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558th Ordnance Company
HQ, 7th Army

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558th Ordnance Company, HQ, 7th Army
United States Army
1947 - 1968
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Schneider, Abraham, S/SGT
USA Veteran
Service Years
1948 - 1951
1816-Personnel Administrative Supervisor
Primary Unit
558th Ordnance Company, HQ, 7th Army
Home State
New York
Home Town
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Unit Description

The 558th Ordnance Company reported directly to 7th Army headquarters for operational orders and monthly review. Detachment 1 through 3 was assigned to another company for billeting, administration and military law. There were periods of months to years when these detachments did not have an officer in charge. So the ranking sergeant would be made NCOIC. I spend over a year as NCOIC at the Hanau location, 1963 to the Spring 1964. We were attached to a combat engineering company.
It is my understanding that we were only one of two military equipment parks in the US Army in those years, one in Korea and our outfit in Germany. Most artillery, all types of armor and vehicles (trucks and trailers, of all sizes) were received/stored by our Park locations. New combat equipment would arrive on German flat-bed train from Bremerhaven. There commonly would be hundreds of items (including 50 ton tanks) arrive on one long train; our personnel would work around-the-clock to unload all the items listed above. Any unloading delays would incur demurrage payments (fines) to the Germany government; to my knowledge, in scores of these train deliveries, we never incurred demurrage. Because of the variety of equipment to be handled, we had many different MOS personnel to process material incoming/outgoing.

Transportation delivery personnel or combat unit end users would come to the closest Park and take possession of their new combat gear that had shipped from the US by ship, then onto platform train, processed, parked and prepped for delivery by our detachment.

The 558th had a long convoluted history that started in 1936, USA, operated out of the Middle East during WWII, moved to Germany, 1947, reassigned the 7th Army Park mission in 1952.

The 558th Ord Company was reassigned to the Far East with a mission change in 1965.

The 558th was inactivated 1968.

This unit history is from the Army Historical Foundation.

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