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Artillery Unit
1988 - 1998

Not Specified
18 Members Who Served in This Unit

  • Brooks, Kevin, SFC, (1986-2008)
  • Brown, Anthony, MSG, (1986-Present)
  • Clancy, Bryan, SFC, (1994-Present)
  • Coleman, Howard, SFC, (1985-2007)
  • Elliot, Damion, SSG, (1990-2009)
  • Exley, Fred, CW3, (1968-1993)
  • Hawk, John, CW3, (1988-2008)
  • Johnston, Darrick, SPC, (1988-1992)
  • Kennedy, Clinton Roger, SFC, (1983-2005)
  • Martin, Rich, SFC, (1986-2008)
  • McComas, Eric, CPL, (1985-1992)
  • Nuckols, Eric, SPC, (1990-1998)
  • Phillabaum, Paul, LTC, (1988-Present)
  • Roberts, Dale, SPC, (1995-1998)
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Battery A, 26th Field Artillery Regiment Honors
Campaign Participation Credit World War II: *Algeria-French Morocco (with arrowhead), *Tunisia, *Sicily, *Normandy, *Northern France, *Rhineland, *Ardennes Alsace, *Central Europe Southwest Asia ... More
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Battery A, 26th Field Artillery Regiment Lineage
Constituted 5 July 1918 in the National Army as Battery A, 26th Field Artillery, an element of the 9th Division Organized 2 August 1918 at Camp McClellan, Alabama Demobilized 9 February 1919 at ... More
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Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF)
"Operation Enduring Freedom" (OEF) is the current official name used by the U.S. government for the War in Afghanistan, together with a number of smaller military actions, under the umbrella ... More
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2001 - 2014
OIF/Liberation of Iraq (2003)
The 2003 invasion of Iraq lasted from 19 March to 1 May 2003 and signaled the start of the conflict that later came to be known as the Iraq War, which was dubbed Operation Iraqi Freedom by the United ... More
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2003 - 2003
Gulf War/Liberation and Defense of Kuwait
The Liberation of Kuwait was the campaign to retake Kuwait from Iraq after the massive air campaign, between 24–28 February 1991. U.S. troops and the Coalition entered to find the Iraqis surrend ... More
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1991 - 1991
WWII - European Theater of Operations/Ardennes Alsace Campaign (1944-45)
(Ardennes Alsace Campaign 16 December 1944 to 25 January 1945) During their offensive in the Ardennes the Germans drove into Belgium and Luxembourg, creating a great bulge in the line. For some time ... More
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1944 - 1945
WWII - European Theater of Operations/Rhineland Campaign (1944-45)
(Rhineland Campaign 15 September 1944 to 21 March 1945) Attempting to outflank the Siegfried Line, the Allies tried an airborne attack on Holland on 17 September 1944. But the operation failed, and th ... More
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1944 - 1945
WWII - European Theater of Operations/Central Europe Campaign (1945)
(Central Europe Campaign 22 March to 11 May 1945) Following the Battle of the Bulge the Allies had pushed through to the Rhine. On 22 March 1945 they began their assault across the river, and by I Apr ... More
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1945 - 1945
WWII - European Theater of Operations/Normandy Campaign (1944)
Normandy Campaign 6 June to 24 July 1944) Early on D-Day airborne troops landed in France to gain control of strategic areas. Aerial and naval bombardment followed. Then the invasion fleet, covered by ... More
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1944 - 1944
WWII - European Theater of Operations/Northern France Campaign (1944)
(Northern France Campaign 25 July to 14 September 1944) Bombardment along a five-mile stretch of the German line enabled the Allies to break through on 25 July. While some armored forces drove southwa ... More
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1944 - 1944
WWII - Africa Theater of Operations/Tunisia Campaign (1942-43)
(Tunisia Campaign 17 November 1942 to 13 May 1943) Having gained Algeria, the Allies quickly turned eastward, hoping to take Tunis and Bizerte before the Germans could send reinforcements into Tunisia ... More
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1942 - 1943
WWII - European Theater of Operations/Sicily Campaign (1943)
(Sicily Campaign 9 July to 17 August 1943) In preparation for the invasion of Sicily the Allies captured the islands in the Sicilian strait, with aerial bombardment forcing the capitulation of Pantell ... More
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1943 - 1943
WWII - Africa Theater of Operations/Algeria-French Morocco Campaign (1942)
(Algeria-French Morocco Campaign 8-11 November 1942) Three days after their victory at El Alamein the Allies opened a new front with an assault on Algeria and French Morocco. Twelfth Air Force, with s ... More
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1942 - 1942
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