Gaines, William F, SP 4

Military Intelligence (Enlisted)
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Current Service Status
USA Veteran
Current/Last Rank
Specialist 4
Current/Last Service Branch
Military Police Corps
Current/Last Primary MOS
Current/Last MOS Group
Military Intelligence (Enlisted)
Primary Unit
1970-1971, 95B10, 18th Military Police Brigade
Previously Held MOS
95B10-Military Policeman
Service Years
1970 - 1971
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Specialist 4

One Service Stripe

One Overseas Service Bar

 Official Badges 

Army Military Police

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Military Police

 Military Association Memberships
Chapter 820Veterans of the Vietnam WarAmerican Legion
  1986, Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA), Chapter 820 (Life Member) (Bend, Oregon) [Verified] - Chap. Page
  1989, Veterans of the Vietnam War [Verified]
  1992, American Legion [Verified]1 - Assoc. Page

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   1970-1971, 95B10, 18th Military Police Brigade

Specialist 4
From Month/Year
- / 1970
To Month/Year
- / 1971
18th Military Police Brigade Unit Page
Specialist 4
95B10-Military Policeman
Not Specified
Vietnam, South (Vietnam)
 18th Military Police Brigade Details

18th Military Police Brigade


  • Constituted 23 March 1966 in the Regular Army as Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 18th Military Police Brigade
  • Activated 20 May 1966 at Fort George G. Meade, Maryland
  • Inactivated 29 March 1973 at Oakland, California
  • Redesignated 16 August 1985 as Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 18th Military Police Brigade, and activated in Germany
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Military Police Units
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18th Military Police Brigade

Armour, James, CSM, (1966-1992) MP 95B10 Staff Sergeant
Bell, Terry, SSG, (1968-1978) MP 95B10 Staff Sergeant
Cobb, David, SSG, (1969-1971) MP 95B10 Staff Sergeant
Jordan, Larry Christopher, SSG MP 95B10 Staff Sergeant
Mullican, Brodie, SSG, (1969-1977) MP 95B10 Staff Sergeant
Albert, Michael, SFC, (1966-1994) MP 95B10 Sergeant
Alvarez, Luis, CSM, (1967-2007) MP 95B10 Sergeant
Baker, James, SGT, (1969-1971) MP 95B10 Sergeant
Barrett, George, SGT, (1969-1972) MP 95B10 Sergeant
Conner, Ronald, MSG, (1969-1989) MP 95B10 Sergeant
Cook, Robert, SGT, (1968-1970) MP 95B10 Sergeant
Koloski Jr, Joseph, SGT, (1968-1971) MP 95B10 Sergeant
Mungle, Henry, CW2, (1966-1987) MP 95B10 Sergeant
Myrick, Dan, SFC, (1966-1986) MP 95B10 Sergeant
ROACH, JOHN, MSG, (1970-2002) MP 95B10 Sergeant
Russell, Don, SGT, (1969-1972) MP 95B10 Sergeant
Ryan, Robert, SSG, (1967-1977) MP 95B10 Sergeant
Smith, Allen E., SGT, (1966-1970) MP 95B10 Sergeant
Williams, Bruce, 1SG, (1967-1996) MP 95B10 Sergeant
Wolf, Gregory, SGT, (1964-1976) MP 95B10 Sergeant
Christensen, Roger Lee, SP 4, (1970-1971) MP 95B10 Specialist 4
Denison, Ray, SSG, (1969-1977) MP 95B10 Specialist 4
Robbins, R. David, SP 4, (1970-1972) MP 95B10 Specialist 4
Rowlinson, Daniel, SP 4, (1971-1975) MP 95B10 Specialist 4
Troulias, John, SP 4, (1969-1970) MP 95B10 Specialist 4
Welch, Danny, SP 4, (1970-1971) MP 95B10 Specialist 4
Wellock, George, SP 4, (1969-1971) MP 95B10 Specialist 4
Wilcox, Rick, SP 4, (1968-1971) MP 95B10 Specialist 4
Burns, Steven Craig, PFC, (1970-1971) MP 95B10 Private First Class
Colliton, Paul, PFC, (1971-1972) MP 95B10 Private First Class
Gardner, LeRoy, 1SG, (1966-1989) MP 95B10 Private First Class
Bowman, Larry, 1SG, (1969-2009) MP 31B4V5 First Sergeant
Swails, Larry, CW3, (1960-1980) MP 95D Staff Sergeant
Rogers, Richard, SGT, (1969-1972) MP 950.1 Sergeant
Esposito, Paul, CW2, (1960-1980) MP 95D Specialist 6
Black, Kip, SP 5, (1968-1971) MP 95C Specialist 5
Crump, Daryl, SP 4, (1970-1971) MP 00C Specialist 4
Rattler, Ivan, SP 4, (1970-1972) MP 950.1 Specialist 4
Hart, Louis, CPT, (1968-1972) MP 9100 Captain
Hodges, Stephen, CPT, (1967-1972) JA 8101 Captain
Houck, William, LTC, (1960-1994) MP 9110 Captain
Kuykendall, John, COL, (1964-1992) MP 9100 Captain
George, Gary, CW4, (1956-1983) MP 951AK Chief Warrant Officer 2
Meine, Manfred, CW5, (1962-1995) MP 951AK Chief Warrant Officer 2
Brink, Michael, 1SG, (1969-2009) IN 11B30 Sergeant
Crane, Andrew, SSG, (1962-1985) QM 76Y10 Sergeant
Riling, John, SGT, (1968-1971) SC 31G Sergeant
Best, Stanley, SFC, (1968-1997) AG 71H10 Specialist 5
Galvan, Luis, SP 5, (1971-1973) AG 71H10 Specialist 5
Leone, Roger, SP 5, (1969-1972) AG 71H20 Specialist 5
Connolly, Kevin, SP 4, (1968-1970) IN 11B10 Specialist 4
Loux, James Arthur, SP 4, (1970-1971) TC 61B10 Specialist 4
York, Gary Wilson, SP 4, (1970-1972) QM 76Y10 Specialist 4
Adams, Augustus, PV2, (1970-1971) QM 76Y10 Private (E-2)
Cosner, Steven, SP 4, (1971-1973) MP Specialist 4
Tucker, Robert, CW2, (1953-1974) Chief Warrant Officer 2
Meyers, Thomas, SP 4, (1969-1970) AG Specialist 4
Padgett, Russell, SP 4, (1971-1973) Specialist 4
Simmons, E.D., SGM, (1954-1975) First Sergeant

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