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Cavalry Squadron
Training Unit

Not Specified
Reports To
US Army Armor Center and School (Cadre) Fort Knox, KY
Active Reporting Unit
Inactive Reporting Unit
28 Members Who Served in This Unit

  • Alva, Steven, SSG, (1990-2009)
  • Anderson-Bowen, Tim, CPT, (1989-Present)
  • Anthony, Gerald, SSG, (1997-Present)
  • ATHEY, DAVID, LTC, (1990-Present)
  • [Name Withheld], (1999-Present)
  • Davis, Dennis, MAJ, (1998-Present)
  • Dooley, Matthew, MAJ, (1994-Present)
  • Foor, Zeke, MAJ, (1995-Present)
  • George, Jesse, SFC, (1999-2019)
  • Haywood, Darren, SFC, (1994-Present)
  • Hopkins, Nathaniel, CSM, (1976-2005)
  • Maldonado, Jesus, SSG, (1996-Present)
  • Marshall, Sheldon, SSG, (2002-2009)
  • Mildren, Philip, SSG, (1998-Present)
  • Mullis, Roy, LTC, (1975-2008)
  • Piersma, Dave, MAJ, (2000-Present)
  • Privette, Heath, MAJ, (1996-Present)
  • Silk, Jonathan, CPT, (1987-Present)
  • Slown, Jefferey, MAJ, (1994-Present)
  • Stippich, Steven, SSG, (1990-2003)
  • Toney, Robert, CPT, (1990-Present)
  • Townsend, Bill, SFC, (1988-Present)
  • Vaars, Edward, 1SG, (1988-Present)
  • Whiting, Jeremy, SSG, (1996-Present)
  • Wright, Mike, LTC, (1985-Present)
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