Payne, Jeremy, SGT

Infantry (Enlisted)
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Infantry (Enlisted)
Primary Unit
2009-2011, 11B10, A Company, 2nd Battalion, 27th Infantry
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55B-Ammunitions Handler
Service Years
1996 - 2011


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1st Infantry Division

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   1996-2004, 55B, 81st Regional Support Command

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- / 1996
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- / 2004
81st Regional Support Command Unit Page
55B-Ammunitions Handler
 81st Regional Support Command Details

81st Regional Support Command
Name changed to 81st Regional Raadiness Command
Support Unit
Parent Unit
USAR Commands
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Last Updated: Aug 6, 2018
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81st Regional Support Command

Berry, Tim, SFC, (1983-2007) OD 63X Sergeant First Class
Weigel, Robin, MSG, (1985-2008) OD 63X Sergeant First Class
Wilson, Darrell, SFC, (1981-2008) OD 63X Sergeant First Class
Berry, Tim, SFC, (1983-2007) OD 63B Staff Sergeant
Bonds, James, SSG, (1979-2009) OD 55B Staff Sergeant
Lockett, Larry, SFC, (2006-Present) OD 63B Staff Sergeant
Blanchard, Jeff, SFC, (1992-Present) OD 63B Sergeant
Ferguson, A, SFC, (1996-Present) OD 35E Sergeant
Nelson, Gerald, LTC, (1983-2008) CH 56A Lieutenant Colonel
Zimmerman, Roy, LTC, (1981-2005) TC 88A Lieutenant Colonel
Addams, Susan, MAJ, (1983-Present) CH 56A Major
Bull, Thomas, LTC, (1980-2002) AG 42B Major
Crumpton, Mark, LTC, (1981-2008) MP 31A Major
Elliott, Mark, COL, (1979-Present) MS 70A Major
Lancaster, Ronald, MAJ, (1973-2003) CM 74A Major
Clarkson, Steve, MAJ, (1988-2009) MP 31A Captain
Cox, Jonathan, LTC, (1992-Present) TC 88A First Lieutenant
King, Steven, MAJ, (1996-Present) AG 42A First Lieutenant
Randolph, Reginald, 1LT, (2001-2008) TC 88D Second Lieutenant
Baker, Sheldon, SGM, (1988-Present) AG 42A First Sergeant
Duchesne, Daniel, MAJ, (1992-Present) QM 92Y Sergeant First Class
Fox, Gary, SFC, (1974-2008) MP 31B10 Sergeant First Class
Lambert, Mark, SFC, (1987-Present) CM 74D Sergeant First Class
Love, Bernard, MSG, (1983-Present) TC 88H Sergeant First Class
Rivera, Angel, 1SG, (1980-2008) CM 74D Sergeant First Class
Rosario, Digna, MSG, (1981-2008) AG 42A Sergeant First Class
Stevens, Edwin, SFC, (1983-Present) AG 79V Sergeant First Class
Tweedy, Arla, MSG, (1982-2004) AG 75H Sergeant First Class
Douglas, Daniel, SFC, (1987-Present) MP 31B10 Staff Sergeant
Duran, Manuel, SSG, (1997-2005) EN 21J Staff Sergeant
Mason, Mijikai, CPT, (1989-Present) CH 56M Staff Sergeant
Moore, Torrey, WO1, (1995-2008) AG 42A Staff Sergeant
Nowak, Neal, SFC, (1988-Present) MI 96D Staff Sergeant
Porter, Michael, SSG, (1996-2008) MP 31B10 Staff Sergeant
Wilkinson, David, SSG, (1983-2008) MI 35F Staff Sergeant
Ashley, Gary, SSG, (1992-2005) PA 46R Sergeant
Dumas, Janet, Sgt, (1988-2007) AG 42A Sergeant
Fournier, Andres, SGT, (2005-2008) MP 31B10 Sergeant
Goodell, David, CPT, (1990-Present) CM 74D Sergeant
Jones, Darian, SSG, (1985-Present) QM 92Y Sergeant
Lourigan, Steven, SSG, (1997-Present) TC 88M10 Sergeant
MOORE, ADAM, SSG, (1998-Present) MD 68W Sergeant
Ordosh, Ken, SGT, (1983-2004) AG 71L10 Sergeant
Perry, Derryl, SFC, (1984-Present) TC 88N Sergeant
Randolff, Tani, SSG, (1983-Present) QM 92Y Sergeant
Scott, Donald, SGM, (1987-2017) MD 71G Sergeant
Telesco, Charles, MAJ, (1999-Present) AG 71L10 Sergeant
Torres, Xoel, MSG, (1998-Present) JA 71D10 Sergeant
Bobenhausen, Paul, SSG, (2003-Present) TC 88M10 Specialist 4
Dolson, William, SP 4, (2004-2012) EN 21B Specialist 4
Giles, Colleen, SFC, (1992-2008) TC 88M10 Specialist 4
Henning, James, SSG, (1992-Present) CM 54B10 Specialist 4
Kissam, Jonathon, SGT, (2003-Present) TC 88N Specialist 4
Ross, Harold, S/Sgt, (2000-Present) CM 54B10 Specialist 4
Ryan, Jesse, SSG, (2001-Present) CM 74D Specialist 4
Telesco, Charles, MAJ, (1999-Present) AG 71L10 Specialist 4
White, Randy, S/Sgt, (1986-2008) CM 74D Specialist 4
Brown, Kenneth, SPC, (2002-2009) MD 68E Specialist
Cabrera, Reuben, SSG, (1992-Present) MD 91C Specialist

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