Currier, Clayton, CPT

Field Artillery (Officer)
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Current Service Status
USA Active
Current/Last Rank
Current/Last Service Branch
Field Artillery
Current/Last Primary MOS
13A-Field Artillery Officer
Current/Last MOS Group
Field Artillery (Officer)
Primary Unit
2010-Present, 13A, G-3 Section, US Army South (USARSO)
Previously Held MOS
68R-Veterinary Food Inspection Specialist
68W-Health Care Specialist
13F10-Fire Support Specialist
Service Years
1996 - Present
Official/Unofficial US Army Certificates
Operation Enduring Freedom

Field Artillery


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10th Mountain Division

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 Military Associations and Other Affiliations
The National Association of the 10th Mountain DivisionUnited States Field Artillery Association
  2006, The National Association of the 10th Mountain Division [Verified]
  2007, United States Field Artillery Association [Verified] - Assoc. Page

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   2001-2005, 68W, 63rd Regional Readiness Command

Staff Sergeant
From Month/Year
- / 2001
To Month/Year
- / 2005
63rd Regional Readiness Command Unit Page
Staff Sergeant
68W-Health Care Specialist
Garden Grove
 63rd Regional Readiness Command Details

63rd Regional Readiness Command
Command Element
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USAR Commands
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Last Updated: Jul 19, 2018
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63rd Regional Readiness Command

Wrobel, Brad, SGM, (1984-Present) MD 68Z Sergeant Major
Paez, Christopher, SFC, (1999-Present) MD 68R Staff Sergeant
South, Chaplain John, COL, (1963-2007) CH 56A Colonel
ECLIPS, DAVID, LTC, (1988-2016) MP 31A Major
Hamlet, Joe, MAJ, (1979-2005) IN 11A Major
Billingsley, James Earl, CPT, (1998-Present) MP 31A First Lieutenant
Feldner, David, MAJ, (1993-Present) QM 92A First Lieutenant
Gayda, John, CPT, (1989-Present) SC 25A First Lieutenant
Munoz, Raymond, CW2, (1981-2009) CM 74A First Lieutenant
Bacon, Morris, CSM, (1973-Present) MI 00Z Command Sergeant Major
Folliott, Lynn, SGM, (1968-2007) FI 44C Sergeant Major
Jennings, Tom, CSM, (1982-2017) TC 88M10 First Sergeant
Curdy, Patrick, MSG, (1986-2013) TC 88N Sergeant First Class
Gonzalez, Manuel, MSG, (1976-Present) TC 88M10 Sergeant First Class
Hemmelgarn, Christopher, SFC, (1995-Present) MP 31B10 Sergeant First Class
Lavallee, Leo, SFC, (1983-2011) TC 88M10 Sergeant First Class
Lavallee, Leo, SFC, (1983-2011) TC 88M10 Sergeant First Class
Mezinis, Henry, 1SG, (1980-Present) SC 25W Sergeant First Class
Nation, Dawn, SFC, (1982-2007) SC 25W Sergeant First Class
Soto, Hector, SFC, (1989-Present) AG 79V Sergeant First Class
Heisey, Jay, SSG, (1998-2006) MP 31B10 Staff Sergeant
James, Neil, SSG, (1998-2008) MP 31B10 Staff Sergeant
Mata, Ivy, SSG, (1993-Present) AG 42A Staff Sergeant
Parish, Allen, SSG, (1995-2004) MP 31B10 Staff Sergeant
Ayala, Juanpablo, SFC, (2001-Present) MP 31B10 Sergeant
Bloom, Robert, SGT, (1987-2004) IN 11B10 Sergeant
Luce, Jeffrey, SSG, (1993-Present) SC 31R Sergeant
O'Hara, Tim, SSG, (1991-Present) MP 31B10 Sergeant
Ostos, Antonia, CW2, (1997-Present) TC 88N Sergeant
Parks, Theodore, MAJ, (2001-Present) CH 56M Sergeant
Salcido-Smith, Dalila, SGT, (1997-2008) EN 62B10 Sergeant
Wolf, Brian, SGT, (2004-2009) EN 21W Sergeant
Alvarez, Hernan, SGT, (2004-2008) TC 88N Specialist 4
Daigre, Alvin, SGT, (2003-Present) MP 31B10 Specialist 4
Marrero-Rosario, Carla, Sgt, (2001-2010) TC 88H Specialist 4
Rosa, Frank, SSG, (1980-2008) QM 92A Specialist 4
Sanders, Timothy, 1LT, (1988-2012) AR 19K10 Specialist 4
McCain, Joe, SSG, (1987-Present) CM 54B10 Specialist
Daigre, Alvin, SGT, (2003-Present) MP 31B10 Private First Class
Gorman, Jeramiah, SPC, (1999-2015) MP 31B10 Private First Class
Loong, Kelvin, SP 4, (2004-2008) MP 31B10 Private First Class
Negrete, Genaro, SSG, (2004-2015) TC 88L Private First Class
Ayala, Juanpablo, SFC, (2001-Present) MP 31B10 Private (E-2)
Jacobo-Torres, Monique, SP 4, (2005-2008) QM 92Y10 Private (E-2)
Jacobo-Torres, Monique, SP 4, (2005-2008) QM 92Y10 Private (E-2)
Pepper, Jessica, SP 4, (2003-2008) TC 88N Private (E-2)
Evans, Peter, SGT, (2005-2008) MP 31B10 Sergeant
Kindell, Christopher, SGT, (2004-2008) MP 31B10 Sergeant
Smith-Singleton, Penelope, SGM, (1978-2006) AG Master Sergeant
Bolor, Kelly, SFC, (1984-2003) Sergeant First Class
Bowe, William, CW2, (1984-2009) Staff Sergeant
Munoz, Raymond, CW2, (1981-2009) Warrant Officer 1
Lacuesta, Michael, CSM, (1992-Present) Sergeant First Class
Jones, Fred, SSG, (1989-Present) Staff Sergeant
Scott, Mark, SGT, (2001-Present) Sergeant
Keys, David, SSG, (2002-Present) Specialist 4
Mosman, John, SP 4, (1997-2005) Specialist 4
CedenoIrizarry, Daniel, SGT, (2002-2008) Private First Class
164th Support Group

Smith, Stuart, 1LT, (1998-Present) AG 71L10 Specialist

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