Amira, Greg, CPT

Civil Affairs (Officer)
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Current Service Status
USA Retired
Current/Last Rank
Current/Last Service Branch
Civil Affairs
Current/Last Primary MOS
38A-Civil Affairs (AA and USAR)
Current/Last MOS Group
Civil Affairs (Officer)
Primary Unit
2006-2007, 38A, 402nd Civil Affairs Battalion/B Company
Previously Held MOS
92A-Quartermaster, General
Service Years
1994 - 2008
Official/Unofficial US Army Certificates
Operation Iraqi Freedom

Civil Affairs


One Overseas Service Bar

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 Military Association Memberships
N/AReserve Officers Association (ROA)Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA)Post 79
Chapter 78Wounded Warrior ProjectN/AMilitary Order of the Purple Heart
Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA)Post 10167, Holiday Post
  1994, Association of Quartermasters, N/A (Member) (United States) [Verified]
  1995, Reserve Officers Association (ROA) [Verified]
  2007, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) [Verified] - Assoc. Page
  2008, American Legion, Post 79 (Member) (New Port Richey, Florida) [Verified] - Chap. Page
  2008, Disabled American Veterans (DAV), Chapter 78 (Member) (Port Richey, Florida) [Verified] - Chap. Page
  2008, Wounded Warrior Project [Verified]
  2008, Special Operations Association (SOA-MACV), N/A (Member) [Verified]
  2009, Military Order of the Purple Heart [Verified] - Assoc. Page
  2009, Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) [Verified]
  2009, Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States (VFW), Post 10167, Holiday Post (Member) (Holiday, Florida) [Verified] - Chap. Page

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OIF/Transition of Iraq (2003-04)/Camp Warhorse Baquba, Iraq
Start Year
End Year


By October 2003 soldiers from the 4th Infantry Division were stationed in hangars at Camp War Horse near Baquba [Baqouba], about 40 miles northeast of Baghdad.

The Big Red One officially assumed command from the 4th Infantry Division during a transfer of authority ceremony 16 March 2004. In Baqubah, a TOA ceremony was held between the 2nd Brigade, 4th ID and the 3rd Brigade, 1st ID. The 2nd Brigade Combat Team, nicknamed the Warhorse Brigade, achieved many significant accomplishments during its deployment. From establishing an interim government to administering the Diyala Province and helping rebuild the provincial legal system, the Warhorse Brigade spearheaded the coalition mission in the area. Camp Warhorse served as headquarters to the 3rd Brigade, 1st Infantry Division during its rotation.

From March 2005 the support platoon from C Company of the 141st Engineer Combat Battalion was performing such important missions as installing protective barriers, creating vehicle and personnel checkpoints, building guard towers and constructing dirt berms or dikes. Initially the support platoon, under the direction of Sgt. 1st Class Lee Friese, began their work at FOB Warhorse by leveling areas, building roads and installing force protection structures there. But once the word spread about the excellent work the North Dakota Engineers were capable of doing, they were asked to take their equipment and skills to other areas around Baqubah. This has included building a sterile yard for the inspection of outgoing shipping containers, improving force protection at a bridge on a major Army supply route known as the Blue Babe Bridge, building an earthen berm at FOB Gabe for the protection of the Iraqi National Guard training center, and emplacing other force protection structures at the Kahlis city center for the Iraqi Police, Iraqi National Guard and the mayor's office.

It has been reported that at Camp Warhorse a large indoor souk has been established in the Morale, Welfare, and Recreation facility. There, soldiers can buy fake watches and sunglasses, copies of major European soccer teams' shirts, and various other items, including thousands of illegally copied DVDs.

At FOB Freedom, KBR runs a large mess hall manned mainly by Turks. The food is basically the same thing over and over. They re-use everything. Soldiers say it is like eating at a bad Denny’s restaurant all the time.

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Sep 26, 2019
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