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Special Forces Association
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The Special Forces Association Serves as the Voice for the Special Forces Community; Perpetuates Special Forces Traditions and Brotherhood; Advances the Public Image of Special Forces and Promotes the General Welfare of the Special Forces Community.

Direct Reporting All Chapters  
Chapter XCII (AL) Chapter XCII (North, AL)
Chapter XXII (AZ) Cahapter XXII - The Sergeant Walter B. Foote Chapter (AZ)
Chapter X (Sierra Vista, AZ) Chapter X - The Jimmy Dean Chapter (Sierra Vista, AZ)
Chapter XLIX (Little Rock, AR) Chapter XLIX - The Richard J. Webber Chapter (Little Rock, AR)
Chapter LXXVIII (CA) Chapter LXXXIX (CA)
Chapter XII (CA) Chapter XIV (Monterey, CA)
Chapter LXXXIX (Northern, CA) Chapter LXXV (San Diego, CA)
Chapter LXXV - The Roger Donlon MOH Chapter (San Diego, CA) Chapter XXIII (San Francisco, CA)
Chapter XII - The Catherine Bank Chapter (Southern, CA) Chapter LXXVIII - The LTC Frank Dallas Chapter (Southern, CA)
Chapter IV-XXIV (Colorado Springs, CO) Chapter IV/XXIV - The Charles "Snake" Hosking and Alexander "Al" Fontes Chapter (Colorado Springs, CO)
Chapter XL (Clearwater, FL) Chapter XL - The CSM Paul M. Darcy Chapter (Clearwater, FL)
Chapter XXI (Cocoa-Merritt Island, FL) Chapter XXI - The John Wayne/Bob Salzman Chapter (Cocoa-Merritt Island, FL)
Chapter XCIII (Homestead, FL) Chapter XCIV (Homestead, FL)
Chapter LXXXVIII (Jacksonville, FL) Chapter LXXXVII (Key West, FL)
Chapter LX (MacDill AFB, FL) Chapter LX - The Richard J. Meadows Chapter (MacDill AFB, FL)
Chapter LXXVI (Miami, FL) Chapter XLIV (Pensacola, FL)
Chapter LXXXV (Stuart, FL) Chapter LXXXV - The Treasure Coast Chapter (Stuart, FL)
Chapter LXXIV (Winter Park, FL) Chapter LIX (Fort Benning, GA)
Chapter LIX - The Joe Alderman Chapter (Fort Benning, GA) Chapter XLIII (Hilo, HI)
Chapter VIII (Honolulu, HI) Chapter LXIX (Boise, ID)

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157 Verified 494 Pending All Members
AV Ahl, Archie Lee, CW4 -Deceased  SF Albright, Andy, SGM
SF Alford, James F. (Jamie), SSG -Deceased  IN Allen, Richard L., LTC -Deceased 
SF Allmendinger, Perry (Dinger), COL 4 MI Amundson, Rolande Frenchy (Agent Gerrie), COL -Deceased 
SF Antenori, Frank (Roughneck 91), SFC  OD Arrott, William, Jr. (Wild Bill), CW3 2
SF Aucoin, Joseph Bert (Frenchy), SGM -Deceased  IN Auger, Alvin Bernard, MSG -Deceased 
SF Babb, Michael (Mike), LTC  IN Baker, AJ, COL -Deceased 
FA Ballard, Marshall Harding, Jr, COL -Deceased  IN Bank, Aaron, COL -Deceased 
SF Barclay, Paul Neil, SSG -Fallen  SF Barnes, Rocco M., MAJ -Deceased 
MD Bass, William Welton, SFC -Deceased  SF Bennett, Donald, CW4 25
QM Benoit (Zaun), Melissa (Eberhardt), SSG 1 IN Berry, Ronald (MAJ, DSC), SGM -Deceased 
SF BLANCHARD, Ron (squeek), SGM SF Bobroskie, Mizuho "Bo", SFC -Deceased 
IN Bonner, Jack Lee, 1SG -Deceased  IN Bonner, Jack Lee, 1SG -Deceased 
IN Boose, Jacob LeRoy (Jake), SGM -Deceased  SF Border, Jeremie S., SSG -Fallen 
SF BORROWDALE, GARY, CW4 SF Borsz, Andrew K. (Drew), SFC 
IN Brack, Robert, Sr. ( KROWSKA), SSG  IN Brown, Lewis E. (Louie), CSM -Deceased 
IN Browning, John Calvin, MAJ -Deceased  IN Brucker, Herbert (DSC), MAJ -Deceased 
SF Buckley, William Francis, LTC -Deceased  IN Bulluck, George, MSG -Deceased 
IN Burns, Hugh (Mike), LTC 11 IN Byrne, Dean, SSG -Deceased 
SF Cantrell, Edward D. (Duane), CW2 -Deceased  SF Cantrell, Rick (Nighthawk2a), MSG -Deceased 
IN Carter, Sherwood, Sr. (Nick), LTC -Deceased  SF Case, Robert (Bob), COL 

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