Elliot, Byron G., Pvt

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1941-1941, Army Garrison, Hickam Field, HI
Service Years
1941 - 1941

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United States
United States
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Not Specified
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Hickam Field, Hawaii

Casualty Date
Dec 07, 1941
Hostile, Died
Other Explosive Device
WWII - Asiatic-Pacific Theater/Central Pacific Campaign (1941-43)/Attack on Pearl Harbor 7 December 1941
Location of Interment
Not Specified
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World War II Fallen
  1941, World War II Fallen [Verified]

   1941-1941, Army Air Corps

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- / 1941
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- / 1941
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Army Air Corps
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Army Air Corps

Bong, Richard Ira, MAJ, (1941-1945) [Other Service Rank]
Andrews, Frank Maxwell, LTG, (1902-1943) USA 00GC Lieutenant General
Brereton, Lewis Hyde, LTG, (1911-1947) AV 1982 Lieutenant General
Brett, George Howard, LTG, (1910-1946) AV Lieutenant General
Wurtsmith, Paul Bernard, MG, (1927-1946) AV 1982 Major General
Gilkeson, Adlai Howard, BG, (1915-1951) Brigadier General
Hansell, Haywood Shepherd, BG, (1928-1955) AV 1980 Brigadier General
Lindbergh, Charles, BG, (1924-1945) Brigadier General
Blackburn, Thomas Welch, BG, (1917-1952) AV Colonel
Craw, Demas Thurlow, COL, (1918-1942) Colonel
Hall, Wilford F., COL, (1928-1949) Colonel
Johnson, Earl Dallam, COL, (1942-1946) Colonel
Scott, Robert Lee, COL, (1932-1947) AV 1982 Colonel
Baker, Addison Earl, LTC, (1929-1943) Lieutenant Colonel
Hoblit, Noel Elmer, LTC, (1940-1952) MD 3100 Lieutenant Colonel
Martin, Sr., George Walker, LTC Lieutenant Colonel
Sanders, William W., LTC, (1941-1947) AV Lieutenant Colonel
Ihle, Roger Langdon, MAJ, (1941-1945) Major
Stewart, James, BG, (1941-1968) AV 1980 Major
Zeamer, Jay, Jr, LTC, (1939-1945) Major
Novosel, Michael J., CW4, (1941-1985) Captain
Gedeon, Elmer John, CPT, (1941-1944) First Lieutenant
McElroy, Edgar, LTC, (1940-1962) AV AAF 1082 First Lieutenant
Bertsch, Robert B., 2LT, (1941-1942) Second Lieutenant
Landry, Robert R., 2LT, (1941-1942) AV AAF 1092 Second Lieutenant
McElroy, Edgar, LTC, (1940-1962) AV AAF 256 Second Lieutenant
Moslener, Louis Gustav, 2LT, (1940-1941) AV Second Lieutenant
Muckley, Dwight Sumner, 2LT, (1940-1942) Second Lieutenant
Whiteman, George Allison, 2LT, (1939-1941) AV AAF 1056 Second Lieutenant
Youngblood, Lucian Nevelson, CPT, (1936-1947) AV AAF 1082 Second Lieutenant
McElroy, Edgar, LTC, (1940-1962) IN AAF 628 Flight Officer
Breyette, John, T/Sgt, (1941-1945) QM 831 Technical Sergeant
Alois, Ralph, S/Sgt, (1939-1941) OD 911 Staff Sergeant
Barksdale, James M., S/Sgt, (1939-1941) Staff Sergeant
Brandt, Billy O., S/Sgt, (1939-1941) Staff Sergeant
DePolis, Frank J., S/Sgt, (1939-1940) Staff Sergeant
Everett, James, S/Sgt, (1930-1941) Staff Sergeant
Guthrie, James E., S/Sgt, (1937-1941) Staff Sergeant
Coogan, John Leslie, (1941-1945) Technician Third Grade
Alm, Albert C., Sgt, (1941-1945) Sergeant
Free, Paul B., Sgt, (1939-1941) Sergeant
Herbert, Joseph Conrad, Sgt, (1932-1941) AAF AAF 611 Sergeant
Lepper, Edmund Brayton, Sgt, (1939-1941) Sergeant
Stockdale, James Walton, Sgt, (1939-1947) Sergeant
Weislo, John, Sgt, (1941-1945) AV 526 Sergeant
Anderson, William T., Cpl, (1940-1941) Corporal
Bollich, James, Sgt, (1941-1945) Corporal
Borgelt, Harold W., Cpl, (1940-1941) Corporal
Buss, Robert P., Cpl, (1941-1941) Corporal
Fox, Jack W., Cpl, (1940-1941) Corporal
Horan, Vincent M., Cpl, (1940-1941) Corporal
Libolt, Lester H., Cpl, (1939-1941) AAF AAF 737 Corporal
Radeke, Kenneth Charles, Cpl, (1941-1950) Corporal
Thatcher, David J., S/Sgt, (1940-1945) AV AAF 737 Corporal
Butler, Stanley Edward, T/5, (1940-1946) Technician Fifth Grade
Hasenfuss, William E., PFC, (1940-1941) Private First Class
Hislop, William, PFC, (1940-1941) Private First Class
Horner, James Albert, PFC, (1941-1941) Private First Class
Howard, George Franklin, PFC, (1941-1941) Private First Class
Kelley, Robert R., PFC, (1939-1941) Private First Class

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