Bates, Boris, CPT

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Current Service Status
USA Active
Current/Last Rank
Current/Last Service Branch
Ordnance Corps
Current/Last Primary MOS
53A-Information Systems Management
Primary Unit
2013-2015, 53A, 15th Sustainment Brigade
Previously Held MOS
13F10-Fire Support Specialist
13F20-Fire Support Sergeant
13F30-Fire Support Sergeant
13F40-Operations Sergeant
91A-Maintenance and Munitions Material Officer
Service Years
1990 - Present
Official/Unofficial US Army Certificates
Operation Iraqi Freedom
Cold War Certificate
Order of the Spur

Ordnance Corps


Two Overseas Service Bars

 Official Badges 

Schutzenschnur Gold Schutzenschnur Gold

 Unofficial Badges 

Honorable Order of Saint Barbara Honorable Order of Saint Barbara Order of The Spur Order of The Spur

 Military Associations and Other Affiliations
3rd  Cavalry AssociationUnited States Field Artillery AssociationBlackhorse Association (11th Armored Calvary)Army Ordnance Corps Association
Military Officers Association of America (MOAA)
  2003, 3rd Cavalry Association [Verified]
  2004, United States Field Artillery Association [Verified] - Assoc. Page
  2005, Blackhorse Association (11th Armored Calvary) [Verified]
  2007, Army Ordnance Corps Association [Verified]
  2008, Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) [Verified] - Assoc. Page

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   2010-Present, 53A, C Company, 442nd Signal Battalion (Cadre)

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May / 2010
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C Company Unit Page
53A-Information Systems Management
Fort Gordon
 C Company, 442nd Signal Battalion (Cadre) Details

C Company, 442nd Signal Battalion (Cadre)
Support Unit
Parent Unit
442nd Signal Battalion (Cadre)
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Not Specified

Last Updated: Mar 7, 2011
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Chain of Command
CPT Zimmerman
LTC Buck

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109 Members Also There at Same Time
C Company

Young, Carl, COL, (1994-Present) 53A Major
Alexander, Chris, CPT, (1998-Present) 53A Captain
Rue, Robert, CPT, (1995-2015) IM 53A Captain
Agapios, Vasilios, CPT, (2005-Present) SC 25A Captain
Aguirre, Aldo, CPT, (1997-Present) SC 25A Captain
Atkinson, James, CPT, (2005-Present) SC 25A Captain
Burrows, Alicia, CPT, (2004-Present) SC 25A Captain
Cruceta, Rafael, CPT, (1996-Present) SC 25A Captain
Drescher, Christopher, CPT, (2005-2010) SC 25A Captain
Erale, Angela, CPT, (2004-Present) SC 25A Captain
Esposito, Michael, CPT, (2001-Present) SC 25A Captain
Lawrence, Tim, CPT, (2005-Present) SC 25A Captain
Rykowski, Josh, CPT, (1996-Present) 24A Captain
Williams, Eugene, LTC, (2003-Present) 24A Captain
Zimmerman, Daniel, CPT, (1999-Present) SC 25A Captain
METALLO, JUSTIN, 1LT, (2007-Present) SC 25A First Lieutenant
Garcia Jr, Leonel, SFC, (2001-Present) SC 25B10 Sergeant First Class
Arnold, Joshua, SSG, (1998-Present) SC 25U Staff Sergeant
Cherry, Jason, SSG, (2002-2016) SC 25S Staff Sergeant
Durst, Clarence, SFC, (2006-Present) SC 25B10 Staff Sergeant
Sherman, Darren, SSG, (2006-2018) SC 25Q Sergeant
Coleman, Brad, MAJ, (2002-Present) SC Captain
Lillard, Sam, CPT, (1995-Present) SC Captain
Baldwin, James, SFC, (1992-Present) Sergeant First Class
442nd Signal Battalion (Cadre)

Riera, Jorge, LTC, (1983-Present) 53A Major
Jones, Michael, LTC, (1998-Present) SC 26A Lieutenant Colonel
Helms, Thomas, MAJ, (1986-2008) CH 56A Major
Hutto, Noah, MAJ, (1992-2015) SC 25A Major
La, Kiet, MAJ, (1992-Present) SC 25E Major
Wacker, Michael, MAJ, (2000-Present) SC 25A Major
Bishop, Randy, MAJ, (1995-Present) SC 25A Captain
Chincuanco, Joseph, MAJ, (2008-Present) SC 26B Captain
Clare, Jermaine, CPT, (1998-Present) SC 25A Captain
Frisby, Jeffry, CPT, (2006-Present) SC 26B Captain
Ingalsbe, Scott, CPT, (2005-Present) SC 25A Captain
McElroy, Jason, CPT, (1992-Present) SC 25A Captain
Neal, McDonald, MAJ, (2006-Present) SC 25A Captain
Newman, David, CPT, (2001-Present) SC 25A Captain
Schrock, Joe, CPT, (2005-2014) CH 56A Captain
Schwede, Carl, CPT, (2007-Present) SC 25A Captain
Slack, Garrett, CPT, (1999-Present) SC 25A Captain
Kinsch, Kirby, 2LT, (1996-2009) SC 25A Second Lieutenant
Daines, John, CW4, (1988-2012) SC 254A Chief Warrant Officer 4
Bond, Kirk, CW4, (1996-Present) SC 255S Chief Warrant Officer 3
Collette, Joe, CW4, (1989-Present) SC 250N Chief Warrant Officer 3
Sunday, Scott, CW3, (1985-2009) SC 251A Chief Warrant Officer 3
Maples, Christopher, CW4, (1996-Present) SC 255N Chief Warrant Officer 2
Foringer, Kenneth, CW2, (1999-Present) SC 255A Warrant Officer 1
Jackson, Guy, WO1, (2003-Present) SC 255N Warrant Officer 1
Price, Sylvester, WO1, (2003-Present) SC 254A Warrant Officer 1
Wilson, Phillip, WO1, (2002-Present) SC 250N Warrant Officer 1
WIlson, Thomas, 1SG, (1986-2012) SC 25W Command Sergeant Major
WIlson, Thomas, 1SG, (1986-2012) SC 25W First Sergeant
Jones, Chondra, MSG, (1992-2013) SC 25B10 Master Sergeant
Shepherd, Deyshaun, 1SG, (1996-2016) SC 25W Master Sergeant
Burkett, Richard, SFC, (2000-Present) SC 25E Sergeant First Class
Ferguson, Spencer, SFC, (1993-Present) SC 25B10 Sergeant First Class
Green, Lafayette, SFC, (1996-2019) SC 25B10 Sergeant First Class
Hasty, Matthew, SFC, (2000-2009) SC 25B10 Sergeant First Class

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