Company, 3rd Armored Division
Advanced Marksmanship Detachment, 3rd Armored Division
Division Band, 3rd Armored Division
HHC, 3rd Armored Division
3rd Armored Division

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