Shonkwiler, Chad, SPC

Signal Corps (Enlisted)
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USA Veteran
Current/Last Rank
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Signal Corps
Current/Last Primary MOS
31M10-Multichannel Communications Equipment Operator
Current/Last MOS Group
Signal Corps (Enlisted)
Primary Unit
1989-1993, 31Q, 235th Signal Company
Previously Held MOS
31Q-Tactical Microwave Systems Operator/Maintainer
Service Years
1989 - 1993


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32nd Air & Missile Defense Cmd VII Corps

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Being in the Army made me a better man, a better friend and a better person. My service defined my character and I wouldn't trade the experiences for anything.

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   1993-1993, 31M10, Communications-Electronics Command (CECOM), US Army Materiel Command (AMC)

From Month/Year
August / 1993
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October / 1993
Communications-Electronics Command (CECOM) Unit Page
31M10-Multichannel Communications Equipment Operator
Fort Monmouth
New Jersey
 Communications-Electronics Command (CECOM), US Army Materiel Command (AMC) Details

Communications-Electronics Command (CECOM), US Army Materiel Command (AMC)
Command Element
Parent Unit
US Army Materiel Command (AMC)
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Not Specified

Last Updated: Apr 8, 2020
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ETS'd from this unit after the 235th Signal was moved to Ft Gordon

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Communications-Electronics Command (CECOM)

McCarthy, Timothy, CSM, (1965-1995) SC 00Z Command Sergeant Major
Deal, Walt, SFC, (1973-1993) SC 31Z5 Sergeant First Class
Mobley, Robert, SFC, (1973-1995) SC 29N Sergeant First Class
Morris-Scott, Lola, SFC, (1985-2012) SC 25P Sergeant First Class
Myers, Wade, CSM, (1983-2010) SC 25S Sergeant First Class
Brainard, Charles, SGM, (1986-2008) SC 31P Staff Sergeant
Brainard, Charles, SGM, (1986-Present) SC 31P Staff Sergeant
Minze, Raymond, SSG, (1976-2001) SC 31P Staff Sergeant
Dennis, Calvin, SPC, (1992-1996) SC 74C Specialist
White, David, MG, (1958-1990) USA 00GC Major General
Bastion, Michelle, COL, (1986-2014) AC 51C Colonel
Potter, Donald, COL, (1974-2000) QM 92A Lieutenant Colonel
DeRosa, Raymond, MAJ, (1981-2001) QM AOC 97C Major
McEwan, Robert, MAJ, (1971-1995) IN 11A Major
Morse, Ronald, CW4, (1959-1995) SC 254A Chief Warrant Officer 4
Lawrence, Elizabeth, SGM, (1977-2005) OD 35E Master Sergeant
Ortiz Jr, Juan J, CSM, (1981-2008) OD 68N Sergeant First Class
Oxley, Thomas, SFC, (1974-1995) CH 71M Sergeant First Class
Oyola, Carlos, SFC, (1976-1998) OD 94W Sergeant First Class
McCormick, William, SFC, (1971-1996) FA 13E40 Sergeant First Class
Autin, Terence, SSG, (1984-1994) OD 93D Staff Sergeant
McDougle, Dexter, 1SG, (1983-2006) TC 88M30 Staff Sergeant
Conley, Darren, SGT, (1985-1993) MD 91S Sergeant
Ferry, Raymond, SGT, (1986-1995) MI 33S Sergeant
Morse, James, MAJ, (1989-2010) OD 35C10 Sergeant
Cooks, Dorothy, PFC, (1993-1996) SC Private First Class
Jones, Pelzer, SSG, (1987-Present) Sergeant
Intelligence Material Management Center

Kendall, Jeffery, SSG, (1982-1997) QM 92A Staff Sergeant
Stombaugh, Rich, SSG, (1988-1994) MI 97B20 Staff Sergeant
Marston, Clay, COL, (1970-2010) MI Colonel
US Army Information Systems Engineering Command (USAISEC)

Boyd, Chaurcey, MSG, (1974-1994) SC 74F Master Sergeant
Yarbough, Leon, SGM, (1972-2002) SC 74Z Master Sergeant
Dry, David, SFC, (1981-1995) SC 31W40 Sergeant First Class
Orzechowski, Richard, SFC, (1975-1995) SC 31P Sergeant First Class
Buckley, John, SSG, (1975-1995) SC 26L10 Staff Sergeant
Dean, Michael, MAJ, (1989-Present) SC 31S Staff Sergeant
Medina Sr, Richard, SSG, (1979-1995) SC 74F Staff Sergeant
Crosby, Dereik, SSG, (1985-1997) SC 74D Sergeant
Jones, David, SSG, (1986-2001) SC 25B10 Sergeant
Robinson, Walter, SFC, (1989-2009) SC 29S Sergeant
Waguespack, Gary, MSG, (1989-2009) SC 29Y Sergeant
Smith, Rich, SGM, (1989-Present) SC 31C10 Corporal
Zelk, Denita, MSG, (1990-2008) SC 29S Specialist 4
Hines, Jack, CW3, (1972-1993) SC 741E Chief Warrant Officer 3
Randell, Jon, SFC, (1976-1996) OD 29N Sergeant First Class
Roberts, Delinda, SFC, (1977-1995) FI 74Z Sergeant First Class
Dobarzynski, Walter, SSG, (1974-1994) OD 39D Staff Sergeant
Petersen, James, SSG, (1983-2003) OD 93D Staff Sergeant
Graham, Vanessa, SFC, (1986-2006) AG 75B10 Sergeant
Nielsen, Douglas, LTC, (1980-2004) 53A Major
Beeks, Dawn, SFC, (1972-1994) Sergeant First Class
US Army Personnel Information Systems Command (PERSINSCOM)

Yarbough, Leon, SGM, (1972-2002) SC 74Z Sergeant Major
Sawyer, Irvin, MSG, (1973-1997) SC 74Z Master Sergeant
Yuill, Clifford, SPC, (1986-1994) SC 74D Specialist
Steuber, Johnnie, LTC, (1976-1998) AC Lieutenant Colonel
Oliver, Robert, CW5, (1963-1993) MI Chief Warrant Officer 5
Marchany-Cardoza, Frankie, MSG, (1977-1997) MI Sergeant First Class
USAISEC Worms, Germany

Hart, Donna, SFC, (1975-2005) SC 74D Sergeant First Class
Frederick-Coleman, Katrisa, SPC, (1989-1995) SC 74F Specialist

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