Hagan, William, CPT

Military Police Corps (Officer)
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Current Service Status
USA Retired
Current/Last Rank
Current/Last Service Branch
Military Police Corps
Current/Last Primary MOS
31A-Military Police Officer
Current/Last MOS Group
Military Police Corps (Officer)
Primary Unit
1998-2000, 31A, State Area Command (STARC), Alaska
Previously Held MOS
31B10-Military Police
01A-Officer Generalist
Service Years
1978 - 2000

Military Police Corps


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Army Military Police US Army Retired (Pre-2007)

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Airborne Military Police

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What are you doing now:
Retired from the Army and residing in Palmer, Alaska.  Working on the North Slope, Hunting & Fishing to my little hearts content! Life Is Good
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Not Specified

   1994-1996, 31A, 463rd Military Police Company

From Month/Year
- / 1994
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- / 1996
463rd Military Police Company Unit Page
31A-Military Police Officer
Ft Leonard Wood
 463rd Military Police Company Details

463rd Military Police Company


Constituted 30 November 1943 in the Army of the United States as the 63d Military Police Company

            Activated 1 December 1943 in North Africa

            Inactivated 17 September 1945 at Camp Kilmer, New Jersey

            Activated 25 August 1947 in the Philippine Islands as the 63d Military Police Company (Philippine Scouts)

            Inactivated 1 June 1949 in the Philippine Islands

            Redesignated 24 June 1965 as the 463d Military Police Company and allotted to the Regular Army

            Activated 25 June 1965 in Germany

Lineage and Honors Information as of 17 October 2011

Military Police Unit
Parent Unit
Law Enforcement Command (LEC)
Created/Owned By
Not Specified

Last Updated: Nov 2, 2008
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463rd Military Police Company

Lapine, Gary, CPT, (1974-2003) MP 31A Captain
Thomas, Michael, LTC, (1984-2008) MP 31A Captain
Adams, Robert, MSG, (1985-2008) MP 95B10 Staff Sergeant
Johnson, Nicholas, SSG, (1982-2002) MP 95B10 Staff Sergeant
Jones, Christopher, SFC, (1987-2008) MP 95B10 Staff Sergeant
Newman, Patrick, SSG, (1987-Present) MP 31B-Z6 Staff Sergeant
Pollard, Curtis, SFC, (1984-2006) MP 31B10 Staff Sergeant
Sexton, Daniel, SFC MP 95B10 Staff Sergeant
SZABO, RICHARD, SFC, (1996-2008) MP 31B10 Staff Sergeant
Baker, Robert, SFC, (1987-2011) MP 31B10 Sergeant
Barrett, Clinton, SFC, (1986-2006) MP 95B10 Sergeant
Blackshear, Steven, SFC, (1993-2008) MP 31B10 Sergeant
Brooks, Paul, CPT, (1985-2008) MP 31B10 Sergeant
Day, Steve, SGT, (1988-1996) MP 95B10 Sergeant
Folsom, Henry, SGT, (1989-1996) MP 95B10 Sergeant
Fulmer, Brian, 1SG, (1989-2008) MP 31B10 Sergeant
Holtz, Aaron, SGT, (1992-2000) MP 95B10 Sergeant
Mielke, Scott, SGT, (1994-1997) MP 95B10 Sergeant
Pietrowski, John, SFC, (1984-2006) MP 31B10 Sergeant
Putman, Ronnie, SFC, (1990-Present) MP 31B10 Sergeant
Richardson, Francis, SGT, (1982-1994) MP 95B3V5 Sergeant
Swain, James, SFC, (1990-Present) QM 92Y Sergeant
Tan, Jonathan, SFC, (1989-2011) MP 31B10 Sergeant
Tolen, Rita, SGT, (1985-1997) MP 95B10 Sergeant
Burum, Clyde, CPL, (1995-2000) MP 95B10 Corporal
Hicks, Lee, SSG, (2005-Present) MP 95B10 Corporal
Jackson, Jimmie, CPL, (1987-1997) MP 95B10 Corporal
Lubahn, Michael, CPL, (1989-1997) MP 95B10 Corporal
Stout, Jon, SGT, (1993-1998) MP 95B10 Corporal
Angel, Todd, SFC, (1990-2008) MP 31B10 Specialist 4
Arnold II, Craig, MAJ, (1996-Present) MP 95B10 Specialist 4
Bush, Michael, SSG, (1989-2010) MP 31B10 Specialist 4
CAWLEY, JOHN, SSG, (1990-2008) MP 95B10 Specialist 4
Howley, Kevin, SP 4, (1990-1997) MP 95B10 Specialist 4
Leach, Robert, SGT, (1990-2000) MP 95B3V5 Specialist 4
Lewis, Jeffrey, SGT, (1995-2000) MP 95B10 Specialist 4
Magel, Frank, SP 4, (1993-1998) MP 95B10 Specialist 4
Monroe, Jesse, SSG, (1995-2008) MP 31B10 Specialist 4
Montpetit, Marc, SP 4, (1995-2000) MP 95B10 Specialist 4
Parido II, John, SFC, (1990-2008) MP 95B10 Specialist 4
Prather, James, SSG, (1990-2008) MP 31B10 Specialist 4
Prim, Thomas, SSG, (1993-2008) MP 95B10 Specialist 4
Bacon, Simone, S/Sgt, (1996-2009) MP 31B10 Specialist
Dustin, Matthew, SPC, (1991-1996) MP 95B10 Specialist
Miller, William, SPC, (1993-1997) MP 95B10 Specialist
Thatcher, Joseph, SGT, (1995-2004) MP 31B10 Specialist
Woods, David, SP 4, (1993-1998) MP 95B10 Specialist
West, Brian, SGT, (1995-2004) MP 95B10 Private First Class
Chiasson, Timothy, SSG, (1995-Present) MP 31B10 Private (E-2)
Staples, Terence, MAJ, (1993-Present) MP 95B10 Private (E-2)
Rodriguez, Heriberto, WO1, (1995-2008) MP 31B10 Private
McDowall, Brooke, SPC, (1995-2000) MP Specialist
Woods, David, SP 4, (1993-1998) Specialist
Holford, Cynthia, PFC, (1993-1995) MP Private First Class
O'Neil, Billy, SFC, (1986-2009) Staff Sergeant
Whiddon, John, SSG, (1991-2009) Corporal
Mullihan, Ron, CW3, (1975-2004) Private First Class
Moore, Anthony, CPT, (1996-Present) Sergeant
Moore, Anthony, CPT, (1996-Present) Private

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