Booth, Van, SSG

Infantry (Enlisted)
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Current Service Status
USA Retired
Current/Last Rank
Staff Sergeant
Current/Last Service Branch
Current/Last Primary MOS
Current/Last MOS Group
Infantry (Enlisted)
Primary Unit
2014-2016, 11B10, 2nd Battalion, 1st Infantry Regiment
Previously Held MOS
11M-Fighting Vehicle Infantryman
Service Years
1995 - 2016
Official/Unofficial US Army Certificates
Operation Iraqi Freedom

Staff Sergeant

Six Service Stripes

Three Overseas Service Bars

 Official Badges 

Army Physical Fitness Badge Infantry Shoulder Cord US Army Retired (Post-2007) Army Recruiter (Gold) - 3 Sapphires

Schutzenschnur Bronze 1st Armored Division 10th Mountain Division 1st Infantry Division

 Unofficial Badges 

Combat Advisor Mountain Army Honorable Discharge (1984-Present) Manchu Mile

Recruiters Ring

 Military Association Memberships
Post 42Post 2167, R. K. Locker Post
  2003, American Legion, Post 42 (Member) (Fayetteville, Tennessee) [Verified] - Chap. Page
  2016, Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States (VFW), Post 2167, R. K. Locker Post (Member) (Fayetteville, Tennessee) - Chap. Page

 Additional Information
What are you doing now:
Preparing for Army Retirement: Official Retirement Date: March 31, 2016
Other Comments:
Total Active Army Service Time: 20 Years, 22 Days.
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   1996-1999, 11M, A Company, 1st Battalion, 22nd Infantry

Private First Class
From Month/Year
February / 1996
To Month/Year
February / 1999
A Company Unit Page
Private First Class
11M-Fighting Vehicle Infantryman
Fort Hood
 A Company, 1st Battalion, 22nd Infantry Details

A Company, 1st Battalion, 22nd Infantry
Ground Unit
Parent Unit
1st Battalion, 22nd Infantry
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Last Updated: Jul 22, 2018
Memories For This Unit

Best Friends
Roberto Moran (PFC) Jeff Wright (SPC)

Best Moment
The road trips while off duty!! Also, getting promoted from Private to PV2 to Private First Class to Specialist. Had much fun in this unit and had great leadership from old school NCOs from the Vietnam era through the Gulf War era.


Worst Moment
Task Force XXI (advanced warfighting expiriments) in a non-deployable Division.

Chain of Command
SFC Ocasio (Platoon Sergeant)


Other Memories
A CO 1-22 INF, 1st BDE, 4th Infantry Division, This unit activated and replaced 3-41 INF and 2nd Armored Division in FEB 1996.

My Photos For This Unit
4th Infantry Division
115 Members Also There at Same Time
A Company

Adler, Erik, CW3, (1989-2008) IN 11M Staff Sergeant
Fyffe, Craig, SSG, (1999-2010) IN 11M Specialist 4
Mirelez, Joe, 1SG, (1967-1996) IN 11B10 First Sergeant
Pittman, George, SFC, (1990-Present) IN 11B10 Sergeant First Class
Herrera, Patrick, SGT, (1987-2013) IN 11B10 Sergeant
Schneibel, Richard, SPC, (1993-2001) IN 11B10 Specialist
Sims, Jason, MAJ, (1994-Present) IN 11A Second Lieutenant
Vanhorn, Clifford, SSG, (1997-2009) OD 63M Sergeant
Jenkins, Robert, SFC, (1988-2009) Staff Sergeant
GALVAN, JESUS, SFC, (1995-Present) Corporal
Torres, Michael, 1SG, (1977-1997) First Sergeant
Webb, Michael, SFC, (1995-Present) Specialist
Murray, Garrett, SPC, (1994-2001) Private (E-2)
1st Battalion, 22nd Infantry

Oquendo, Jose, 1SG, (1983-2007) IN 11M Sergeant First Class
Beller, James, SGM, (1990-2014) IN 11M Staff Sergeant
Harrison, Christopher, SFC, (1987-2008) IN 11M Staff Sergeant
Morris, Jason, SSG, (1991-Present) IN 11M Sergeant
Olson, Kevin, SFC, (1988-2009) IN 11M Sergeant
Richardson, Welby, SSG, (1995-2008) IN 11M Sergeant
Tatro, Jason, SSG, (1999-2011) IN 11M Sergeant
Neumann, Ryan, CPL, (1997-2000) IN 11M Corporal
Feliciano, Eric, SFC, (1997-Present) IN 11M Specialist 4
Roser, Andrew, SSG, (1994-2015) IN 11M Specialist 4
Clarke, Antoine, SPC, (1997-2000) IN 11M Specialist
Force, Chad, SPC, (1995-1999) IN 11M Specialist
Sussman, Brian, SP 4, (1997-2001) IN 11M Specialist
West, Cory, 1SG, (1997-Present) IN 11M Specialist
Hammonds, Wayne, SPC, (1993-2001) IN 11M Private First Class
Heaton, Robert, SSG, (1997-Present) IN 11M Private First Class
Milby, Steven, S/Sgt, (1997-2008) IN 11M Private First Class
Moreno, Mike, SPC, (1997-2001) IN 11M Private First Class
Zelmer, Gregory, SFC, (1997-2017) IN 11M Private (E-2)
McVey, Ross, 1SG, (1979-2003) IN 11Z50 First Sergeant
Deal, Edward, SFC, (1996-2008) IN 11B10 Staff Sergeant
Geer, Edward, SSG, (1975-1996) IN 11H10 Staff Sergeant
Wester, Michael, 1SG, (1984-2008) IN 11B10 Staff Sergeant
Worthington, Edward, MAJ, (1989-2008) IN 11B10 Staff Sergeant
Coubal, Corey, 1SG, (1994-Present) IN 11C10 Sergeant
Diggens, Aaron, SFC, (1991-2013) IN 11B10 Sergeant
Finch, John, 1SG, (1989-Present) IN 11B10 Sergeant
Plavney, Scott, SFC, (1991-Present) IN 11B10 Sergeant
Rossmeier, Chris, SGT, (1995-2003) IN 11B10 Sergeant
Surbeck, Anthony, SGT, (1992-1999) IN 11B10 Sergeant
Prill, Don, 1LT, (1994-Present) IN 11C10 Specialist 4
Breaux, Jeremy, SPC, (1992-1996) IN 11B10 Specialist
Petrosky, David, SGT, (1995-2006) IN 11C10 Specialist
Throop, Michael, SPC, (1998-2007) IN 11B10 Specialist
Lewis, Roy, SSG, (1996-2008) IN 11B10 Private First Class
Rehberg, Bob, LTC, (1967-2008) IN 1542 Lieutenant Colonel
Burton, JB, COL, (1983-Present) IN 11A Major
Christadore, Joseph, CPT, (1999-2006) IN 11A Second Lieutenant
Trahan, Scott, MAJ, (1987-2008) IN 11C Second Lieutenant
Riveraantuna, Pablo, MSG, (1986-2007) CV 761 Master Sergeant
Anderson, Kenneth, SFC, (1980-2000) AG 79S Sergeant First Class
Howell, Richard, SFC, (1990-2010) OD 63M Sergeant First Class
Tamez, Homero, SFC, (1992-2005) AR 19D20 Staff Sergeant
Brickner, William, MAJ, (1992-Present) MD 91B10 Sergeant
Norrid, Clifton, SFC, (1992-2016) SC 25U Specialist 4
Jones, Michael, SPC, (1997-Present) MD 91B10 Specialist

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