Wilson, Dale, MAJ

Armor (Officer)
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Current Service Status
USA Retired
Current/Last Rank
Current/Last Service Branch
Current/Last Primary MOS
Current/Last MOS Group
Armor (Officer)
Primary Unit
1990-1991, 12B, United States Military Academy West Point (Staff)/History Department
Previously Held MOS
71L10-Administrative Specialist
71R10-Broadcast Journalist
11B30-Infantry Squad/Section Leader
12C-Cavalry Officer
46A-Public Affairs
Service Years
1969 - 1991
Official/Unofficial US Army Certificates
Cold War Certificate
Voice Edition



Three Service Stripes

Two Overseas Service Bars

 Official Badges 

Army Physical Fitness Badge Infantry Shoulder Cord US Army Retired (Pre-2007)

 Unofficial Badges 

Army Honorable Discharge (1984-Present) Armor Shoulder Cord Cold War Medal Order of Saint George (Silver)

Cold War Veteran Blue Star Vietnam Veteran 50th Commemoration Vietnam 50th Anniversary

 Military Association Memberships
US Armor AssociationChapter 9Chapter 731Post 3830, LCpl Hayward Kimo Hamili Peleiholani Post
FSB Hill 4-11 AssociationAmerical Division Veterans Association Military Officers Association of America (MOAA)Officers' Christian Fellowship
Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA)A Co, 1St BN, 1St RegtArmy Together We ServedOCS Foundation
TWS Profile IntegrityATWS Advisory Group
  1980, US Armor Association
  1992, Disabled American Veterans (DAV), Chapter 9 (Executive Director) (Hilo, Hawaii) [Verified] - Chap. Page
  1992, Military Order of the Purple Heart, Chapter 731 (Recorder) (Hilo, Hawaii) [Verified]1 - Chap. Page
  1994, Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States (VFW), Post 3830, LCpl Hayward Kimo Hamili Peleiholani Post (National President) (Pahoa, Hawaii) [Verified] - Chap. Page
  1996, FSB Hill 4-11 Association
  1998, Americal Division Veterans Association
  2000, Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) [Verified] - Assoc. Page
  2001, Officers' Christian Fellowship
  2004, Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) [Verified] - Assoc. Page
  2006, Combat Infantrymen's Association, A Co, 1St BN, 1St Regt (Life Member) (Hilo, Hawaii) [Verified]
  2011, Army Together We Served [Verified]
  2013, OCS Foundation
  2018, TWS Profile Integrity
  2019, ATWS Advisory Group [Verified]

 Additional Information
What are you doing now:
Aside from a three-and-one-half year stint as Tactical Officer of C Co. and Field Music at Valley Forge Military Academy & College in Wayne, PA, I worked in the publishing industry after retiring from the Army in September 1991. I started out as Executive Editor of Presidio Press, a San Francisco Bay Area book publisher specializing in military history and military affairs. After leaving VFMA&C in the summer of 1998, I became my own boss--using contacts I'd made with Presidio to line up freelance copy-editing projects for several commercial and scholarly book publishers. I finally had to give up work entirely in 2004, however, when my body began letting me down. Fortunately, all of my disabling conditions are either directly or indirectly service-connected--making me eligible for a wide range of VA benefits--without which I'd be up the proverbial estuary without a manipulator!
Other Comments:
For the last 19 years I've been living on the Big Island of Hawaii with my wife, Carol, in a subdivision about a mile outside of Mountain View--almost exactly halfway between Hilo and Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. However, I'm moving to Idaho in May 2019 and will be settling in the Sagle area not far from the Pend Oreille River. Between the Blue State politics, earthquakes and eruptions, I decided it was time to bid Hawaii Aloha and head for cooler climes!

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  • Hamburger, Kenneth, COL
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   1970-1970, 11B10, 3rd Battalion, 1st Infantry Regiment/C Company

Private First Class
From Month/Year
August / 1970
To Month/Year
December / 1970
C Company Unit Page
Private First Class
FSB Hill 4-11
Quang Ngai (Vietnam)
 3rd Battalion, 1st Infantry Regiment/C Company Details

3rd Battalion, 1st Infantry Regiment/C Company
Ground Unit
Parent Unit
3rd Battalion, 1st Infantry Regiment
Created/Owned By
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Last Updated: Dec 22, 2010
Memories For This Unit

Best Friends
PFC Larry Busick (KIA Sept. 20, 1970)
PFC Larry "Mouse" Moore
SGT Larry Plagman
SGT Glenn Wittenborn
PFC Scott "Red" Curtis

Worst Moment
Lying pinned down by heavy machine-gun fire, feeling bullets hitting my ruck and being unable to get to SSG Ronnie Fields as he bled out from a .51-cal. wound in his throat just a few feet away from me on Sep. 30. . . .


Chain of Command
MG Albert E. Milloy - Americal Div. CG
COL John Insani - 11th LIB CO
LTC John B. Luke - 3-1st Inf. CO
CPT Gregory L. Morgan - C/3-1st Inf. CO
1LT Samuel E. Grashio - 2d Plt. Ldr.
SSG Dan Pritchett, Jr. - 2d Plt. Sgt.
SGT Glenn Wittenborn - my squad leader

Other Memories
*David "CPT Fly" Smith - truly a wild man! Hysterically funny, but deadly serious when it mattered most. He went berserk on Sept. 3 when Charles "Lucky Chuck" Callahan was shot in the face by an AK-47 as we fought back against dug-in NVA when we hit the big ambush in Nghia Hanh Valley. . . .? 

*Kenneth "John Wayne" Warren and his incessant prattle about how many "dinks" he was going to kill. . . .

"Doc" Mitchell pulling me and SGT Wittenborn--both fair-skinned guys--aside in the late afternoon in NDPs to squeeze pus out of the boils and jungle ulcers we were constantly getting mostly on our butts. . . .

My Photos For This Unit
Bush Bound
Night Laager
Taking a Break
Touch Down
85 Members Also There at Same Time
C Company

Rohmeyer, Kenneth, SGT, (1969-1971) IN 11B10 Sergeant
Perry, Kenneth Merle, CPL, (1969-1970) IN 11B10 Corporal
Tettleton, David Dewayne, SP 4, (1969-1970) IN 11B10 Specialist 4
Busick, Larry Russell, PFC, (1970-1970) IN 11B10 Private First Class
Pryear, Johnnie Lee, PFC, (1969-1971) IN 11B10 Private First Class
Collins, Ross Willard, PVT2, (1968-1969) IN 11B10 Private (E-2)
Fields, Ronald Elwood, SSG, (1954-1970) IN 11B30 Staff Sergeant
OKeeffe, William, SGT, (1968-1970) IN 11B30 Sergeant
Taylor, Roger, SGT, (1957-1974) IN 111.0 Sergeant
Traxler, Dan, SGT, (1969-1971) IN 00F Sergeant
Jackson, Scott, 1LT, (1968-1971) IN 1542 First Lieutenant
Aalid, Dennis, SFC, (1966-1991) AG 42A Sergeant First Class
Graham, Thomas, SGT, (1969-1971) OD 55B Sergeant
Thompson, Charles Lee, PFC, (1970-1971) AR 11D10 Private First Class
Cain, James Calwinn, CPL, (1970-1970) Corporal
3rd Battalion, 1st Infantry Regiment

Hopson, Paul, SFC, (1964-1992) IN 11B10 Staff Sergeant
Kahre, Donald Lee, SGT, (1968-1970) IN 11B10 Sergeant
Limerick, Bobby Frank, SGT, (1970-1971) IN 11B10 Sergeant
Benoit, Garland Dave, CPL, (1969-1970) IN 11B10 Corporal
Dischhauser, Dieter Herbert, SP 4, (1967-1971) IN 11B10 Specialist 4
Redmon, Stanley Eugene, SP 4, (1970-1971) IN 11B10 Specialist 4
Tuttle, Alfred Joseph, SP 4, (1970-1971) IN 11B10 Specialist 4
Barrett, John Daniel, PFC, (1969-1970) IN 11B10 Private First Class
Bowens, Tommy, PFC, (1969-1970) IN 11B10 Private First Class
Burns, Ken Dwight, PFC, (1969-1970) IN 11B10 Private First Class
Hayton, Brent Allan, PFC IN 11B10 Private First Class
Lombas, Dexter Joseph, PFC, (1970-1970) IN 11B10 Private First Class
Elam, Danny, SGT, (1969-1971) IN 11B40 Sergeant
Thomas, James, SGT, (1969-1970) IN 11C20 Sergeant
Katz, Fred, SP 4, (1969-1970) IN 111.10 Specialist 4
Fahel, E.Q., MAJ, (1965-1982) IN 1542 Captain
Hodgkinson, Terry, 1LT, (1968-1970) IN 1542 First Lieutenant
Wiggins, Darnell, SGT, (1967-1970) SC 31G Sergeant
Faulds, Tim, SP 5, (1968-1971) MD 91B10 Specialist 5
Moreno, Angel Jose, PFC, (1970-1970) OD 63B10 Private First Class
Koning, Douglas Lee, SGT, (1969-1970) IN Sergeant
Vaughn, Thomas, COL, (1958-1988) Major
Kestler, Jesse Lynn, PFC, (1969-1970) Private First Class
McQueen, Michael, 1LT, (1968-1971) First Lieutenant
Kidd, Rhea Marshall, SSG, (1969-1970) Staff Sergeant
A Company

Morris, Gary William, SP 4, (1969-1970) IN 11B10 Specialist 4
Munson, Allen Arthur, SP 4, (1969-1970) IN 11B10 Specialist 4
Toledo, Thomas Ambrose, SP 4, (1970-1971) IN 11B10 Specialist 4
McGee, Joseph O'Neil, PFC, (1969-1970) IN 11B10 Private First Class
Olson, William James, SSG, (1969-1970) IN 11B40 Staff Sergeant
Guenther, Bert Marrion, SGT, (1965-1970) IN 11C20 Sergeant
Arias, William Cip, PFC, (1969-1970) SC 36K Private First Class
Miller, Marlin McClelland, 1LT, (1970-1971) First Lieutenant
Wray, Van Thomas, SP 4, (1969-1970) Specialist 4
B Company

Chipp, Donald Warren, SGT, (1968-1970) IN 11B10 Sergeant
Harlow, David Hugh, SGT, (1968-1970) IN 11B10 Sergeant
Matson, Willmer Arden, CPL, (1969-1970) IN 11B10 Corporal
Barnett, Melvin Donald, SP 4, (1970-1971) IN 11B10 Specialist 4
Lopez, Arturo, SP 4, (1969-1970) IN 11B10 Specialist 4
Epps, Titus Lee, PFC, (1970-1970) IN 11B10 Private First Class
Hayes, Lyle Dennis, PFC, (1969-1970) IN 11B10 Private First Class
Oyola, Hector David, PFC, (1969-1970) IN 11B10 Private First Class
Zittergruen, Louis Lloyd, PFC, (1969-1970) IN 11B10 Private First Class
Moses, Jesse Lee, SP 4, (1969-1970) IN 11B20 Specialist 4

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