Harless, Larry, LTC

Transportation Corps (Officer)
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Current Service Status
USA Veteran
Current/Last Rank
Lieutenant Colonel
Current/Last Service Branch
Transportation Corps
Current/Last Primary MOS
88A-Transportation, General
Current/Last MOS Group
Transportation Corps (Officer)
Primary Unit
1988-1990, 88A, Department of the Army (DA)
Previously Held MOS
0606-Motor Officer
660-Highway Transport Officer
92A-Quartermaster, General
Service Years
1965 - 1990

Transportation Corps

Lieutenant Colonel

Four Overseas Service Bars

 Official Badges 

Army Staff Identification

 Unofficial Badges 

   1971-1972, 0606, 1st Aviation Brigade

From Month/Year
- / 1971
To Month/Year
- / 1972
1st Aviation Brigade Unit Page
0606-Motor Officer
Vietnam, South (Vietnam)
 1st Aviation Brigade Details

1st Aviation Brigade
Aviation Unit
Parent Unit
Aviation Units
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Last Updated: Nov 21, 2008
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1st Aviation Brigade

Barker, Jack Lamar, MAJ, (1964-1971) TC 1981 Major
Hanning, Donald Jerry, CPT, (1967-1972) TC 1981 Captain
Vehling, Robert Wayne, CPT, (1970-1972) TC 1981 Captain
Whittington, Larry, COL, (1965-1997) TC 102A Captain
Babcock, Ronald Lester, 1LT, (1969-1971) TC 1981 First Lieutenant
Laplante, Noel Charles, 1LT, (1970-1971) TC 1981 First Lieutenant
Makintaya, Alejandro, CW2, (1970-1971) TC 671D Chief Warrant Officer 2
Vanlandingham, Ronald Lee, CW2, (1969-1972) TC 100B Chief Warrant Officer 2
Wilson, Billie Joe, CW2, (1958-1971) TC 100E Chief Warrant Officer 2
Lancaster, David Clyde, WO1, (1970-1971) TC 100B Warrant Officer 1
Swindell, Farrell, CW4, (1966-1993) TC 100E Warrant Officer 1
Westra, Leroy James, WO1, (1970-1971) TC 100B Warrant Officer 1
Langley, John, (1967-1976) TC 67N30 [Other Service Rank]
Mackmull, Jack Vincent, LTG, (1950-1984) USA 00GC Brigadier General
Rasmussen, Errol, COL, (1959-1979) IN 2163 Lieutenant Colonel
Wingate, Charles, COL AV 1981 Lieutenant Colonel
Adams, William Edward, MAJ, (1962-1971) AV 1981 Major
Bailey, Jack, MAJ, (1966-1984) AV 1987 Major
Gilliss, James, MAJ, (1965-1985) FA 13A Major
Alexander, David Lee, CPT, (1970-1971) AV 1981 Captain
Bilbrey, Edmond David, CPT, (1969-1971) AV 1981 Captain
Brightman, Bradford, BG, (1968-2004) AV 100B Captain
Cannon, Bruce Alton, CPT, (1969-1971) AV 1981 Captain
Cinkosky, David Edward, CPT, (1968-1971) AV 1980 Captain
Crawford, James, CPT, (1968-1973) AV 1981 Captain
Dugan, John Francis, CPT, (1968-1971) AV 1981 Captain
Eubanks, Joe Wofford, CPT, (1969-1972) AV 1981 Captain
Finch, Melvin Wayne, CPT, (1965-1972) AV 1981 Captain
Fox, David Nelson, CPT, (1966-1971) AR 1204 Captain
Habel, Rick, CPT, (1969-1973) IN 11A Captain
Hamrick, James Madison, CPT, (1967-1972) AV 100B Captain
Kilduff, Robert, CPT, (1967-1972) IN 2163 Captain
Martindale, Paul Vaughan, CPT, (1971-1972) AV 1981 Captain
McGlone, Gerald Field, CPT, (1968-1971) AV 1981 Captain
Musil, Clinton Allen, CPT, (1965-1971) MI 9309 Captain
Oliver, Frank George, CPT, (1969-1972) AV 1982 Captain
Parsons, Michael Duane, CPT AV 1981 Captain
Parsons, Michael Duane, CPT AV 1981 Captain
Rich, Noel, COL, (1966-1995) AV 1981 Captain
Russell, Peter John, CPT, (1968-1973) AV 1981 Captain
Shereck, James John, CPT, (1957-1971) AV 1980 Captain
Spann, James Hall, CPT, (1966-1971) AV 1980 Captain
Straw, Barry Mercer, CPT, (1965-1971) AV 1981 Captain
Suttle, Frederick N., CPT, (1967-1972) AV 1981 Captain
Tomaschek, Arthur, CPT, (1971-1971) AV 1981 Captain
Ward, Ralph Leland, CPT, (1969-1971) AV 1981 Captain
Williams, S. Douglas, COL, (1969-1995) FA 13A Captain
Wilsher, Joseph Michael, CPT, (1971-1971) AV 1981 Captain
Cole, Chris, LTC, (1971-1992) AV 1981 First Lieutenant
Conry, John Timothy, 1LT, (1968-1972) AV 1981 First Lieutenant
Farris, Gary Bruce, 1LT, (1970-1972) AV 1981 First Lieutenant
Halstrom, Timothy, LTC, (1969-1995) AV 100B First Lieutenant
Hunsicker, James Edward, 1LT, (1969-1972) AV 1981 First Lieutenant
Rueppel, Ronald Benton, 1LT, (1970-1971) AV 1981 First Lieutenant
Rushing, Kenneth Roger, 1LT, (1969-1971) AV 1981 First Lieutenant
Shaw, Thomas Francis, 1LT, (1970-1972) AV 1981 First Lieutenant
Strother, Claud Paul, WO1, (1970-1972) AV 1981 First Lieutenant
Tommasone, Rob, CPT, (1970-1984) AV 1980 First Lieutenant
O'Brien, Robert, CW4, (1970-2008) AV 153B Chief Warrant Officer 4

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