Clark, Monroe M., S/Sgt

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Last Rank
Staff Sergeant
Last Service Branch
Army Air Corps
Last Primary MOS
597-Antiaircraft Artillery Machine Gun Crewman, SP
Last MOS Group
Air Defense Artillery (Enlisted)
Primary Unit
1941-1941, Army Garrison, Hickam Field, HI
Service Years
1939 - 1941

Staff Sergeant

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Year of Birth
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Casualty Info
Home Town
Last Address
Hickam Field, Hawaii

Casualty Date
Dec 07, 1941
Hostile, Died
Other Explosive Device
WWII - Asiatic-Pacific Theater/Central Pacific Campaign (1941-43)/Attack on Pearl Harbor 7 December 1941
Location of Interment
Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery - San Antonio, Texas
Wall/Plot Coordinates
Section S Site 197

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World War II Fallen
  1941, World War II Fallen [Verified]

   1939-1941, US Army Air Force (USAAF)

Staff Sergeant
From Month/Year
- / 1939
To Month/Year
- / 1941
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Staff Sergeant
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Crooks, Dale, S/Sgt, (1941-1945) Staff Sergeant

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