Harless, Larry, LTC

Transportation Corps (Officer)
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Current Service Status
USA Veteran
Current/Last Rank
Lieutenant Colonel
Current/Last Service Branch
Transportation Corps
Current/Last Primary MOS
88A-Transportation, General
Current/Last MOS Group
Transportation Corps (Officer)
Primary Unit
1988-1990, 88A, Department of the Army (DA)
Previously Held MOS
0606-Motor Officer
660-Highway Transport Officer
92A-Quartermaster, General
Service Years
1965 - 1990

Transportation Corps

Lieutenant Colonel

Four Overseas Service Bars

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 Unofficial Badges 

   1986-1988, 92A, US Army Europe (USAREUR)

Lieutenant Colonel
From Month/Year
- / 1986
To Month/Year
- / 1988
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Lieutenant Colonel
92A-Quartermaster, General
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US Army Europe (USAREUR)
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Last Updated: Dec 26, 2008
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US Army Europe (USAREUR)

Blake, Douglas, LTC, (1972-2000) QM 92A Major
Otis, Glenn, GEN, (1946-1988) USA 00GC General
Jones, Tom, BG, (1961-1993) MP 31A Brigadier General
Lundeen, Jon, LTC, (1975-2005) SC 25A Colonel
Vollmer, Rand, COL, (1970-2004) IN 11C Colonel
Rhodes, James, LTC, (1968-1992) EN 21A Lieutenant Colonel
Ganslen, Greg, MAJ, (1970-1990) LO 2625 Major
Dean, Andrew, LTC, (1979-2000) AR 19A Captain
Doyle, Kevin, LTC, (1980-2000) MI 35A Captain
Wood, Jerold A., COL, (1969-2008) AR 12A Captain
Zanol, James, COL, (1978-2004) AR 12A Captain
Christianson, Robert, CW4, (1971-1993) OD 911A Chief Warrant Officer 3
Nester, Tommy, CSM, (1971-1993) IN 00Z Command Sergeant Major
Morris, Charles, CW3, (1973-1998) MI 98Z50 Master Sergeant
Weiler-Luvas, Harry, CSM, (1969-2005) AG 71L10 Master Sergeant
Gerhardt, Michael, SFC, (1971-1993) MI 96B Sergeant First Class
Junghann, Jorg, SFC, (1966-1987) AG 71L10 Sergeant First Class
Knoll, Dom, MSG, (1974-1999) AG 71C Sergeant First Class
Suluafi, Talosaga, SFC, (1975-1996) AD 14S10 Sergeant First Class
Therrien, Bert, SFC, (1964-1990) MP 95B Sergeant First Class
Tucker, Howard, SFC, (1977-2015) AG 42A Sergeant First Class
Arnold, Richard, SSG, (1981-2007) CA 38A Staff Sergeant
Jander, Gary, SSG, (1980-1998) FA 13E Staff Sergeant
Masanz, Daniel, SFC, (1977-1997) MI 96D Staff Sergeant
Vleugels, Eddy, CW3, (1981-2004) MI 97E Staff Sergeant
Wightman, Brian, SFC, (1983-2004) MP 95B Staff Sergeant
Parham, Harold, MSG, (1982-2011) OD 26D Sergeant
Shear, Kathy, LTC, (1984-Present) MP 95BV5 Sergeant
James, Wanda, CPL, (1988-1991) CM 54B10 Corporal
McCoy, James, CPL, (1988-1991) OD 63T Corporal
Rosales, Gwendolyn, SFC, (1977-1997) AG 75Z40 Specialist 7
Davis, Brian, SGT, (1983-1990) MP 95B Specialist 4
Ehrlich, Steven, SFC, (1982-2009) MP 95B Specialist 4
Garcias, David, SP 4, (1983-1987) MP 95B Specialist 4
Porter, Sam, MSG, (1988-2008) AV 67N10 Specialist 4
Staley, Sharon, SFC, (1984-2004) MD 91B10 Specialist 4
Kleppinger, Theresa, SPC, (1988-1991) AG 71L10 Specialist
Merryman, Michael, SPC, (1985-1989) OD 44E Specialist
Torregano, Derrick, SPC, (1983-1989) OD 63J Specialist
Williams, Nancy, SPC, (1985-1993) SC 31Q Specialist
Doyle, William, SFC, (1983-2004) MP 95B Private First Class
Pitts, Casey, 1SG, (1984-2005) AG 42L Private First Class
Wang, Phillip, SP 4, (1987-2003) MP 95B Private First Class
Leson, Joel, COL, (1965-1991) 50A Colonel
Leson, Joel, COL, (1965-1991) 50A Colonel
Snelson, Gerry, MAJ, (1974-1994) 49C Major
Spivey, Paul H., MAJ, (1973-1993) 54A Major
Reichert, Frederick, LTC, (1978-2000) 53A Captain
Cole, Christopher, LTC, (1969-1990) Major
Hill, Bruce, MAJ, (1972-1992) Major
Keller, Roland, LTC, (1970-1992) Major
Jones, Ralph, CPT, (1981-1987) Captain
Smith, Mark, COL, (1980-2010) Captain
Pendry, J D, CSM, (1971-1999) Master Sergeant
Benson-McCarthy, Daniel, SGM, (1978-2008) Sergeant First Class
Smith, Richard, MSG, (1974-1996) Sergeant First Class
Uhler, Sam, SFC, (1987-2007) OD Sergeant First Class
Fisher, Jeffrey, SFC, (1975-1994) Staff Sergeant
Loden, Thomas, MSG, (1984-2008) Staff Sergeant

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