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Administered By : SF Cooper, Mark E (ATWS Senior Military Advisor), MAJ 46

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Special Forces Association
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(910) 485-5433

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PO Box 41436
Fayetteville, NC 28309-1436


The Special Forces Association Serves as the Voice for the Special Forces Community; Perpetuates Special Forces Traditions and Brotherhood; Advances the Public Image of Special Forces and Promotes the General Welfare of the Special Forces Community.

Direct Reporting All Chapters  
Chapter XCII (North, AL) Cahapter XXII - The Sergeant Walter B. Foote Chapter (AZ)
Chapter X - The Jimmy Dean Chapter (Sierra Vista, AZ) Chapter XLIX - The Richard J. Webber Chapter (Little Rock, AR)
Chapter LXXV - The Roger Donlon MOH Chapter (San Diego, CA) Chapter LXXVIII - The LTC Frank Dallas Chapter (Southern, CA)
Chapter LXXXIX (Northern, CA) Chapter XII - The Catherine Bank Chapter (Southern, CA)
Chapter XIV (Monterey, CA) Chapter XXIII (San Francisco, CA)
Chapter IV/XXIV - The Charles "Snake" Hosking and Alexander "Al" Fontes Chapter (Colorado Springs, CO) Chapter LX - The Richard J. Meadows Chapter (MacDill AFB, FL)
Chapter LXXIV (Winter Park, FL) Chapter LXXVI (Miami, FL)
Chapter LXXXV - The Treasure Coast Chapter (Stuart, FL) Chapter LXXXVII (Key West, FL)
Chapter LXXXVIII (Jacksonville, FL) Chapter XCIV (Homestead, FL)
Chapter XL - The CSM Paul M. Darcy Chapter (Clearwater, FL) Chapter XLIV (Pensacola, FL)
Chapter XXI - The John Wayne/Bob Salzman Chapter (Cocoa-Merritt Island, FL) Chapter LIX - The Joe Alderman Chapter (Fort Benning, GA)
Chapter VIII (Honolulu, HI) Chapter XLIII (Hilo, HI)
Chapter LXIX (Boise, ID) Chapter XXXVII - The MG Michael D. Healy Chapter (Chicago, IL)
Chapter XXIX (KS) Chapter XXXVIII - The William P. Yarborough Chapter (Fort Campbell, KY)
Chapter LXXXI (Breaux Bridge, LA) Chapter XXX - The COL A.J. "Bo" Baker Chapter (Kenner, LA)
Chapter XXVI - The Gunpowder Chapter (Baltimore, MD) Chapter LIV - The LTC William F. Buckley Chapter (Boston, MA)
Chapter LV - The Michael F. May Chapter (St. Clair Shores, MI) Chapter XX (Minneapolis, MN)
Chapter LXXIX (Jackson, MS) Chapter LXXXII - The Capt. Humberto (Branson, MO)
Chapter XXIX - The Colonel Arthur D. "Bull" Simons Chapter (Kansas City, MO) Chapter XXVII - The Martha Raye Chapter (St. Louis, MO)
Chapter XXVIII (MT) Chapter LI - The George Morton/Harry Munck Chapter (Las Vegas, NV)

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158 Verified 433 Pending All Members
AV Ahl, Archie Lee, CW4 -Deceased  SF Albright, Andy, SGM
SF Alford, James F. (Jamie), SSG -Deceased  IN Allen, Richard L., LTC -Deceased 
SF Allmendinger, Perry (Dinger), COL 4 MI Amundson, Rolande Frenchy (Agent Gerrie), COL -Deceased 
SF Antenori, Frank (Roughneck 91), SFC  OD Arrott Jr USA SOF, William (Wild Bill), CW3 2
SF Aucoin, Joseph Bert (Frenchy), SGM -Deceased  IN Auger, Alvin Bernard, MSG -Deceased 
SF Babb, Michael (Mike), LTC  IN Baker, AJ "Bo", COL -Fallen 
FA Ballard, Marshall Harding, Jr, COL -Deceased  IN Bank, Aaron, COL -Deceased 
SF Barclay, Paul Neil, SSG -Fallen  SF Barnes, Rocco M., MAJ -Deceased 
MD Bass, William Welton, SFC -Deceased  Bennett, Donald, CW4 25
QM Benoit (Zaun), Melissa (Eberhardt), SSG 1 IN Berry, Ronald (MAJ, DSC), SGM -Deceased 
SF BLANCHARD, Ron (squeek), SGM SF Bobroskie, Mizuho "Bo", SFC -Deceased 
IN Bonner, Jack Lee, 1SG -Deceased  IN Bonner, Jack Lee, 1SG -Deceased 
IN Boose, Jacob LeRoy (Jake), SGM -Deceased  SF Border, Jeremie S., SSG -Fallen 
SF BORROWDALE, GARY, CW4 SF Borsz, Andrew K. (Drew), SFC 
IN Brack, Robert, Sr. ( KROWSKA), SSG  IN Brown, Lewis E. (Louie), CSM -Deceased 
IN Browning, John Calvin, MAJ -Deceased  IN Brucker, Herbert (DSC), MAJ -Deceased 
SF Buckley, William Francis, LTC -Deceased  IN Bulluck, George, MSG -Deceased 
IN Burns, Hugh (Mike), LTC 11 IN Byrne, Dean, SSG 13
SF Cantrell, Edward D. (Duane), CW2 -Deceased  SF Cantrell, Rick (Nighthawk2a), MSG -Deceased 
IN Carter, Sherwood, Sr. (Nick), LTC -Deceased  SF Case, Robert (Bob), COL 

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