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Adams, George Albert, Jr., Pvt -Deceased  Adams, Lloyd, Pvt -Deceased 
Adams, Melvin Jens (Jens), PFC -Deceased  Adams, Vaughn Mortensen, Pvt -Deceased 
Ahtsosie, Luke Ramon, PFC -Deceased  Allan, Abraham N, Pvt -Assisted 
Allen, Lear, Pvt -Deceased  Archuleta, Pedro Venreto (Pete) -Deceased 
Argyle, Horace Robertson, PFC -Deceased  Arnold, William Henry, Sgt -Deceased 
Ashton, Wilford Salisbury, WAG -Deceased  Bailey, Glen Carlton, Sgt -Deceased 
Bailey, Ralph Arthur, Pvt -Deceased  Ballinger, George Ruddy, Pvt -Deceased 
Barlage, Willard Herbert, PFC -Assisted  Barnes, William Ogden, Pvt -Deceased 
Barry, James Nathial, PFC -Deceased  QM Barton, Don Richard, T/5 -Deceased 
Barton, Evan Hewitt -Deceased  Bassett, Fortunatus, 1LT -Fallen 
Baty, Henry Elzie, Pvt -Deceased  Bayles, Donald Clark, Pvt -Deceased 
Bayles, Hanson Lyman, Pvt -Deceased  Beeson, Duffie Leland (Duff), Pvt -Deceased 
Beeson, Frank Aubrey, S/Sgt -Deceased  Beeson, Leland Verl, Pvt -Deceased 
Begay, Billy Richard, PFC -Deceased  Begay, Joseph R, SP 4 -Deceased 
AR Benallie, David Howard, CPL -Fallen  Benally, Claude Randolph -Deceased 
Bills, Richard Glenn, Cpl -Deceased  Black, Al -Deceased 
Black, Burnhard Oliver, Sgt -Deceased  Black, Byron H, Pvt -Assisted 
Black, Dall Larson, CPT -Deceased  Black, David John, Pvt -Deceased 
Black, Dorman Helquist (Duke), T/5 -Deceased  IN Black, Halvor Brown, Pvt -Fallen 
Black, Harrison, SP 4 -Deceased  Black, Homer Palmer, Cpl -Deceased 

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