Fox, Jack W., Cpl

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Primary Unit
1941-1941, Army Garrison, Hickam Field, HI
Service Years
1940 - 1941

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Casualty Info
Home Town
San Francisco, California
Last Address
Hickam Field, Hawaii

Casualty Date
Dec 07, 1941
Hostile, Died
Other Explosive Device
WWII - Asiatic-Pacific Theater/Central Pacific Campaign (1941-43)/Attack on Pearl Harbor 7 December 1941
Location of Interment
Golden Gate National Cemetery - San Bruno, California
Wall/Plot Coordinates
C, 398

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World War II Fallen
  1941, World War II Fallen [Verified]

   1941-1941, Army Garrison, Hickam Field, HI

From Month/Year
- / 1941
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- / 1941
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Army Garrison, Hickam Field, HI
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Army Garrison, Hickam Field, HI

Jacobson, Dave, M/Sgt, (1917-1941) TC AAF 814 Master Sergeant
MacDougal, Orren, M/Sgt, (1939-1945) SC 238 Master Sergeant
Cashman, Edward J., T/Sgt, (1939-1941) Technical Sergeant
Dyer, Daniel A., T/Sgt, (1935-1941) EN 784 Technical Sergeant
Ferris, Homer E., T/Sgt, (1939-1941) Technical Sergeant
Brandt, Billy O., S/Sgt, (1939-1941) Staff Sergeant
Clark, Monroe M., S/Sgt, (1939-1941) Staff Sergeant
DePolis, Frank J., S/Sgt, (1939-1940) Staff Sergeant
Fellman, Paul V., S/Sgt, (1930-1941) Staff Sergeant
Humphrey, Henry J., S/Sgt, (1937-1941) Staff Sergeant
Kimmey, Doyle V., S/Sgt, (1939-1941) OD AAF 011 Staff Sergeant
Lepper, Edmund Brayton, Sgt, (1939-1941) Sergeant
Borgelt, Harold W., Cpl, (1940-1941) Corporal
Dickerson, Richard Austin, Cpl, (1940-1941) Corporal
Finney, Patrick Laverne, Cpl, (1940-1941) Corporal
Garrett, Robert R., Cpl, (1939-1941) Corporal
Kechner, Vincent John, Cpl, (1939-1941) MD 657 Corporal
Needham, La Verne J., Cpl Corporal
Chapman, Donal V., PFC, (1940-1941) Private First Class
Clendenning, Lee I., PFC, (1941-1941) Private First Class
Conant, Clarence Albert, PFC, (1941-1941) Private First Class
Coster, Richard Lee, PFC, (1938-1941) Private First Class
Denson, Eugene B., PFC, (1941-1941) Private First Class
Gleason, James J., PFC, (1941-1941) Private First Class
Gossard, James E., PFC, (1940-1941) Private First Class
Hasenfuss, William E., PFC, (1940-1941) Private First Class
Haughey, John Thomas, PFC Private First Class
Hislop, William, PFC, (1940-1941) Private First Class
Horner, James Albert, PFC, (1941-1941) Private First Class
Hoyt, Clarence E., PFC, (1941-1941) Private First Class
Levine, Sherman, PFC, (1940-1941) AAF AAF 737 Private First Class
Lewis, James Irvin, PFC, (1941-1941) AAF AAF 737 Private First Class
Lloyd, Joseph, 1LT, (1939-1948) IN 745 Private First Class
Orr, Willard Carleton, PFC, (1939-1941) QM AAF 061 Private First Class
Boyle, Arthur F., Pvt, (1941-1941) Private
Brooks, B. J., Pvt, (1941-1941) Private
Brower, Rennie V., Pvt, (1941-1941) Private
Bush, Joseph, Pvt, (1941-1941) Private
Campiglia, Francis Edward, Pvt, (1941-1941) Private
Carlson, Lawrence Robert, Pvt, (1941-1941) Private
Cooper, Frank Bernard, Pvt, (1941-1941) Private
Couhig, John H., Pvt, (1941-1941) Private
Coyne, William, Pvt, (1941-1941) Private
Dasenbrock, Louis H., Pvt, (1941-1941) Private
Downs, Jack A., Pvt, (1941-1941) Private
Duff, Robert Cecil, Pvt, (1941-1941) Private
Eichelberger, Paul R., Pvt, (1941-1941) Private
Elliot, Byron G., Pvt, (1941-1941) Private
Fairchild, Malcolm W., Pvt, (1941-1941) Private
Fairchild, Willard E., Pvt, (1941-1941) Private
Feldman, Jack H., Pvt, (1941-1941) Private
Fiander, Stuart H., Pvt, (1941-1941) Private
Field, Arnold E., Pvt, (1941-1941) Private
Gagne, Leo E. A., Pvt, (1941-1941) Private
Gallagher, Russell E., Pvt, (1941-1941) Private
Gooding, Robert Henry, Pvt, (1941-1941) Private
Guttmann, Joseph Herman, Pvt, (1941-1941) Private
Hays, Alfred, Pvt, (1941-1941) Private
Hood, Earl A., Pvt, (1941-1941) Private

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