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Adjutant General
1945 - 1946

In the months following the war, Patterson Field became an active separation center for military
personnel. In September 1945, the 4265th AAF Base Unit Separation Center activated under the
command of Colonel Richard Gimbel. The Separation Center was located in buildings formerly
used for civilian training at Wood City. In the early weeks, up to 150 men were separated daily,
with the processing period averaging nearly 36 hours per man. By the end of December, the
4265th accelerated the separation process to nearly 1,000 men per day. As of November 13,
1945, records indicate that 14,675 enlisted men and 3,508 officers had been processed. In total,
the 4265th separated more than 35,000 men. The Separation Center was established primarily to
discharge officers and enlisted men arriving from other Army Air Forces posts, but did
everything possible to expedite the discharge of men stationed at Patterson Field.

1 Member Who Served in This Unit

  • Thompson, Lloyd Stanley, CPT, (1941-1946)

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