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Military Police Corps (Officer)
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Current Service Status
USA Retired
Current/Last Rank
Current/Last Service Branch
Military Police Corps
Current/Last Primary MOS
31A-Military Police
Current/Last MOS Group
Military Police Corps (Officer)
Primary Unit
2005-2007, US Army Space and Missile Defense Command (SMDC)
Service Years
1978 - 2007

Military Police Corps


 Official Badges 

Army Military Police Army Retired-Soldier for Life

 Unofficial Badges 

Military Police

 Military Association Memberships
Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States (VFW)American LegionMilitary Police Regimental Association (MPRA)Army Together We Served
  1991, Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States (VFW) - Assoc. Page
  1991, American Legion - Assoc. Page
  1999, Military Police Regimental Association (MPRA) - Assoc. Page
  2016, Army Together We Served [Verified]

 Countries Deployed To or Visited

   1978-1978, Basic Airborne Course (BAC) Airborne School

From Month/Year
July / 1978
To Month/Year
August / 1978
Basic Airborne Course (BAC) Airborne School Unit Page
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Keesler AFB
 Basic Airborne Course (BAC) Airborne School Details

Basic Airborne Course (BAC) Airborne School
Training Unit
Parent Unit
Advancement Schools and Courses
Created/Owned By
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Last Updated: Oct 11, 2018
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110 Members Also There at Same Time
Basic Airborne Course (BAC) Airborne School

Klopfenstein, Michael, CW3, (1986-Present) MP 31B [Other Service Rank]
Pennington, Layton, COL, (1980-Present) IN 11A [Other Service Rank]
Stiner, Carl Wade, GEN, (1958-1993) IN 11A Colonel
Gentry, Lee, LTC, (1961-1981) MI 9668 Lieutenant Colonel
McLendon, Ronald, LTC, (1966-1986) EN 21A Lieutenant Colonel
Fox, Dick, LTC, (1964-1985) FA 13E Major
Hamilton, Karl, MAJ, (1974-1992) IN 1542 Major
Hoyt, Stephen, MAJ, (1976-1992) MI 35G Major
Psaki, Nicholas, LTC, (1969-1990) IN 1560 Major
Lopez, Steven, 1LT, (1973-1981) IN 11A First Lieutenant
Creech, E. Steven, LTC, (1977-2006) AD 14A Second Lieutenant
Davis, John, MAJ, (1974-1994) SC 25A Second Lieutenant
Hall, Carl, LTC, (1976-1996) SC 25A Second Lieutenant
Hernandez, Jose, MAJ, (1976-1996) IN 11A Second Lieutenant
Myhre, Clayton, CPT, (1978-1983) EN 21B Second Lieutenant
Prescott, Donald, MAJ, (1972-1992) AG 41A Second Lieutenant
Reynolds, Daniel, LTC, (1978-1998) MI 35A Second Lieutenant
Roberts, Ricky, LTC, (1977-2001) AD Second Lieutenant
Stark, David, LTC, (1975-2003) CM 74A Second Lieutenant
Summe, Jack, COL, (1978-2008) MP 31A Second Lieutenant
Nauer, Chris, CW4, (1970-1990) AV 100Z Chief Warrant Officer 2
Leggette, Joe, CSM, (1977-2008) IN 11B10 Command Sergeant Major
McDaniel, Jackie, SGM, (1963-1991) IN 11B10 Sergeant Major
Fisher, Roosevelt, SGM, (1966-1992) IN 11Z50 First Sergeant
Pelletier, Joe, MSG, (1961-1983) SC 31Z Master Sergeant
Bruno, Nick, SFC, (1971-1991) QM 76Z Sergeant First Class
Cook, Leonard (Larry), SGM, (1962-1988) AR 19E Sergeant First Class
Derrenbacher, John, SFC, (1960-1981) QM 94B10 Sergeant First Class
Guerrido, Silvestre, SFC, (1977-1999) CH 71M Sergeant First Class
Santiago, Paul, SFC, (1974-2016) QM Sergeant First Class
Smith, Tim, MSG, (1972-1992) TC 88M10 Sergeant First Class
Christman, John, SSG, (1972-1995) FA 13P Staff Sergeant
Goff, Bruce, SSG, (1968-1980) IN 00F Staff Sergeant
Gruber, Keith, SFC, (1967-1988) MP 95B Staff Sergeant
Johnson, Charles, CSM, (1970-2000) AG 00U Staff Sergeant
Mapes, Robert, SSG, (1978-1999) FA 13R10 Staff Sergeant
Potocki, Gene, MSG, (1978-1999) IN Staff Sergeant
Rees, Michael, SSG, (1972-1980) IN 11B10 Staff Sergeant
Scott, Harold, SSG, (1970-1986) AR 19Z Staff Sergeant
Sigala, John, SSG, (1971-1978) MD 71G Staff Sergeant
Simmons, James, SSG, (1978-1985) FA 13B30 Staff Sergeant
Chapin, Dave, SGT, (1977-1981) AR 11E20 Sergeant
Harris, Donald, SGT, (1973-1985) IN 11B30 Sergeant
Lee, Michael, SFC, (1974-2014) MI 05F Sergeant
Pratt, Norman, 1SG, (1975-1988) EN 52E Sergeant
Clark, Richard, SGT, (1974-1980) AR Corporal
Holmberg, William, CPL, (1975-1981) IN 11B10 Corporal
Caprara, Joseph, SP 6, (1977-1984) EN 52E Specialist 6
Buck, Dale, SP 4, (1978-1984) FA 13B10 Specialist 4
Davis, Jimmy, COL, (1976-2009) EN 81B10 Specialist 4
Henson, Ed, SP 4, (1974-1978) FA 13B10 Specialist 4
Johnson, Willie Daisy, SP 4, (1975-1978) QM 94B10 Specialist 4
Johnson, Willie Daisy, SP 4, (1975-1978) QM 94B10 Specialist 4
OWENS, Michael R., SFC, (1971-1992) AV 67V Specialist 4
Parker, Steven, SP 4, (1976-1983) FA 13B10 Specialist 4
Revelle, Bruce, SFC, (1975-1994) MP 95B Specialist 4
Campbell, Martha, PFC, (1977-1978) SC 72E Private First Class
Gruner, Dave, SFC, (1978-1999) AG 00H Private First Class
McCree, Henry, PFC, (1972-1978) FA 13B10 Private First Class

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