Floyd, Vincent, SGT

Signal Corps (Enlisted)
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USA Active
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Signal Corps
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25U-Signal Support Systems Specialist
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Signal Corps (Enlisted)
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2008-2008, 25U, Warrior Leader Course (WLC)
Service Years
2003 - Present


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French Fourragere

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   2004-2006, HHC, Special Troops Battalion, 3rd Infantry Division

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- / 2004
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- / 2006
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Ft Stewart
 HHC, Special Troops Battalion, 3rd Infantry Division Details

HHC, Special Troops Battalion, 3rd Infantry Division
Unit of 2nd Infantry Division
Support Unit
Parent Unit
Special Troops Battalion, 3rd Infantry Division
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Last Updated: Jun 12, 2018
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70 Members Also There at Same Time

Oliver, Michael, LTC, (1985-Present) AR 19A Lieutenant Colonel
Benitez, Raul, LTC, (1986-2008) MI 35D Major
Dykes, James, LTC, (1984-2009) AC 51Z Major
Kasper, Richard, SFC, (1988-2008) IN 11B10 Sergeant First Class
Moody, Karl, MSG, (1989-2009) MI 35F Sergeant First Class
Phillips, David, SFC, (1984-2009) AV 15Q Sergeant First Class
Bockenstedt, Kevin, SSG, (1995-2017) SC 25S Sergeant
Stephens, Samuel, SGT, (2002-Present) SC 25Q Sergeant
Tumey, Brian, SGT, (1999-2008) CH 56M Sergeant
Kersch, Kevin, SSG, (1998-Present) QM 92A Specialist 4
Sartor, Tonya, SPC, (2006-Present) Specialist
Wells, Michael, SGT, (2001-Present) OD 94M Specialist
Holloway, Steven, SSG, (1995-Present) EN 21B10 Staff Sergeant
3rd Signal Company

Quinlan, Constance, MAJ, (2004-Present) SC 25A First Lieutenant
Clare, Jermaine, CPT, (1998-Present) SC 25A Second Lieutenant
Blandin, Chris, 1SG, (1988-2008) SC 25T5 Master Sergeant
Richard, Jerry, SFC, (1985-2006) SC 25W Sergeant First Class
Williams, Donald, SFC, (1982-2006) SC 25W Sergeant First Class
Bass, Daniel, SFC, (1995-2008) SC 25F Staff Sergeant
Burwell, Darius, SSG, (1989-2009) SC 25Q Staff Sergeant
Crosby, Derek, SSG, (1993-Present) SC 25C Staff Sergeant
Goodwin, Christopher, SFC, (1996-Present) SC 25B10 Staff Sergeant
Hancock, Caleb, SSG, (2001-2011) SC 25N Staff Sergeant
Higgins, Sean, SFC, (1990-2012) SC 25N Staff Sergeant
Hopkins, Corey, SSG, (2001-Present) SC 25B10 Staff Sergeant
Kennedy, Robert, SFC, (1992-Present) SC 25U Staff Sergeant
Mayfield, Edward, SSG, (2001-2008) SC 25B10 Staff Sergeant
Sorensen, Chris, SGM, (1982-2020) SC 25S Staff Sergeant
Goodspeed, Cory, SGT, (2001-2006) SC 25F Sergeant
Hill, Jesse, SFC, (2002-2011) SC 25S Sergeant
Mayfield, Tony, SGT, (2004-2008) SC 25B10 Sergeant
Bynum, Shawnta, SFC, (2001-Present) SC 25B10 Specialist 4
Chrismer, Paul, SGT, (2002-Present) SC 25P Specialist 4
Robinson, Michael, SP 4, (2003-Present) SC 25U Specialist 4
Collins, Terrance, SPC, (2003-2005) Specialist
Cook, Richard, SGT, (2003-Present) SC 25S Specialist
Francois, Daryl, SPC, (2004-2008) SC 25S Specialist
Henderson Jr, Leando, SGT, (2002-Present) SC 25U Sergeant
A Company

Stacy, Steffen, SP 4, (2004-2008) MI 96B10 Specialist 4
B Company

Pacheco, Michael, SFC, (1983-2007) SC 25W Sergeant First Class
C Company

Dawkins, Terry, 1SG, (1989-2009) SC 25W First Sergeant
Special Troops Battalion, 3rd Infantry Division

Pennington, John, CW4, (1988-Present) SC 254A Chief Warrant Officer 2
McKee, Maria, MSG, (1990-Present) SC 25B10 Master Sergeant
Rammoser, Robert, SFC, (1985-2006) SC 25W Sergeant First Class
Washington, Anthony, SFC, (1988-2010) CM 74D Sergeant First Class
Bartley, Luke, SSG, (2002-2008) AD 14J10 Staff Sergeant
Belew, Jonathan, SSG, (2002-Present) MI 35F Staff Sergeant
Collins, Jeffery, WO1, (1998-Present) MI 35F Staff Sergeant
Dorsey, Matthew, SFC, (2001-Present) EN 21U Staff Sergeant
Greer, Rodney, SSG, (1996-2008) OD 63B10 Staff Sergeant
Hampton, Suzanne, WO1, (1997-Present) AG 42A Staff Sergeant
Oxendine, Greg, WO1, (1997-Present) MP 31B10 Staff Sergeant
Oxendine, Katie, SFC, (1999-Present) SC 25B10 Staff Sergeant
Puricelli, Mike, SSG, (1993-2009) OD 63B10 Staff Sergeant
Anderson, Christopher, SGT, (2002-2009) SC 25Q Sergeant
Armstrong, Harold, SSG, (2003-Present) MP 31B10 Sergeant
Dill, Jonathan, SGT, (2002-Present) AR 19D20 Sergeant
Gaunt, Christy, SFC, (2001-2010) Sergeant
Kamp, Ron, 2LT, (2003-2008) CM 74D Sergeant

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