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Military Police Corps
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Current Service Status
USA Retired
Current/Last Rank
Current/Last Service Branch
Military Police Corps
Current/Last Primary MOS
31A-Military Police Officer
Current/Last MOS Group
Military Police Corps
Primary Unit
2009-2010, 35E, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division
Previously Held MOS
97D-Military Intelligence Coordinator
19D20-Cavalry Scout
97B20-Counter Intelligence Agent
97B40-Counter Intelligence Agent
35E-Counterintelligence Officer
Service Years
1967 - 2010
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Official/Unofficial US Army Certificates
Operation Enduring Freedom
Cold War Certificate
Voice Edition

Military Police Corps


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Five Overseas Service Bars

 Official Badges 

101st Airbone Division 10th Mountain Division 82nd Airbone Division US Army South

US Army Retired Army Military Police Department of the Army Military Intelligence Infantry Shoulder Cord

US Army Retired (Pre-2007) US Army Retired (Post-2007) Army Honorable Discharge (1984-Present)

 Unofficial Badges 

Combat Advisor Military Police Mountain MP Shoulder Cord

US Army S.E.R.E. insignia Cold War Medal Cold War Veteran Border Tab

Global War On Terror

 Military Associations and Other Affiliations
National Rifle Association (NRA)United Services Automobile Association (USAA)Society of 1st Infantry Division Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States (VFW)
9th Infantry Division AssociationBlackhorse Association (11th Armored Calvary)Association of 3rd Armored Division VeteransIraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA)
American LegionThe National Association of the 10th Mountain DivisionMilitary Officers Association of America (MOAA)ATWS Unit Historian
TWS Memorial TeamTWS Profile IntegrityNational Association of the 6th Infantry Division
  1966, National Rifle Association (NRA)
  1975, United Services Automobile Association (USAA) - Assoc. Page
  1982, Society of 1st Infantry Division - Assoc. Page
  1983, Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States (VFW) - Assoc. Page
  2000, 9th Infantry Division Association
  2001, Blackhorse Association (11th Armored Calvary)
  2009, Association of 3rd Armored Division Veterans - Assoc. Page
  2009, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) - Assoc. Page
  2010, American Legion - Assoc. Page
  2010, The National Association of the 10th Mountain Division
  2012, Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) - Assoc. Page
  2013, ATWS Unit Historian
  2016, TWS Memorial Team
  2018, TWS Profile Integrity
  2021, National Association of the 6th Infantry Division

 Additional Information
What are you doing now:

I retired from the Army (again) in late March 2010 and from Lockheed Martin effective 1 July 2010. 

I'm currently enrolled in school at Kennesaw State University drawing down my Post 9/11 GI Bill in order to take fun and interesting courses.  I was only able to  use 6 months of my Vietnam GI Bill before I received my MS degree and the Vietnam GI Bill expired in 1989.  The VA subtracted those six months from my Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits.  This means I can be a professional student for 3 1/2 years!

I almost feel like Rodney Dangerfield in "Back to School".

Other Comments:

I am the third generation of five generations of US Army.
1.  Grandfather, PFC Charles A. Carlson, a Scandinavian immigrant, served from 1917 to 1919 in the Army's Air Service (23rd Balloon Company) in France during WWI.  His TWS memorial profile is located at

2.  Father, LTC Carsten Carlson served from 1937 to 1963... WWII in the Pacific ('41-'42) and Europe '44 -'45) & Korea (1950) plus the Vietnam era.  His TWS memorial profile page is at

3.  I served in the Regular Army from 1967 to 1987; in the TX Guard from 1992 to 1995; and again in the Regular Army from 2005 to 2010 as a recalled retiree.
4.  My son, 1SG Sam Carlson, was active duty starting in 1984, served as a tank commander with the 2d ACR during the first Gulf War and was the 1SG of the Laghman PRT in Afghanistan at about the same time as I was there with the 3d IBCT, 10th Mtn Div (LI) during my 2009 - 2010 deployment  He retired with over 26 years AFS effective September 2010.

5.  Grandson, SGT David Carlson, was also on active duty and recently returned from a deployment to Iraq where he was an Army UAV Pilot.  His TWS Profile is at

Uncle, Vernon L. Carlson, USMC, served from 1940 to 1946 with combat service at Pearl Harbor, Midway, Guam, Okinawa and as a China Marine.  See his proile on the Marine TWS site at

Brother, Carsten D. Carlson, LTC, USA (Ret), served in combat with C Co, 2d Bn 16th Infantry, 1st Infantry Division in Vietnam from approximately January 1968 to August 1968 when he was medically evacuated with serious wounds.  He enlisted in the USAR in 1962 and was commissioned in about 1966.  He later went on active duty, retiring as a Regular Army officer with 20 years of active service.    

Uncle Charles R. Carlson, SGM, USA (Ret) /  CPT, AUS (Ret),  served from 1947 to 1968 with combat service in Korea and Vietnam.  See his profile at the Army TWS site at

In addition to my time with the US Army, I served in the Texas Guard from 1992 to 1995.   I served as the XO of the 502d Military Police Battalion and later as Commander, 2d Bn, 4th Bde from 1993 to 1995.  I entered the Guard as a Captain and was soon promoted to Major by the State AG..  I left the Guard in 1995 as a Lt Colonel.

Other members of my famly have served, particularly on my father's mother's side of the family, with Union forces in the Civil War, the War of 1812, the American Revolution, French & Indian Wars.... and others, going back to my 10th Great Grandparents who came over on the Mayflower in 1620.  Their daughter (my 9th Great Grandmother), Rebecca Towne, was hanged as a witch during the time of the Salem witch trials.  She was later found not guilty, but that verdict came a little late.  Another ancestor from that side of the family participated in the Norman Invasion of 1066 and the Battle of Hastings.  That side of the family has aslo been traced back to ancient royals of the House of Wessex as well as other French and English Royalty, including ancient  French, Scandinavian and Germanic Kings. 


 Remembrance Profiles -  54 Soldiers Remembered
  • Cosby, Joe, SFC, (1950-1972)

   1978-1981, 31A, Individual Ready Reserve (IRR)

Second Lieutenant
From Month/Year
- / 1978
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- / 1981
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Second Lieutenant
31A-Military Police Officer
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St Louis
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Last Updated: Sep 26, 2018
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While assigned to the 11th ACR in Bad Kissingen, I received a direct commission to second lieutenant, USAR. I continued to serve in a dual component status (Regular Army NCO and USAR Officer) until my retirement in 1987. I was placed on the retired list in my officer status.

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Individual Ready Reserve (IRR)

Carter, John L., LTC, (1967-1995) IN 11B Lieutenant Colonel
Moreno, Charles, LTC, (1969-2008) AV 15B Lieutenant Colonel
Reed, Kenneth, LTC, (1972-2013) MD 63B Lieutenant Colonel
Trahan, William, LTC, (1963-1986) SC 25A Lieutenant Colonel
Nix, Melvin, MAJ, (1971-2013) IM 2025 Major
Richardson, Patrick, MAJ, (1960-1987) AV 15A Major
Voelsing, Robert, MAJ, (1969-1991) IN 11B Major
Bullock, Danny Kay, CPT, (1970-1984) AD 14A Captain
Harris, Gary, CPT, (1970-1988) AR 12C Captain
Johnson, Tone, COL, (1963-2005) MD 61H Captain
Jourdain, Janet, MAJ, (1978-1994) SC 25A Captain
Koch, David, Chaplain, COL, (1974-2012) EN 12B Captain
Thompson, Bob, LTC, (1977-2003) AG 42B Captain
Thompson, Kenneth, CPT, (1976-1982) IN 11C Captain
Hawkes, Verena, LTC, (1978-2005) QM 92B First Lieutenant
[Name Withheld], (1973-2001) EN 12A Second Lieutenant
Potter, LeRoy, CW4, (1966-1990) TC 100E Chief Warrant Officer 3
Zahn, Randy, CW4, (1968-2010) AV 152G Chief Warrant Officer 4
Wadleigh, David, CW3, (1975-1996) AR 000 Chief Warrant Officer 2
Dodson, Scott, MSG, (1977-2007) OD 63Z50 Master Sergeant
Baskin, Joseph, SFC, (1972-1995) FA 93F10 Sergeant First Class
Peters, Dale, SFC, (1976-2008) AG 71L40 Sergeant First Class
Borland, James, SFC, (1975-1993) IN 11B10 Staff Sergeant
Camacho, Robert, SGT, (1977-1995) MD 91B20 Sergeant
Holloway, Emory S., SGT, (1976-1982) SC 31B20 Sergeant
Houseman, John, SGT, (1970-1978) IN 111.60 Sergeant
Michaelsen, Mark, CW3, (1972-1995) IN 11C20 Sergeant
Shughart, Randall, SFC, (1976-1993) IN 11B20 Sergeant
Sieren, John, SGT, (1973-1979) MP 95C10 Sergeant
Lance, Gary, SFC, (1972-1996) SC 31B10 Specialist 5
Payne, William, CSM, (1973-2014) AG 74D10 Specialist 5
Adams, Rick, SPC, (1977-2014) EN 52C10 Specialist 4
Baker, James, MSG, (1976-2015) MD 91B10 Specialist 4
Cain, Todd, SP 4, (1972-1978) AG 75B20 Specialist 4
Gunnell, Scott, CSM, (1976-2003) MP 95B10 Specialist 4
Phelps, David, MSG, (1974-2015) FA 13B10 Specialist 4
Lavin, Beth, SSG, (1981-1991) OD 63B10 Specialist
Judd, Tom, PFC, (1972-2012) SC 05C10 Private First Class
St. Claire, Albert V, PFC, (1972-1978) AG 03C Private First Class
St. Claire, Albert V, PFC, (1972-1978) AD 16B Private First Class
Bitts, David, PV2, (1980-1986) AV 67Y10 Private (E-2)
Meyer, Leo John, COL, (1937-1971) MI Colonel
Trahan, William, LTC, (1963-1986) SC Lieutenant Colonel
Brown, Kent, MAJ, (1970-1981) Major
Begovich, Frank, CPT, (1965-1980) Captain
Caraballo, Gilberto, MAJ, (1980-1992) MS Second Lieutenant
Crawford, Virgil, SGT, (1954-1992) Sergeant
George, Joseph, LTC, (1974-2012) AD Sergeant
Robles, Christopher, SP 4, (1977-1985) OD Specialist 4
GonzalezLatorres, Jose, SFC, (1980-2008) TC Private (E-2)
Morning, Truck, SPC, (1974-1993) [Other Service Rank]
Baily, David, MAJ, (1979-2009) Major
Convey, Dale, MSG, (1979-2011) Sergeant
Cook, Daniel, CW3, (1977-2000) Private

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