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Army War College Foundation
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Army War College Foundation
122 Forbes Avenue
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The mission of the Army War College Foundation is to:

Enrich the College's academic environment

Enhance the institution's research activities

Foster the fraternity among alumni of the U.S. Army War College

Encourage excellence in the faculty and student body in order to

Ensure the preparation of outstanding leaders for the Armed Forces of the United States and its Friends and Allies   

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IN Apprich, Martin (skygod / SABER-06), LTC 3 AV Banks, Bernard (Bernie), COL
IN Bassett, Richard (Rick), COL 1 AV Bean, Robert (Bob), COL 
QM Biever, Luigi, COL SC Bird, Jon, COL 7
MS Bogle, Steve, BG  FA Bowers, Michael (Iron Mike), COL 
SC Breen, Rich (Rich), COL MP Burleson, Jean (John), COL 
MI Burrell, COL (Carl), COL AR Cardwell, John, COL
Chicky, Jon, COL  TC Cimral, Ted, COL
IN Coffin, Bill (Stonewall 06), COL  QM Craig, Mark, COL 
FA Evans, Michael (Mike), COL MP Faulk, Rod (Tiger 6), COL 1
CM Fishman, Andrew, COL USA Frutiger, Rusty, BG 
EN Funkhouser, Anthony, COL  IN Grogan, Herbert (zak), COL 9
CM Gross, Ray, COL  IN Hennessey, James (Lion Six), COL 
USA Hillhouse, Kent, MG  TC Hinton, Randy, COL 
AR Jameson, Bud (Bud), COL MP Karis, Daniel (Mike 11), LTC 104
QM Keyes, William (Bill), COL MP Lynch, Daniel (Dan), COL 1
IN Lyons, Judd (Red Knight 6), MG  Mack, Sharon (Hahn), COL
QM MONTJAR, MARK, BG  AR Moore, Joseph, COL 1
USA Murray, John (Mike), MG QM Newman, Thomas, COL
QM NORRELL, OLIVER (Commander429), COL SC Nuce, Madonna (Donna), COL 
FA Schultz, Greg, COL  AV Smith, Mark (Lowrider06), COL

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