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Chemical Corps Regimental Association
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P.O. Box 437, Fort Leonard Wood, MO 65473


In July of 1986, the Chief of the Chemical Corps, Major General Gerald Watson established the Chemical Corps Regimental Association (CCRA). This new organization replaced the Chemical Corps Association and the Chemical Corps Museum Foundation.
The CCRA is managed by a Board of Directors composed of active duty, retired and veteran officers and non-commissioned officers who volunteer their services. The Board meets twice a year to review and approve plans and programs designed to accomplish the purpose of the association. It relies on private contributions and volunteers to accomplish its mission.

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536 Verified 52 Pending All Members
CM Abbott, Dannie (SSG ABBOTT), SSG  CM Acosta, Aaron, SGT
CM Acosta, Scott (Buckethead), SFC 6 CM Adkins, Douglas, SFC 37
SC Agapios, Vasilios, CPT CM Agyarko, Jeff, MSG 2
CM Albrecht, Kevin, SFC 1 CM Aldenberg, Robert (Rob), CSM 1
AG Alexander, Marion (MJ), SFC  CM Alnur, Salaam, SSG 
CM Alston, Anthony, SFC  CM Amos, Carey, 2LT
CM Anderson, Larry, SP 4 18  CM Anton, Gerson, Sgt 
CM [Name Withheld], SSG 38 AV Aronack, Josh (GHOSTRIDER 23), CW3
CM Arredondo, Michael, SFC MP Arrington, Jim (Stinger Four Zero), SFC 9
CM Atchley, Aaron (DOUBLE A), SFC 1 CM Avel, Nathan, SGT
UN [Name Withheld], 1st Sgt 6  CM Bailey, Chad, SFC 1
MP Bairrington, Johnathan (Batman ), SGT  CM Baker, Loyd, III (Bake), SFC 
CM Baker, Mack (DRILLSGT112), SFC  IM Balas, Marius (Bogy, Hawk 6, Hammer 5), LTC 59 
MP Baldwin, Chris, SGT CM Ballard, Jennifer (Sosa), SSG 1
CM Baltan, Pablo (BATMAN), SSG  CM Barker, Paul (RoadRunner), SGT 
CM Barnes, Matthew (Mattie), CSM CM Barnes, Memorina (Edwin), 1LT 15
CM Barnes, Wayne, MSG 9 OD Barnett, John (Jay), CW3 
CM Baron, Robert (Rob), SGT  QM Barr, Stephanie, 1SG
CM Barrett, Royce (Debo), SSG  CM Barringer, Aaron, CPT

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