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Support Unit
1969 - 1974

Established on 15 July 1951 as a major subordinate command of the European Command (hence its designation EUCOM COMZ) with headquarters at Coligny Caserne, Orleans, France; a Base Section (BASEC) with headquarters at La Rochelle, France; and an Advance Section (ADSEC) with headquarters at Verdun, France. On 25 April 1969, the command was redesignated as the United States Theater Army Support Command, Europe. Shortly before the coming closeout and merger into Headquarters, USAREUR, TASCOM's chief subordinate commands were:
US Army Materiel Management Agency, Europe

Transportation Command
15th Military Police Brigade
Combat Equipment Group, Europe
1st Support Brigade
NATO/SHAPE Support Group (US)
59th Ordnance Group
60th Ordnance Group
Procurement Agency, Europe
Postal Group, Europe
together with six support districts, four Army depots, four maintenance plants, 112 labor service centers, the 76th Army Band, Mortuary System, Europe and NCO Academy.

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12 Members Who Served in This Unit

  • Aliotta, Michael, SP 4, (1968-1971)
  • Cross, Dale, SP 5, (1970-1976)
  • Eaton, William, SP 4, (1968-1970)
  • Kelton, Gary, SP 4, (1971-1974)
  • Knoll, John, SP 5, (1972-1975)
  • Knowlton, Stuart, CPT, (1968-1975)
  • Kuykendall, William, SP 5, (1966-1968)
  • Leonard, Martin, SP 5, (1972-1975)
  • McVey, Robert, 1SG, (1961-1982)
  • Newell, Frank, LTC, (1973-1996)
  • Steuart, Gary, SP 5, (1969-1971)
  • Stout, Gary, SP 5, (1970-1973)

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