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Famous People Who Served in the U.S. Military
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Available Badges
Member Roster
131 Enrolled 0 Eligible All Members
IM Agar, John George, Sgt -Deceased  AB Arnaz, Desi, S/SGT -Deceased 
Banks, Ernest (Ernie, Mr. Cub, Mr. Sunshine), PFC -Deceased  QM Banner, John, Sgt -Deceased 
Barker, Alexander C, Jr. (Lex), MAJ -Deceased  Barretto Pagan, Raymundo (Ray), PFC -Deceased 
AG Barrow, Joseph Louis (Joe Louis), T/SGT -Deceased  Benedetto, Anthony (Tony Bennett), Cpl -Assisted 
PA Berry, Ken, Cpl -Deceased  EN Blass, William Ralph (Bill), Sgt -Deceased 
Bleier, Robert, SP 4 -Assisted  Blocker, Dan, Sgt -Deceased 
IN Brand, Neville, S/SGT -Deceased  IN Brennan, Walter Andrew, PVT -Deceased 
Brinkley, David, S/SGT -Deceased  SC Bronson, Charles Dennis (Buchinskas, Buchinsky), Cpl -Deceased 
Brooks, Mel (Melvin Kaminsky), Cpl -Assisted  AB Brubeck, Dave, Sgt -Deceased 
IN Buckley, William Frank, Jr., 2LT -Deceased  Capra, Frank, COL -Deceased 
IN Carney, Arthur William ("Art"), PVT -Deceased  Chandler, Jeff (Ira Grossel), CPT -Deceased 
Cobb, Tyrus Raymond (Ty), CPT -Deceased  Connors, Kevin Joseph A (Chuck Connors Actor), Sgt -Deceased 
IN Conway, Thomas Daniel (Tim), PV1 -Deceased  IM Crane, Robert Edward, PFC -Deceased 
Crawford, Johnny, SGT -Deceased  SC Crenna, Richard Donald, Cpl -Deceased 
MD Davis, Ossie, T/5 -Deceased  AB Davis, Samuel G., Jr. (Sammy), PVT -Deceased 
QM Dean, Jay Hanna (Dizzy), PFC -Deceased  IN Dole, Robert Joseph (Senator Bob Dole), COL -Deceased 
Donlevy, Waldo Brian, PFC -Deceased  IN Durning, Charles, PFC -Deceased 
Duvall, Robert Selden, PFC -Assisted  Egan, Richard, CPT -Deceased 
Escobar Vargas, Sixto, PFC -Deceased  SF Everman, Jason Mark, SFC -Assisted 
AG Farr, Jamie (Jameel Farah), CPL -Assisted  PA Fisher, Edwin John (Eddie), PFC -Deceased 

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