Byington, Tomarra, PV2

Transportation Corps (Enlisted)
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Current Service Status
USA Veteran
Current/Last Rank
Private (E-2)
Current/Last Service Branch
Transportation Corps
Current/Last Primary MOS
88M10-Motor Transport Operator
Current/Last MOS Group
Transportation Corps (Enlisted)
Primary Unit
2008-2009, 42A, 652nd Support Group
Previously Held MOS
75B10-Personnel Administration Specialist
42A-Human Resources Specialist
Service Years
2001 - 2009
Foreign Language(s)
Official/Unofficial US Army Certificates
Army Wheel Vehicle Driver Certificate
Certificate Of Achievement
Certificate Of Appreciation
Operation Enduring Freedom
Operation Iraqi Freedom
Voice Edition

Private (E-2)

One Service Stripe

Two Overseas Service Bars

 Official Badges 

3rd Infantry Division 4th Infantry Division Schutzenschnur Silver

 Unofficial Badges 

Army Honorable Discharge (1984-Present)

 Military Association Memberships
Post 23Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA)Wounded Warrior Project
  2004, American Legion, Post 23 (Member) (Blackfoot, Idaho) - Chap. Page
  2010, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) [Verified] - Assoc. Page
  2012, Wounded Warrior Project [Verified]

 Additional Information
What are you doing now:
Past, present and future goals:

  • Completed my Master of Professional Studies degree in Security and Safety Leadership in May 2014. Before that, I completed my Bachelor of Arts degree in International Studies and Political Science in December 2012. I emphasized my studies on the Middle East, terrorism and learning Modern Standard Arabic (1 year).

  • With the current position I'm in, I'm able to take Department of Defense-specific classes to help me advance in my career in security. Through the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency's Center for Development of Security Excellence (CDSE), I'm able to study and eventually take the exam for the Security Fundamentals Professional Certificate (SFPC) - STEPP program.

Other Comments:
Service/Deployment Information:

  • Active Duty: September 2001-September 2004 / IRR: September 2004-May 2008 / Reserves: May 2008-August 2009

  • While on active duty, I participated in Battle Focused Training at the Combat Maneuver Training Center (CMTC) in Hohenfels, Germany, from October-December 2002 doing exercises with OPFOR. At the same time, I was afforded an opportunity to qualify with German weapons (G36 and MG3) in Grafenwoehr to earn my Schutzenschnur.

  • Learned to operate HET trucks while stationed in Germany. Did many missions back and forth from Mannheim to Grafenwoehr, Germany, and from Kuwait to Iraq. Supported the major divisions going into Iraq, such as 3ID, 4ID, 3ACR, 1AD and 101st Airborne.

  • Learned to operate a 5,000 gal. tanker truck while in Iraq. Acquired, transported and distributed JP8 fuel in support of 4ID, 82nd Airborne, among others.

  • While in Kuwait and Iraq, drove over 10,000 miles accident-free (actually, close to 20,000), earning me the Army Driver's Badge.

  • Once I ETS'd out of the Army in 2004, I came home and went to school for my Class A CDL, and then gained employment with Kellogg, Brown & Root (KBR-Halliburton). I worked in the "Green Zone" or "International Zone" (Baghdad, Iraq) supporting the US State Department in their diplomatic missions from February 2005 to February 2008.

  • For two years, I drove line-haul trucks to Regional Embassy Offices at Camp Victory (BIAP), al Hillah and Kuwait. My third year with KBR, I was promoted to a desk job in the Transportation Department where I did supervisory/administrative duties. In 2008, I returned stateside to pursue my college education.


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 Ribbon Bar

Combat Action 1st Award
Machine Gun

 Enlisted/Officer Basic Training
  2001, 1st Battalion, 34th Infantry Regiment (Fort Jackson, SC), E/43
 Unit Assignments/ Advancement Schools
U.S. Army180th Transportation BattalionU.S. ArmyIndividual Ready Reserve (IRR)
652nd Support Group
  2001-2002, 88M10, (88M AIT) Motor Transport Operator Course
  2002-2002, 88M10, Combat Maneuver Training Center (CMTC), 7th Army Combined Arms Training Center (Staff)
  2002-2003, 88M10, 377th Transportation Company
  2003-2003, 75B10, HHC, 180th Transportation Battalion
  2003-2004, 88M10, 515th Transportation Company
  2004-2008, 88M10, Individual Ready Reserve (IRR)
  2008-2009, 42A, 652nd Support Group
 Combat and Non-Combat Operations
  2002-2002 Operation Desert Spring (Kuwait)
  2002-2002 Combat Maneuver Training Area, Hohenfels
  2002-2002 Grafenwoehr Training Area (GTA)
  2002-2002 Hohenfels Training Area (HTA)
  2003-2003 Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF)
  2003-2003 Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) /FOB - Ali Al Salem Air Base, Kuwait
  2003-2003 OIF/Liberation of Iraq (2003)/Battle of the Karbala Gap
  2003-2003 OIF/Liberation of Iraq (2003)
  2003-2004 Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF)1
  2003-2003 OIF/Transition of Iraq (2003-04)/Camp Speicher, Tirkrit, Iraq
  2003-2003 OIF/Transition of Iraq (2003-04)/Camp Al Asad, Al-Asad AB, Iraqi
  2003-2003 OIF/Transition of Iraq (2003-04)/Camp Victory, Baghdad, Iraq
  2003-2003 OIF/Transition of Iraq (2003-04)/FOB Tiger, Al Qaim, Iraq
  2003-2003 OIF/Transition of Iraq (2003-04)/Camp Fallujah, Iraq (FOB)
  2003-2003 OIF/Transition of Iraq (2003-04)/Operation Rifle Sweep
  2004-2004 OIF/Transition of Iraq (2003-04)/Camp Taji, Iraq
  2004-2004 OIF/Transition of Iraq (2003-04)/LSA Anaconda/Joint Base Balad, Iraq
  2004-2004 Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) /FOB - As Sayliyah Army Base Doha, Qatar
 Reflections on Service
Please describe who or what influenced your decision to join the Army.
Whether you were in the service for several years or as a career, please describe the direction or path you took. What was your reason for leaving?
If you participated in any military operations, including combat, humanitarian and peacekeeping operations, please describe those which made a lasting impact on you and, if life-changing, in what way?
Of all your duty stations or assignments, which one do you have fondest memories of and why? Which was your least favorite?
From your entire military service, describe any memories you still reflect back on to this day.
What professional achievements are you most proud of from your military career?
Of all the medals, awards, formal presentations and qualification badges you received, or other memorabilia, which one is the most meaningful to you and why?
Which individual(s) from your time in the military stand out as having the most positive impact on you and why?
Can you recount a particular incident from your service, which may or may not have been funny at the time, but still makes you laugh?
What profession did you follow after your military service and what are you doing now? If you are currently serving, what is your present occupational specialty?
What military associations are you a member of, if any? What specific benefits do you derive from your memberships?
In what ways has serving in the military influenced the way you have approached your life and your career? What do you miss most about your time in the service?
Based on your own experiences, what advice would you give to those who have recently joined the Army?
In what ways has helped you remember your military service and the friends you served with.
 Colleges Attended 
Idaho State UniversityGeorge Washington University
  2004-2004, Others/Not Listed
  2008-2012, Idaho State University
  2008-2008, Western Wyoming College, Rock Springs, WY
  2013-2014, George Washington University
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