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Quartermaster Corps (Enlisted)
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USA Active
Current/Last Rank
Staff Sergeant
Current/Last Service Branch
Quartermaster Corps
Current/Last Primary MOS
92G-Food Service Specialist
Current/Last MOS Group
Quartermaster Corps (Enlisted)
Primary Unit
2007-Present, US Army Recruiting Command (USAREC)
Previously Held MOS
94B10-Food Service Specialist
Service Years
1990 - Present
Official/Unofficial US Army Certificates
Operation Iraqi Freedom
Order of the Spur

Staff Sergeant

Six Service Stripes

Two Overseas Service Bars

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Army Recruiter (Gold) - 3 Sapphires 2nd Cavalry Regiment

 Unofficial Badges 

Manchu Mile Hamby Award 3rd Class Recruiters Ring

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   2001-2004, 92G, Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC), Fort Polk

Staff Sergeant
From Month/Year
- / 2001
To Month/Year
November / 2004
Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC), Fort Polk Unit Page
Staff Sergeant
92G-Food Service Specialist
 Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC), Fort Polk Details

Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC), Fort Polk
Base/ Installation
Parent Unit
Fort Polk, LA
Created/Owned By
Not Specified

Last Updated: Jun 4, 2010
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Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC), Fort Polk

Wynn, Mark, SGT, (2003-2009) QM 92G Specialist
Boone, Carl, SFC, (1992-Present) QM 92M Sergeant First Class
Jensen, Marc, 1SG, (1987-Present) QM 92Y Sergeant First Class
Allen, Kevin, SGT, (1991-2009) QM 92Y Sergeant
MacNeil, James, SFC, (1988-Present) QM 43E Sergeant
Leach, Greg, PFC, (1987-2009) QM 92R Private First Class
McEvoy, Richard Paul, COL, (1980-2008) IN 11A Colonel
Swann, Steven, COL, (1979-2013) MD 60A Colonel
Axelberg, Marc, COL, (1987-Present) IN 11A Lieutenant Colonel
Ross, Jose, LTC, (1987-2009) MI 35D Lieutenant Colonel
Sharp, Scott, COL, (1983-2009) IN 11A Lieutenant Colonel
Westfall, Randy, LTC, (1986-2006) EN 21B Lieutenant Colonel
Bresko, Christopher, LTC, (1983-Present) IN 11A Major
Fisher, Tim, LTC, (1987-Present) CM 74A Major
Intini III, Frank P., LTC, (1993-Present) AV 15B Major
Jones, Monroe, COL, (1989-Present) AV 15B Major
Manville, Craig, LTC, (1984-2009) IN 11A Major
McKnight, Lee, LTC, (1986-2008) IN 11A Major
Radican, Carey, LTC, (1989-2009) QM 92A Major
Reed, John, MAJ, (1989-Present) IN 11A Major
Stanfield, Richard, MAJ, (1987-Present) AV 15A Major
Switzer, Russell, MAJ, (1986-2009) IN 11A Major
Walsh, Steve, LTC, (1989-2012) CH 56A Major
Whipple, Gary, LTC, (1997-Present) AD 14A Major
Keaveny, Val, COL, (1989-Present) IN 11A Captain
Kirk, Dan, LTC, (1988-2008) IN 11A Captain
Madore, Scott, MAJ, (1996-Present) IN 11A Captain
Morton, Russell, MAJ, (1989-2009) FA 13A Captain
Sawyer, Sterling, LTC, (1983-2015) IN 11A Captain
Slack, Brian, LTC, (1992-2014) EN 21B Captain
Strokin, Salamasinaleilani, MAJ, (1993-2009) AV 15A Captain
Underwood, William, MAJ, (1990-Present) MI 35D Captain
Wagner, Alan, LTC, (1992-2008) FA 13A Captain
Wendt, Lars, LTC, (1984-Present) AV 15B Captain
White, John, MAJ, (1986-2008) MS 70H Captain
Boudreaux, Wallace, CW4, (1978-2008) SF 180A Chief Warrant Officer 3
Buchinski, Butch, CW4, (1977-Present) SF 180A Chief Warrant Officer 3
Sickels, Timothy, CW4, (1982-2003) AV 152B Chief Warrant Officer 4
Spanier, Michael, CW4, (1987-2009) AV 152B Chief Warrant Officer 3
Owen, Gary, CW4, (1986-2009) FA 131A Chief Warrant Officer 2
Thrush, Anne, CW4, (1991-Present) AV 150U Warrant Officer 1
Porter, Glen, 1SG, (1985-2007) MI 96U Command Sergeant Major
Saverino, Joe, SGM, (1982-2006) IN 11B10 Sergeant Major
Balmforth, Paul, CSM, (1983-2015) IN 11Z50 First Sergeant
Carmo, Thom, 1SG, (1986-2007) EN 21B First Sergeant
Cockrell, Mario, SGM, (1987-2011) IN 11Z50 First Sergeant
Gabelmann, Wray, SGM, (1990-Present) IN 11Z50 First Sergeant
Hansen, Jerry, 1SG, (1981-2001) IN 11Z50 First Sergeant
Hodge, Jim, 1SG, (1979-2002) FA 13E First Sergeant
James, Tony, SGM, (1989-2011) IN 11Z50 First Sergeant
Kuppers, Michael, SGM, (1987-Present) AD 14Z First Sergeant
Metz, Robert, 1SG, (1984-2009) FA 13Z First Sergeant
Regan, Bill, 1SG, (1982-2003) IN 11Z50 First Sergeant
Stout, Joe, CSM, (1984-2009) AD 14Z First Sergeant
Tuck, Tony, SGM, (1983-Present) IN 11Z50 First Sergeant
Woodall, Brian, MSG, (1987-2008) IN 11Z50 First Sergeant
Barchenger, James, 1SG, (1987-2011) IN 11Z50 Master Sergeant
Becker, Steven, MSG, (1977-2005) MI 96B Master Sergeant
Borel, Adrian, SGM, (1989-Present) IN 00Z Master Sergeant

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