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Administered By : QM Ireland, Eddie ('Slick'), SSG 147

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Rockne Historical Association
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4065 FM 535
Rockne, Tx 78602


Built to honor all of Rockne Texas WWII and Korean War veterans.

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EN Alexander, Charles Dewitt, T/4 -Deceased  OD Barton, Joe T., PFC -Fallen 
IN Barton, Max John, PFC -Assisted  OD Bartsch, Adolph Henry, T/3 -Deceased 
IN Bartsch, Ernest J., PFC -Fallen  IN Bartsch, Herbert, T/4 -Deceased 
Bartsch, Herman Adolph, PFC -Deceased  AD Bartsch, Michael, S/Sgt -Assisted 
IN Beck, Alois (Michael), Cpl -Deceased  OD Beck, Alphons, PFC -Deceased 
IN Beck, Felix, PFC -Deceased  MD Boer, Anton, Sgt -Deceased 
MD Frerich, Leonard Louis, PFC -Deceased  AD Frerich, Milburn, PFC -Deceased 
OD Friske, Marvin Anton, T/5 -Assisted  IN Goertz, Alvin, PFC -Fallen 
AV Goertz, Anton, Sgt -Assisted  MI Goertz, Arnold Joseph, Sgt -Deceased 
MD Goertz, Emil, T/5 -Deceased  TC Goertz, Ervin (Jake), T/4 -Deceased 
AV Goertz, Frances (Paul) -Deceased  IN Goertz, Henry, Cpl -Deceased 
QM Goertz, Hugo Sylvester, PFC -Deceased  AAF Goertz, Richard John, Sgt -Deceased 
MD Goertz, Sylvester, T/5 -Deceased  AV Goertz, Thomas (Tom), PFC -Deceased 
IN Goertz, Walter John, PFC -Deceased  QM Hefner, Amos, Cpl -Deceased 
TC Hendriz, Verlin (Willie), CPL -Deceased  IN Hilbig, Walter, Pvt -Fallen 
QM Hoffman, George, Pvt -Deceased  QM Ireland, Eddie ('Slick'), SSG 147
QM Kadura, Adolph, PFC -Deceased  Kadura, Ernest, S/Sgt -Deceased 
TC Kadura, Fred J., PFC -Deceased  IN Kadura, Gilbert, PFC -Deceased 
TC Klaus, Albert J., Cpl -Deceased  AV Klaus, Alfred S., Sgt -Deceased 
AV Klaus, Robert (Bob), PFC -Deceased  AG Martinez, Cecilio (Cecil), PV2 -Assisted 

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