Austin, E. Ray, MSG

Adjutant General (Enlisted)
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Current Service Status
USA Retired
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Master Sergeant
Current/Last Service Branch
Adjutant General Corps
Current/Last Primary MOS
00R -Retention
Current/Last MOS Group
Adjutant General (Enlisted)
Primary Unit
1990-1991, 00R , Army Garrison Fort Ord, CA
Previously Held MOS
36K-Tactical Wire Operations Specialist
05C-Radio Teletypewriter Operator
31B-Field Communications Electronics Equipment Mechanic
31G-Tactical Communications Chief
31V-Tactical Radio Mechanic
Service Years
1964 - 1991
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Master Sergeant

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US Army Retired (Post-2007) Career Counselor 1st Aviation Brigade I Field Force, Vietnam

US Army Retired 7th Signal Brigade 101st Airbone Division Training and Doctrine Command

USA Forces Command 12th Combat Aviation Brigade 2nd Infantry Division 3rd Infantry Division

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Signal Shoulder Cord Armor Shoulder Cord Artillery Shoulder Cord

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What are you doing now:

Now? I am officially retired and loving life as much as I can.

Please visit my website and view hundreds of photos, and many are from Vietnam.


Other Comments:

After retiring from the Army in 1991, I worked part-time at a Radio Shack in the Hampton Mall in Hampton Roads, VA. Moved from VA in 1993 to Gatlinburg, TN and lived and worked about six months for a Chalet Company. Moved from Gatlinburg in June 1993 to Cookeville, TN, and graduated from an Architectural Drafting School in Livingston TN, then moved to Dale Hollow Lake in Pickett County TN where for about ten years I ran my own Professional Photography business and also worked part-time at a local Funeral Home.  In 2004, I moved back to Scott County Tennessee where I was born and raised, in Norma to be exact, and for a few years I worked for FOUR OAKS FUNEERAL HOME before finally retiring for good.

Now, I'm loving retirement, and just trying to stay out of trouble!

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Military Bio posted by SC Glaeseman, Ron R, SP 5 4
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   1971-1972, 31B, 1st Aviation Brigade/12th Combat Aviation Group

Specialist 5
From Month/Year
January / 1971
To Month/Year
January / 1972
12th Combat Aviation Group Unit Page
Specialist 5
31B-Field Communications Electronics Equipment Mechanic
LZ Plantation, or Black Jack Pad?
 1st Aviation Brigade/12th Combat Aviation Group Details

1st Aviation Brigade/12th Combat Aviation Group
Air Unit
Parent Unit
1st Aviation Brigade
Created/Owned By
Not Specified

Last Updated: Jun 5, 2018
Memories For This Unit

Chain of Command
My Communications Officer was Captain David Bell, who was also a Pilot and I flew with him a couple of times.

My COMMO Chief was SFC (E7) Garcia.

Other Memories
My Pictures of the 12th Avn Gp:

QUESTION: Since I was stationed in Vietnam with the 12th Combat Aviation Group from January 1971 until January 1972, what Campaigns or Battles was my Unit involved in during this time, and am I authorized to be recognized for any Awards, Ribbons etc, for them?

My Photos For This Unit
My COMMO Section
CPT. David L. Bell
1LT Hoge
SFC Garcia
570 Members Also There at Same Time
12th Combat Aviation Group

Adams, Neil, SSG, (1953-1971) SC 31G Staff Sergeant
Torrence, Max, LTC, (1966-1988) AV 1981 Captain
Dover, Max, SFC, (1970-1990) AV 67N10 Specialist 4
Zoglman, Anthony, SGT, (1970-1976) OD 63B20 Specialist 4
Huguley, Carl, 1LT, (1970-1974) AD First Lieutenant
Cox, John, SGT, (1971-1972) IN Sergeant
Huston, Richard, 1SG, (1968-1992) Specialist 4
Hoobler, Charles, SSG, (1966-1994) Sergeant
116th Assault Helicopter Company

Pickett, Larry, CW2, (1969-1971) AV 100B Chief Warrant Officer 2
Barnes, Roy Dwight, WO1, (1970-1971) AV 100B Warrant Officer 1
Brannon, Pat Gerard, WO1, (1970-1971) AV 100B Warrant Officer 1
Garris, Gregory, SSG, (1969-1983) TC 67N30 Specialist 5
Richardson, David, SP 5, (1966-1972) AV 67N20 Specialist 5
Johnson, Eric, SP 4, (1970-1972) AV 67N20 Specialist 4
Tindall, Lawrence, CW2, (1968-1971) AV Chief Warrant Officer 2
Ferguson, Jimmie D., CW3, (1970-1976) Warrant Officer 1
Dye, Daniel Grover, SP 5, (1970-1971) Specialist 5
120th Assault Helicopter Company

Williams, Richard, CW5, (1967-2001) AV 100B Warrant Officer 1
Caldera, Chico, SGT, (1971-1979) AV 68D Sergeant
Hogg Jr., Douglas, SP 6, (1968-1971) TC 68E Specialist 6
McLain, Bill, SP 5, (1969-1972) OD 35K Specialist 5
Clark, Joseph, SP 4, (1970-1972) AV 67N20 Specialist 4
Lockwood, John, SSG, (1969-1980) AV 67V Specialist 4
Stidham, Eddie, SP 5, (1970-1974) AV 67N20 Specialist 4
129th Assault Helicopter Company

Anderson, Chris, SGT, (1969-1971) SC 05C Sergeant
Billingsly, Lee Wayne, CPT, (1969-1972) AV 1981 Captain
Rich, Noel, COL, (1966-1995) AV 1981 Captain
Schmiedt, Darwin, CPT, (1966-1971) IN 1542 Captain
Shaw, Thomas Francis, 1LT, (1970-1972) AV 1980 First Lieutenant
Strother, Claud Paul, WO1, (1970-1972) AV 1981 First Lieutenant
Faucher, Dennis, CW2, (1970-1973) AV 100B Chief Warrant Officer 2
Seiler, Don, CW2, (1970-1976) AV 100B Chief Warrant Officer 2
Crigler, Jim, CW2, (1970-1974) AV 100B Warrant Officer 1
Hendrix, Leland, CW4, (1970-2001) AV 100B Warrant Officer 1
Knebusch, William, WO1, (1970-1972) AV 062B Warrant Officer 1
Monsees, Gary, CW2, (1970-1987) AV 153A Warrant Officer 1
Griffith, John, SP 5, (1969-1972) AV 67N10 Specialist 5
Jacobson, Duane, SP 5, (1969-1971) AV 68E Specialist 5
Mikolajczyk, Thaddeus, SP 5, (1969-1971) AV 67R Specialist 5
Parker, John, SP 5, (1970-1973) AV 68M Specialist 5
KASIK, JOHN, SP 4, (1971-1972) AG 71B10 Specialist 4
Sheehan, Glenn, SP 4, (1970-1973) AV 67N10 Specialist 4
Stamper, David Hiram, SP 4, (1971-1972) AV 67N10 Specialist 4
Torres, Roberto, SP 4, (1971-1972) AV 67N20 Specialist 4
Wilks, Dennis, SP 4, (1968-1971) IN 00F Specialist 4
Woodward, Gary, SP 4, (1971-1974) AV 67N10 Specialist 4
Woodward, Gary, SP 4, (1971-1974) AV 67N20 Specialist 4
Woodward, Gary, SP 4, (1971-1974) AV 67N20 Specialist 4
Woodward, Gary, SP 4, (1971-1974) AV 67N20 Specialist 4
Woodward, Gary, SP 4, (1971-1974) AV 67N20 Specialist 4
Johnson, Michael, PVT2, (1971-1973) AD 00G Private (E-2)
Latham, Donald, CPT, (1969-1973) AR First Lieutenant
Nowakowski, Glenn Edward, WO1, (1971-1972) Warrant Officer 1
Gillespie, Bruce, SP 5, (1970-1974) AV Specialist 5
Carter, Nicholas, CPT, (1970-1992) AV Specialist 4
Woodward, Gary, SP 4, (1971-1974) Specialist 4
Woodward, Gary, SP 4, (1971-1974) Specialist
131st Aviation Company (AS)

Warnke, Carl, SFC, (1953-1973) SC 35P Sergeant First Class
Pectol, Mike, SP 4, (1966-1975) SC 05C Sergeant

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