Schrock, Joe, CPT

Chaplain (Officer)
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USA Retired
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56A-Command and Unit Chaplain
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Chaplain (Officer)
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2013-2014, 56A, 442nd Signal Battalion (Cadre), Signal Center & School (Cadre) Fort Gordon, GA
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2005 - 2014
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Operation Iraqi Freedom



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   2007-2010, 56A, 2nd Battalion, 81st Armored Regiment

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April / 2007
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December / 2010
2nd Battalion, 81st Armored Regiment Unit Page
56A-Command and Unit Chaplain
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2nd Battalion, 81st Armored Regiment
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LTC OLSZOWY LTC Reeves MAJ Santin CSM Williams SPC Yeaw CPT Porchelli CPT Burke 1SG Cuevas-smorfin DS Pantoja DS Flaharty Danielle and Chief CPT Gerfen

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2nd Battalion, 81st Armored Regiment

Reeves, Larry, LTC, (1989-2008) AR 19B Lieutenant Colonel
Dean, Casey, CPT, (2002-Present) AR 19A Captain
Miller, Michael, CPT, (2006-Present) AR 19A Second Lieutenant
Miller, Ryan, 2LT, (1995-Present) AR 19B Second Lieutenant
Chapman, Shane, CSM, (1990-Present) AR 19K10 Sergeant Major
Williams, Mark, 1SG, (1989-Present) AR 19Z50 First Sergeant
Benton, James, SFC, (1993-2009) AR 19K10 Sergeant First Class
Castro, Luis, 1LT, (1995-Present) AR 19K10 Sergeant First Class
CHILCOTE, SHAWN, SFC, (1988-Present) AR 19K10 Sergeant First Class
Cuevas, Jose, SFC, (1994-2009) AR 19K10 Sergeant First Class
Hilbig, Joseph, SFC, (1989-2009) AR 19K10 Sergeant First Class
Izworski, Chad, SFC, (1996-Present) AR 19K10 Sergeant First Class
Jasso, Johnny, SFC, (1995-2009) AR 19K10 Sergeant First Class
McClain Jr, Jerry, 1SG, (1986-2011) AR 19Z50 Sergeant First Class
Pantoja, Henry, SFC, (1998-2008) AR 19K10 Sergeant First Class
Thompson, Dale, SFC, (1987-Present) AR 19K10 Sergeant First Class
Villa, Paul, SFC, (1995-Present) AR 19K10 Sergeant First Class
Waltermire, Robert, SFC, (1987-Present) OD 63X Sergeant First Class
Browning, James, SFC, (1992-Present) AR 19K10 Staff Sergeant
Burke, James, SSG, (1997-Present) IN 11B10 Staff Sergeant
Carlson, Ross, SSG, (2000-2009) AR 19K10 Staff Sergeant
Castro, Luis, 1LT, (1995-Present) AR 19K10 Staff Sergeant
Daniel, Kurt, SSG, (1998-2008) AR 19K10 Staff Sergeant
Diediker, Aaron, SSG, (2000-2008) AR 19K10 Staff Sergeant
Froschauer, Paul, SSG, (2003-Present) AR 19K10 Staff Sergeant
Giles, Kayin, SSG, (1994-2008) AR 19K10 Staff Sergeant
Goen, Cory, SSG, (1990-2014) AR 19K10 Staff Sergeant
GONZALES, JOSE DAVID, MSG, (1996-Present) AR 19K10 Staff Sergeant
Hutt, Travis, SFC, (1999-Present) AR 19K10 Staff Sergeant
Kelly III, William, SSG, (1998-Present) AR 19K10 Staff Sergeant
Lamont, Matthew, SSG, (2000-Present) AR 19K10 Staff Sergeant
Martin, Joshua, SSG, (2002-Present) AR 19K10 Staff Sergeant
Mykytiuk, Glen, SFC, (1991-2009) AR 19K10 Staff Sergeant
Rivers, Chuck, SFC, (1995-2008) AR 19K10 Staff Sergeant
Salazar, Michael, SFC, (1993-Present) AR 19K10 Staff Sergeant
Siemers, Zachariah, SSG, (1992-Present) AR 19K10 Staff Sergeant
Skellie, Michael, SSG, (1996-2008) AR 19K10 Staff Sergeant
Smith, Roy, SSG, (2002-2008) AR 19K10 Staff Sergeant
Thomas, Jacob, SFC, (1991-2008) AR 19K10 Staff Sergeant
Tinsley, Christopher, SFC, (1991-2011) AR 19K10 Staff Sergeant
Tomelloso, Gabriel, SSG, (2003-2009) AR 19K10 Staff Sergeant
TwoCrow, Tobias, SSG, (1993-2008) AR 19K10 Staff Sergeant
Vigeland, Joshua, SSG, (1998-Present) AR 19K10 Staff Sergeant
Wise, William D, SSG, (1992-2008) AR 19K10 Staff Sergeant
Youngblood, Ivin, SSG, (1994-Present) AR 19K10 Staff Sergeant
Abner, Theophilus, SGT, (2000-2008) SC 25U Sergeant
Camp, Scott, SSG, (1996-Present) AR 19K10 Sergeant
Cartee, William, SGT, (2004-Present) AR 19K10 Sergeant
Conklin, Roger, SSG, (2002-Present) AR 19K10 Sergeant
Harris, James, SGT, (1999-Present) AR 19K10 Sergeant
Kennedy II, Charles, SGT, (1995-Present) AR 19K10 Sergeant
Lunebach, David, SGT, (2006-Present) AR 19K10 Sergeant
Stibbe, James, SGT, (2004-Present) AR 19K10 Sergeant
Sumner, Kenneth, SSG, (1990-2009) AR 19K10 Sergeant
Waters, Peter, SGT, (2000-Present) AR 19K10 Sergeant
Wilcox, Aaron, SGT, (1995-2013) AR 19K10 Sergeant
Leyva, Rafael, SGT, (2005-Present) AR 19K10 Specialist
Ba, Michael, PV2, (2009-2010) AR 19K10 Private (E-2)
Scott, Lemounte, PV2, (2008-2009) QM 92Y10 Private (E-2)

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