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Anti-Tank Unit
1941 - 1945

Unit History:  The 99th Antitank Battalion was redesignated as the 899th Tank Destroyer Battalion on 15 December, 1941.  Arrived at Casablanca on 26 January, 1943, where they were issued new M10's.  Deployed to Gafsa-El Guettar sector, Tunisia, on 16 March, 1943.  Established first American contact with British Eighth Army on 7 April, 1943. Arrived Naples area, Italy, on 10 November, 1943.  Almost immediately shifted to United Kingdom.  Liaison personnel accompanied second glider lift of 82d Airborne Division during invasion of Normandy.  Battalion proper landed at Utah Beach on D-Day.  Helped capture Cherbourg late June.  Supported Cobra breakout late July, advanced through Mayenne. ,Entered Belgium 2 September, backed 9th Infantry Division operations in vicinity of Monschau and Hofen, Germany.  Fought in Rötgen/Hürtgen Forest region in October.  Elements deployed in first days of Battle of the Bulge to stop German advance, others remained in VII Corps area.  Supported attack to capture Roer River dams in February, 1945.  Largely converted to M36's that same month.  Crossed Roer River 28 February.  Advanced to Rhine near Bad Godesberg and first elements crossed into Remagen bridgehead on 8 March.  Joined attack on Ruhr Pocket in April, then moved east into Harz Mountains.  Moved to Mulde River for link-up with Soviet forces, achieved 27 April.  Began occupation duty in Bernburg 3 May, 1945.  Attached to: 82d Airborne Division; 1st Armored Division; 1st, 4th, 9th Infantry divisions. 

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