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Society of 1st Infantry Division
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The Society of the First Infantry Division is the official organization of veterans who have served in the 1st Infantry Division, (The Big Red One), of the U.S. Army. It represents well over one million veterans who have served in the 1st Infantry Division in four of our nation's conflicts this century, as well as those who have served during peacetime, the Cold War and Peacekeeping Operations.

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Cantigny Branch Fort Riley Chapter
New York/Ft Dix Branch

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824 Enrolled 0 Eligible All Members
IM Abaldo, Daniel (Mustang 17A), MAJ 1 IN Abbey, Mike, SGM 1
FA Ackermann, James (ack), 1SG 1 IN Adams, Adam (Nick), SFC
AR Adams, Brent (Big A), SSG 9 AV Adams, John, Jr. (JJ), LTC 19
Adkins, Thomas (Tom), CPT 1 AR Akers, Donald (Akers/Reaper 2), SSG 4
OD Allen, Christopher, CW2 1 AR Allen, James (jimbos'ss), SSG 2
AR Allman, Ryan, 1SG IN Alls, James Gregg, SSG 7
MI [Name Withheld], SSG 2 IN Alvarez, Andres (Alvie), SGT 2
IN Amsberry, Nicholas, 1SG -Deceased  FA Anderson, Brian, MAJ 4
AR Anderson, David (Psycho 2), SSG 1 OD Anderson, Eugene, SFC
SC Anderson, Jeff (Andy), SSG 2 IN Anselmi, Reno, SGT 3
QM Archer, Anton (Sirloin), CPT 5 MP Armour, James (Jim), CSM 15
Armstrong, Robert, SFC MI Ashwell, Christopher, SFC 1
IN Auer, Jeffrey (jeffrey.auer), CPT 1 FA Aviles-Torres, Jose (Master Gunner ), SFC 
AR Babiarz, Matt, CPT AG Baccus, Garrett, SPC
OD [Name Withheld], SFC 50  AR Bailey, Tobby (Big Daddy), SFC 2
FA Bailey, Wayne (Warrior 9B), SFC 2 IN Baka, Michael (Rock 6), MAJ 2
SC Baker, James, SFC CM Baker, Loyd, III (Bake), SFC 2
OD Bandy, Brad, CPT 2 AR Barber, Brian (OldMan), SFC 1
AR Barchers, Erick (Malibu), SSG 11 SC Bard, Terry, MSG 1
AR Barfield, Christopher (A TRP HQs PSG), SSG 8 EN Barnes, Tyler, SSG

Eligible Units
1st Administration Company, 1st Infantry Division
1st Aviation Company, 1st Infantry Division
1st Personnel Services Company, 1st Infantry Division
1st Signal Company, 1st Infantry Division
1st Signal Corps Company, 1st Infantry Division
3rd Maintenance Company, 1st Infantry Division
41st Infantry, Scout Dog Platoon, 1st Infantry Division
44TH Public Information Office Detachment, HHC, 1st Infantry Division
Band, 1st Infantry Division
G1, 1st Infantry Division
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