Biedenbender, Doug, SSG

Ordnance (Enlisted)
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Current Service Status
USA Veteran
Current/Last Rank
Staff Sergeant
Current/Last Service Branch
Ordnance Corps
Current/Last Primary MOS
63B-Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic/Wheel Vehicle Repairer
Current/Last MOS Group
Ordnance (Enlisted)
Primary Unit
2010-2011, 472nd Chemical Battalion
Previously Held MOS
63W-Wheel Vehicle Repairer
Service Years
1996 - 2011
Official/Unofficial US Army Certificates
Operation Iraqi Freedom
Operation Enduring Freedom
Cold War Certificate

Staff Sergeant

Six Service Stripes

Four Overseas Service Bars

 Official Badges 

35th Infantry Division CSIB 101st Airbone Division 10th Mountain Division 33rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team

16th Military Police Brigade (Airborne) 18th Military Police Brigade

 Unofficial Badges 

Airborne Military Police Mountain Cold War Medal

 Military Association Memberships
Member-at-LargeNational Guard Association of the United States (NGAUS)Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA)Post 384
  2008, Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States (VFW), Member-at-Large (National President) [Verified] - Chap. Page
  2008, National Guard Association of the United States (NGAUS) [Verified] - Assoc. Page
  2009, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) [Verified] - Assoc. Page
  2009, American Legion, Post 384 (Member) (Hoopeston, Illinois) [Verified] - Chap. Page

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   1982-1982, Army Garrison Fort Jackson, SC

Private (E-2)
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- / 1982
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- / 1982
Army Garrison Fort Jackson, SC Unit Page
Private (E-2)
Not Specified
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 Army Garrison Fort Jackson, SC Details

Army Garrison Fort Jackson, SC
Base/ Installation
Parent Unit
Army Garrisons
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Last Updated: Jul 12, 2018
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Army Garrison Fort Jackson, SC

Martin, Levi, COL, (1976-2006) Captain
Rivers, Castlo, CSM, (1977-2007) IN 11Z50 Command Sergeant Major
Anderson, Donald, SGM, (1979-2015) QM 92Z Sergeant Major
Chaney, Ernest, CSM, (1970-1999) SC Sergeant Major
Bickling, Robert, 1SG, (1965-1984) SC 31Z First Sergeant
Ballinger, Bobby, MSG, (1981-2015) OD Master Sergeant
Catania, Joseph, MSG, (1966-1994) AG 00R Master Sergeant
Medders, Danny, 1SG, (1970-1992) IN 11B10 Master Sergeant
Buckley, Willaim, SFC, (1977-2009) AG Sergeant First Class
Burch, James, SGM, (1970-1998) SC 31W10 Sergeant First Class
Farrell, Ler, SFC, (1969-1990) TC 88M40 Sergeant First Class
Garnett, James, SFC, (1973-1993) OD Sergeant First Class
Hodnett, John, SFC, (1977-2017) QM Sergeant First Class
Pineda, Hector, SGM, (1960-1996) IN 11B10 Sergeant First Class
Santana, Jorge, SFC, (1977-1997) AV 67Z Sergeant First Class
Sweeney, Michael, CSM, (1969-1999) IN 00F Sergeant First Class
Watson, Chip, SFC, (1968-1989) EN Sergeant First Class
Wolfe, William, SFC, (1975-1990) OD 63D10 Sergeant First Class
Woodward, Tony, SFC, (1972-1992) IM Sergeant First Class
Dodge, Dennis, SFC, (1975-1995) IN 11H10 Staff Sergeant
Haas, Robert, SSG, (1971-1987) QM Staff Sergeant
Mateer, Sandy, SSG, (1982-2003) QM 92Y Staff Sergeant
Roberts, Charles, 1SG, (1975-1995) SC 72E Staff Sergeant
Santiago, Carmen, SSG, (1981-2012) QM 76C Staff Sergeant
Tobias, Larry, SSG, (1974-1995) CV 19D10 Staff Sergeant
Auld, Jay, SGT, (1978-2014) TC 88M20 Sergeant
Black, Lorraine, SGT, (1979-1985) QM 92A Sergeant
Goodwin, James, SGT, (1981-1992) SC 36L20 Sergeant
Mason, David L., SGT, (1982-2005) AD Sergeant
Murray, Bernadette, SGT, (1981-1995) QM 57E Sergeant
Sanchez, Fred, SGT, (1979-1991) QM 76V10 Sergeant
Walker, Bernard, SGT, (1977-1990) IN 11B10 Sergeant
Walton, James, SGT, (1976-2014) QM Sergeant
Williams, Carmichael, SGT, (1981-1989) IN Sergeant
Fletcher (Newby), Eva, CPL, (1982-1990) AG 71L10 Corporal
Hoopii, Alfred, CPL, (1976-1985) IN 11B10 Corporal
Edick, Stuart, 1SG, (1982-2005) Specialist 4
Mallatt, Arthur, SP 4, (1975-1982) TC 64C10 Specialist 4
Marsh, Kenneth, SPC, (1979-1992) SC Specialist
Webb, Lowell, SPC, (1980-1993) TC 88M10 Specialist
Andrade, Robert, PFC, (1982-1983) IN 11B10 Private First Class
Brunson-Scott, Jacqueline, SPC, (1982-1992) AG 75C Private First Class
Carmichael, Robert, PFC, (1982-1985) TC 67K10 Private First Class
French, Jayme, SPC, (1982-1985) Private First Class
Clayton, Craig, PVT2, (1980-1986) FA 13A10 Private (E-2)
Cole, Terrell, PVT2, (1979-1985) AR 19K10 Private (E-2)
Fristoe, Thoms, PVT2, (1982-1989) EN 12W Private (E-2)
Barge, Susan, PV1, (1982-1982) MD Private
Carpenter, R.L., PV1, (1980-1983) OD Private
Eyskens, John, SGT, (1982-2005) SC 31T Private
MacDonald, Katie, SPC, (1982-1988) SC 05B10 Private
Miranda, Sergio, SFC, (1987-2007) CH 71M Private
Staff, Edward, PV1, (1980-1986) EN 62B10 Private
138th Military Police Company

Hoyt, David, SGT, (1976-1983) MP 95B-V5 Sergeant
Staranowicz, James, SGT, (1978-1994) MP 95B Specialist 4
Zielinski, William, SPC, (1978-1986) MP 95B-P7 Specialist
Lamm, Michael, SGT, (1980-1992) MD 91C20 Private First Class
Stump, John, SGT, (1982-1989) MP 95B Private First Class
Chesser, James, 1SG, (1986-1995) Sergeant

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