Willis, Douglas, LTC

Armor (Officer)
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USA Active
Current/Last Rank
Lieutenant Colonel
Current/Last Service Branch
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19A-Armor General
Current/Last MOS Group
Armor (Officer)
Primary Unit
2011-Present, 19A, Center for Army Lessons Learned (CALL)
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Service Years
1991 - Present
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Operation Iraqi Freedom
Operation Enduring Freedom
Cold War Certificate
Order of Saint George
Order of the Spur


Lieutenant Colonel

Three Overseas Service Bars

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   2003-2004, 19A, Command and General Staff College (CGSC) Resident Course

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- / 2003
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- / 2004
Command and General Staff College (CGSC) Resident Course Unit Page
19A-Armor General
Fort Leavenworth
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Command and General Staff College (CGSC) Resident Course
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Last Updated: Jul 23, 2018
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Command and General Staff College (CGSC) Resident Course

Krenzel, Robert, LTC, (1992-2009) AR 19A Major
ATHEY, DAVID, LTC, (1990-Present) AR 19C Major
Larsen, Jonathan, LTC, (1992-Present) AR 19C Major
Edwards, Lawyn Clayton (Clay), COL, (1971-2005) AV 15B Colonel
Shaw, Robert, COL, (1982-Present) SF 18A Colonel
Coogle, James, LTC, (1979-2007) OD 90A Lieutenant Colonel
Eubanks, Dallas, LTC, (1988-2009) FA 13A Lieutenant Colonel
Harris, Michel, LTC, (1984-2007) EN 21A Lieutenant Colonel
McFarland, Michael, LTC, (1976-2007) AD 14A Lieutenant Colonel
Russell, John K. "Ken", LTC, (1981-2011) IN 11A Lieutenant Colonel
Russell, John K. "Ken", LTC, (1981-2011) IN 11A Lieutenant Colonel
Smith, Robert, LTC, (1982-2010) FA 13A Lieutenant Colonel
Tennant, Stephen, LTC, (1981-2006) EN 21B Lieutenant Colonel
Benitez, Raul, LTC, (1986-2008) MI 35D Major
Bracero, Saul, COL, (1987-2008) IM 48J Major
Brown, Kevin, LTC, (1993-Present) EN 21A Major
Burns, Christopher, LTC, (1994-Present) MP 31A Major
Burns, Michael, LTC, (1983-2008) AV 15B Major
CATER, WILLIAM, LTC, (1989-Present) SC 25A Major
Chafos, Timothy, COL, (1989-2019) MI 35D Major
Cherry, Doug, LTC, (1983-Present) QM 90A Major
Cross, John, LTC, (1993-2019) IN 11A Major
Curris, Robert, MAJ, (1988-2008) PO 37A Major
Dalbec, Charles, LTC, (1970-2002) AG 42B Major
Donovan, Thomas, LTC, (1990-2008) AD 14A Major
Fischer, Scott, LTC, (1989-Present) MS 70H Major
Foley, Kyle, LTC, (1982-Present) AD 14A Major
Garlington, Mike, LTC, (1992-Present) QM 90A Major
Graff, Jonathan, LTC, (1991-Present) IN 11A Major
Greaves, John, COL, (1984-2009) OD 89E Major
Hannah, Mathew, LTC, (1992-2008) AV 15B Major
Heath, David, LTC, (1990-2008) MP 31A Major
Hickey, John, COL, (1990-Present) OD 91B Major
Hoffmeister, Marc, LTC, (1992-2008) EN 21B Major
Holley, James, LTC, (1982-2008) IM 53A Major
Hopkins, Buddy, LTC, (1991-Present) AV 15D Major
Kimball, Thomas, LTC, (1983-2008) IN 11A Major
Koonce, David, LTC, (1990-Present) MP 31A Major
Larsen, Aaron, LTC, (1989-2015) IN 11A Major
Lightner, Vernon, LTC, (1991-2008) MP 31A Major
Miller, Michael, LTC, (1990-2013) FA 13A Major
Nguyen, Tom, LTC, (1991-2008) AD 14A Major
Numerick, Brian, LTC, (1989-2011) MP 31A Major
Pasek, Gabriella, LTC, (1992-2008) MS 70H Major
Penland, William, COL, (1991-2016) CM 74A Major
Perry, Michael, LTC, (1990-Present) SC 25A Major
Restall, Karl, LTC, (1983-2012) QM 90A Major
Reyes, Enrik, LTC, (1990-2008) SC 25A Major
Reyman, Pete, LTC, (1993-2013) MP 31A Major
Sawyer, George, LTC, (1984-2013) FA 13A Major
Scott, Deborah, LTC, (1986-Present) TC 88D Major
Searcy, Carlton, MAJ, (1992-Present) CM 74B Major
Sevigny, Erik, LTC, (1986-2009) IN 11A Major
Shear, Kathy, LTC, (1984-Present) QM 90A Major
Simonsgaard, Craig, LTC, (1991-Present) TC 90A TC Major
Somers, Rick, LTC, (1989-Present) CA 38A Major
Stephenson, Stewart, LTC, (1988-2015) AG 42B Major
Taylor, Clint, LTC, (1993-Present) QM 92A Major
Thomas, Michael, LTC, (1984-2008) MP 31A Major

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