Acosta, Ernie, MAJ

Engineer Corps (Officer)
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Current Service Status
USAR Active
Current/Last Rank
Current/Last Service Branch
Engineer Corps
Current/Last Primary MOS
12A-Engineer Officer
Current/Last MOS Group
Engineer Corps (Officer)
Primary Unit
2010-Present, 21D, Army Reserve Medical Command (ARMEDCOM)
Previously Held MOS
12B10-Combat Engineer
21B-Combat Engineer
88C-Marine and Terminal Operations Officer
21D-Facilities/Contract Construction Management Engineer
Service Years
1995 - Present

Engineer Corps


Two Overseas Service Bars

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Combat Advisor

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Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA)
  2008, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) - Assoc. Page

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   2010-Present, 21D, Army Reserve Medical Command (ARMEDCOM)

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September / 2010
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Army Reserve Medical Command (ARMEDCOM) Unit Page
21D-Facilities/Contract Construction Management Engineer
Pinellas Park
 Army Reserve Medical Command (ARMEDCOM) Details

Army Reserve Medical Command (ARMEDCOM)
Medical Unit
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Medical Commands
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Last Updated: Oct 27, 2019
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Army Reserve Medical Command (ARMEDCOM)

Stansberry, Richard, CW4, (1972-2011) EN 120A Chief Warrant Officer 4
Aasgaard, Christopher Blake, COL, (1975-Present) SP 65D Colonel
Bosworth, William, COL, (1980-2015) VE 64Z Colonel
Eddy, John, COL, (1981-Present) MS 67A Colonel
Harrison, Scott, COL, (1978-2015) MS 70K Colonel
Kabat, Ed, COL, (1983-Present) FI 36A Colonel
Buchheim, Todd, LTC, (1986-2019) IM 01A Lieutenant Colonel
Corugedo, Rochelle, LTC, (1986-Present) AN 66H Lieutenant Colonel
Miller, Deborah, LTC, (1993-Present) AN 66H Lieutenant Colonel
Ross, Steven, LTC, (1976-2019) AN 66H Lieutenant Colonel
Ruckart, John, LTC, (1989-Present) SC 25A Lieutenant Colonel
Tinajero, Luis, LTC, (1988-Present) CM 74A Lieutenant Colonel
Bacon, Richard, MAJ, (1989-Present) MS 70H Major
Lindquist, Slade, MAJ, (1985-Present) MS 67F Major
Riera, Jorge, LTC, (1983-Present) SC 25A Major
Rogers, Stephen, MAJ, (1994-Present) MS 70H Major
Spillane, Michael, LTC, (2000-Present) SP 65D Major
Crooks, Timothy, CPT, (1983-2012) AN 66H Captain
Eubanks, Benjamin, MAJ, (1989-Present) MS 70B Captain
Stewart, Amber, CPT, (2009-Present) SP 65B Captain
Gist, Tiffany, 1LT, (1989-2013) MS 70B First Lieutenant
Johnson, Jamillah, CPT, (1993-Present) MS 70B First Lieutenant
Cothern, Julie, 2LT, (2011-2011) MS 70B Second Lieutenant
Nelligan, Pat, CW5, (1982-Present) MS 670A Chief Warrant Officer 5
Jimenez, John, CSM, (1974-2010) IN 00Z Command Sergeant Major
Patterson, Everick, CSM, (1985-Present) MP 00Z Command Sergeant Major
Frangos, George, SGM, (1965-2010) AG 79V20 Sergeant Major
Schott, Remy, SGM, (1982-Present) AG 79V20 Sergeant Major
Kilgallon, Robert, 1SG, (1992-Present) MD 68W First Sergeant
Tyner, David, MSG, (1981-2017) MD 68W Master Sergeant
Ballare, Conrad, SFC, (1983-2016) MD 68W Sergeant First Class
Deno, Matthew, SFC, (1991-Present) AG 42A Sergeant First Class
DiGiovanni, Laurence, SFC, (1987-Present) MD 68W Sergeant First Class
Espinoza, Kenneth, SFC, (1982-2009) MD 68D Sergeant First Class
Madera, Zoraida, SFC, (1989-2011) QM 92Y10 Sergeant First Class
Todd, Kevin, SFC, (1989-2008) TC 88N Sergeant First Class
Tucker, Wanda, SFC, (1979-Present) MD 68W Sergeant First Class
Elisech/Munoz, Heather, SSG, (1989-2010) AG 42A Staff Sergeant
Ellsworth, Ivy, 2LT, (2002-2011) MD 68W Staff Sergeant
Fairfield, Daniel, CSM, (2000-Present) MD 68K Staff Sergeant
Munoz, Heather, SSG, (1989-2009) AG 42A Staff Sergeant
Munoz, Heather, SSG, (1989-2009) AG 42A Staff Sergeant
Gonzalez, Matt, SGT, (2003-Present) MD 68W Sergeant
Henriquez, Tuarvares, SGT, (1998-2009) AG 42A Sergeant
Hernandez, Israel, SGT, (1995-Present) MD 68J Sergeant
Merritt, Candice, SGT, (2011-2018) AG 42A Sergeant
Sires, David, SGT, (2000-2009) MD 68R Sergeant
Carrano, David, SP 4, (1986-1997) MD 68E Specialist 4
Vegacasiano, Elugino, MAJ, (1995-Present) 53A Major
Seifert, Charles, COL, (1990-2020) IM Colonel
Biggs, William, LTC, (1985-2018) MD Lieutenant Colonel
Diaz, Nelson, CW3, (1989-Present) Chief Warrant Officer 3
Rumsey, Steve, SGM, (1983-Present) SC First Sergeant
Nelson, Tom, MSG, (1986-2014) MD Sergeant First Class
ANGIBEAU, EUGENIA, SSG, (1991-Present) Staff Sergeant
Streib, Brian, SGT, (2002-2008) Sergeant
Gilson, Alex, COL, (2000-Present) Lieutenant Colonel
Ellsworth, Ivy, 2LT, (2002-2011) Second Lieutenant
Payano, Luis, SP 4, (2003-2006) Specialist 4

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