Foster, Richard, 1LT

Engineer Corps (Officer)
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Current Service Status
USA Veteran
Current/Last Rank
First Lieutenant
Current/Last Service Branch
Engineer Corps
Current/Last Primary MOS
1221-Combat Engineer Officer
Current/Last MOS Group
Engineer Corps (Officer)
Primary Unit
1969-1969, 9305, 1st Battalion, 18th Infantry /HHC
Previously Held MOS
1331-Combat Engineer Unit Commander
9305-Psychological Operations Officer
Service Years
1967 - 1972

Engineer Corps

First Lieutenant

Two Overseas Service Bars

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 Military Association Memberships
Society of 1st Infantry Division Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA)Lone Star Chapter
  2011, Society of 1st Infantry Division [Verified]
  2012, Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) [Verified] - Assoc. Page
  2016, Military Officers Association of America (MOAA), Lone Star Chapter (Fort Worth, Texas) - Chap. Page

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   1968-1969, 9305, 1st Infantry Division

First Lieutenant
From Month/Year
November / 1968
To Month/Year
October / 1969
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First Lieutenant
9305-Psychological Operations Officer
Lia Khe
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Infantry Divisions
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1st Infantry Division

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Brandt, Forrest, LTC, (1967-1997) TC 90A TC Lieutenant Colonel
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Davis, Roland K., MAJ, (1964-1968) AV 2518 Major
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Przybylski, Robert, CPT, (1963-1969) AD 1181 Captain
Rhodes, Curtis Allen, CPT, (1963-1968) QM 4514 Captain
Rogers, William Louis, 1LT, (1968-1968) FA 1193 Captain
Simmons, Isiah, CPT, (1959-1968) IN 1542 Captain
Umstot, Samuel Gilmore, CPT, (1966-1968) MS 3506 Captain
Albritton, Kenneth Hosea, 1LT, (1966-1968) IN 1542 First Lieutenant
Barbee, Larry Hulan, 1LT, (1966-1969) IN 1542 First Lieutenant
Bolan, John, CPT, (1965-1975) AG 2110 First Lieutenant
Bond, Lawrence Fredrick, 1LT, (1966-1968) FA 1193 First Lieutenant
Brown, Hugh Bernard, 1LT, (1967-1968) IN 1542 First Lieutenant
Brozyna, Steve, CPT, (1966-1972) IN 1560 First Lieutenant
Clark, James Woodford, 1LT, (1967-1969) AR 1204 First Lieutenant
Eldridge, Robert Burch, 1LT, (1967-1969) FA 1193 First Lieutenant
Fitzsimmons, Larry Lee, 1LT, (1958-1968) IN 1542 First Lieutenant
Frericks, Louis Wayne, 1LT IN 1542 First Lieutenant
Haley, Jerry Rankin, 1LT, (1958-1968) SC 0210 First Lieutenant
Hook, Peter, 1LT, (1965-1972) IN 1542 First Lieutenant
Lahti, James Walter, 1LT, (1966-1968) IN 1542 First Lieutenant
Lightfoot, Robert, 1LT, (1967-1969) IN 11A First Lieutenant
Moore, Philip, 1LT, (1967-1971) IN 1542 First Lieutenant
Omstead, David King, 1LT, (1966-1968) IN 1542 First Lieutenant
Schnake, Richard Martin, 1LT, (1967-1969) FA 1193 First Lieutenant
Schruth, John, 1LT, (1968-1970) MI 9630 First Lieutenant
Welch, Albert Clark, LTC, (1957-1988) IN 1542 First Lieutenant
White, Grady, 1LT, (1968-1970) IN 11B First Lieutenant
Wignall, Bob, LTC, (1968-1992) IN 11A First Lieutenant
Bolton, David Joseph, 2LT, (1967-1968) FA 1193 Second Lieutenant
Cavis, David Jude, 2LT, (1966-1968) IN 1542 Second Lieutenant
Godwin, James Robert, 2LT, (1967-1968) IN 1542 Second Lieutenant
Ransbottom, Frederick Joel, MAJ, (1966-1979) IN 11B10 Second Lieutenant
Reilly, John Thomas, 2LT, (1967-1968) IN 1542 Second Lieutenant
Roche, Matthew Peter, 2LT, (1969-1970) IN 1542 Second Lieutenant
Auten, Norman Dwane, CW2, (1961-1969) AV 062B Chief Warrant Officer 2
Buzzell, Glen, CW2, (1966-1986) OD 63C Chief Warrant Officer 2
Glennon, William, CW2, (1966-1969) TC 062B Chief Warrant Officer 2
Hodgskin, James G, CW2, (1966-1969) AV 062B Chief Warrant Officer 2
Peterson, Stephen Russell, CW2, (1966-1969) AV 062B Chief Warrant Officer 2
Ameigh, James Keith, WO1, (1968-1969) AV 062B Warrant Officer 1
Anderson, Franklin Vance, WO1, (1966-1968) AV 062B Warrant Officer 1
Bonine, Thomas Marvin, CW2, (1967-1969) AV 100B Warrant Officer 1
Jenkins, Bert McCree, WO1, (1959-1969) AV 062B Warrant Officer 1
Strong, Richard William, WO1, (1967-1968) AV 062B Warrant Officer 1
Pangerl, S.f., 1SG, (1953-1974) IN 1812 First Sergeant
Smith, Rozier W, 1SG, (1947-1968) IN 111.10 First Sergeant
Efird, Franklin D Roosevelt, MSG, (1952-1968) IN 11C20 Master Sergeant
Parker, James, 1SG, (1950-1971) IN 11B10 Master Sergeant

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