Bojescul, Adrian, 1SG

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Last Rank
First Sergeant
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11Z50-Infantry Senior Sergeant
Last MOS Group
Infantry (Enlisted)
Primary Unit
1972-1975, 11F50, Retired Reserve
Service Years
1952 - 1975
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Cold War Certificate
Presidential Certificate of Appreciation
25th Infantry Division Certificate

First Sergeant

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This Military Service Page was created/owned by SGT John Sieren (Big John) to remember Bojescul, Adrian (Ady), 1SG USA(Ret).

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Date of Passing
Apr 24, 2003
Location of Interment
Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery - San Antonio, Texas
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Master Army Instructor Badge Senior Army Instructor Badge Security Patrol Army Retired-Soldier for Life

Army Military Police Army Physical Fitness Badge Infantry Shoulder Cord USA - Republic of Korea (ROK) Combined Forces Command

US Army Retired (Pre-2007) Civilian Police Assistance Training Team Basic Army Instructor Badge Military Police Brassard

Army Basic Instructor (Fort Benning) German Military Proficiency Gold

 Unofficial Badges 

Airborne Allied Mobile Force Combat Advisor Joint Security Area Panmunjom

Military Police Recon Armor Shoulder Cord MP Shoulder Cord

Air Assault Badge 11th AAD 1964 Labor Service Commemorative Badge (Germany) Jungle Expert Badge Cold War Medal

Order of Saint Maurice Cold War Veteran 101st Recondo School Platoon Confidence Training Bad Tolz

MACV Recondo Patch 506th Distinguished Member of the Regiment Special Operations Cobra

Vietnam Veteran 50th Commemoration Jungle Expert Vietnam 50th Anniversary Special Operations Intelligence Course

United States Forces Berlin 1st battalion, 506th Infantry American Advisor (Vietnam)

 Military Associations and Other Affiliations
American Military Retirees Association (AMRA)Dept of TexasChapter 114Army Together We Served
  1973, American Military Retirees Association (AMRA) - Assoc. Page
  1973, Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States (VFW), Dept of Texas (National President) (Austin, Texas) [Verified] - Chap. Page
  1976, Disabled American Veterans (DAV), Chapter 114 (Life Member) (San Antonio, Texas) - Chap. Page
  2014, Army Together We Served [Verified]

 Additional Information

Last Known Activity
Retired US Army First Sergeant, E-8, over twenty years active Federal Service. 3rd RD Corps, 1st Cavalry Division, Infantry; Special Troops, Battalion, 2nd Brigade. Instroctor, Ft. Hood, Texas. Induction, White Sands, New Mexico, He began his basic traiming on August 1952, Camp Rucker, Alabama, with the 136 Infantry Regiment, in AUGUST, 1952 thru - his retirement at FORT HOOD, TEXAS, 31 December 1972. 3 rd Corps, 1 st Cavalry Division,  1 St. Sergeant Adrian Bojescul was then ransferred to the Retired Reserve Corps, (1972 - 1975). RETIRED ON 31 DECEMBER 1975. Three tours of duty: One, in Korea. Two tours of duty in Southeast Asia, Vietnam, suviving the "TET OFFENSIVE 1968-1969. ALSO, BEING SHOT DOWN WHILE BEING FERRIED VIA H-1- HUEY- HELICOPTER, TO COMBAT ZONE. 1970-1971.
  First Sergeant Bojescul who served in Southeast Asia, Vietnam, from his 1 ST. tour from 20 th of JUNE 1968 - 20 th of JUNE 1969 and from 31 DECEMBER 1970 - 30 TH OF NOVEMBER 1971.

During his first tour of duty with the 716 th MP, Battalion, unit, as a Platoon Sergeant, First Class, E-7,  he survived the "Tet Offensive," when the North Vietnamese attacked several cities and military posts all across the southern border during the Country's  Vietnamese's Holiday. He was then assigned to the 101 Air Cavalry Division,1 ST Bn., 327 Infantry Regiment, as a Platoon Sergeant and Operations NCO, were he THEN,  After his tour was  completed.
Sergeant FIRST CLASS Bojescul returned to the U.S. and was stationed at Fort Hood, Texas, at the end of June, first of July 1969, he had PCS'ed back to the United  States of America, Adrian was stationed at Fort Hood, Texas, with the 1 ST. Air Cavalry Division, Infantry, July 1969. HHC 2 ND Bn. 13 TH ARM 1 ST. AD , FORT HOOD, TX. 1969., Co. B., 2 nd. Bn. 46 inf., 1 AD. FORT Hood, TX. Co B, 1 ST. Bn. 41 INF. 2 ARMORED DIVISION. FT. HOOD, TX.  HED WAS AWARDED THE ARMY COMMENDATION MEDAL, FOR; MERITORIOUS SERVICE; 10 DECEMBER 1969 THRU 31 OCTOBER 1970, ON THE 9 TH DAY OF 1970,
During his second tour, (2 ND), OCTOBER 1970 - November 1971, he was with the 3rd Corps, 1st Cavalry, Division, Infantry, PLATOON SERGEANT AND OPERATIONS SERGEANT FOR THESE UNITS; HHC 3 rd 506 INF. (ambi) 101 Airborne Division, USARPAC VIETNAM. 25 TH ADMIN Co.25 INF. DIV.USARPAC VIETNAM. Master Sergeant, E-8). HE WAS PROMOTED TO FIRST SERGEANT, E-8.

01 ST. Sergeant Bojescul"s Helecopter that he was in was shot down, by the enemy, in a H-1 Huey, he was in. The Huey crash landed. Sergeant Bojescul sprang into action and saved many lives from the crash, by pulling crew and fellow soliders from the crashed Huey to safty. Then he repelled the enemy forces by returning fire, with his M-16, rifle, radioing for air - support and evacuating, using a hand held radio,tending the wounded until the wounded could be transported via medivac from a "Hot L-Z" and also directed counter offensive that repelled the enemy forces that were overwhelming numerious numbers. Without reguards for his own safety, under constant fire, he remain steady and fast performing admimerabibaly as the enemy forces retreated, by returning fire with his M-16. . FOR those brave actions under fire he was  (AWARDED A BRONZE STAR MEDAL, V - FOR VALOR,  FOR HEROISM, THIS WAS HIS SECOND AWARD, (BRONZE STAR  FOR VALOR, HERORISM, (1 ST. -  OAK - LEAF CLUSTER),  FOR HIS ACTIONS, SAVING LIVES, PERSONNEL, REPEL ENEMY TROOPS, (NVA), IN SOUTHEAST ASIA, VIETNAM. ( A H-1-HUEY IN WHICH HE WAS BE TRANSPORTED IN, WAS SHOT DOWN AND CRASH LANDED.1 st. SG. A. "BO" BOJESCUL SPRANG INTO ACTION, SAVING LIVES FROM THE CRASH, RETURNING FIRE WITH HIS M-16, WHILE TAKING FIRE FROM THE ENEMY)  ALSO, RADIOING, VIA MEDIVAC TO  EVACUATE THE WOUNDED AND FOR REPELLING THE NVA, BY COUNTING FIRE AND CALLING IN FOR AIR SUPPORT, NOT REGARDS FOR HIS OWN SAFETY OR HIS PERSON, 1 ST SERGEANT BOJESCUL IRREGARDLESS OF THE  ENEMY'S  INCOMING THREATS OR FIRE POWER, OR ADVANCEMENTS, HE CONTINUED SMALL ARMS FIRE, VIA M-16, REMAINING STEADY AND FAST PERFORMING ADMIRABLY AS THE ENEMY FORCES RETREATED AND AS THEY SUFFERED MANY, MANY, LOSSES. CONTINUNING FIRE AND RADIO - CONSTANT  TRANSMISSION WITH THE INCOMMING HUEY'S!! THIS HEROIC ACTIONS WITH THE SOUNDS OF THE FAST INCOMING HUEY'S, GUNSHIPS AND MEDIVACKS ALSO, ARRIVING. ALSO, SERGEANT BOJESCUL LAYED SMOKE ON THE GROUND, ALSO GIVING THE PROTECTIVE FIRE AND NOT GIVING UP HIS GROUND UNTIL ALL WAS ABOARD AND HE WAS ORDERED TO LEAVE WAS 1 ST. SERGEANT BOJESCUL BOOTS OFF THE GROUND STILL COVERING THE HUEY WITH HIS M-16 AS THE HUEY'S BEGAN IT 'S LIFT OFF THE HOT -  LZ, WITH ALL THE WOUNDED AND (KIA), KILLED US SERVICE MEN. (FOR THAT FATEFUL DAY) 1 st SERGEANT BOJESCUL WAS AWARDED, "THE,  Army Commendation Medal, for Herorism, "Valor". 2 nd Aword  He was  also awarded a second (2nd), Combat Infantry Badge, Second Award, He demonstrated a complete disregard for his own safety and life and saved countless lives. stopping the advancement of enemy troops, while multitasking a multitude of heroric feats, under constant enemy fire and attack. His courage was that of a proud member of the United States Army, the pride member of the Infantry Combat Soilder. IT'S THIS WRITER'S OPINION THAT MSG BOJESCUL'S ACTIONS,TODAY WOULD GUARNER THE,"MEDAL OF HONOR", FOR HIS ACTIONS THAT FAITFUL DAY!

After his experience in the Southeast Asian conflict, he continued to suffer from "jungle rot" and experienced many other ailments, to include, 'POST TERMATIC STRESS DISODER" due to his combat and experiences he had encountered and the effects of Agent Orange. Finally, he was Approved, his much deserved, Veteran's Disability Retirement Disability", many many years later. (30 years to the day). 

Adrian's  AWARDS, his FIRST Bronze Star for Valor, also for Heriorism, his second Army Commendataion Medal for Valor, Heriorism, and a Combat Infantry Man's Badge, (1 ST Award), for his HERIOISM, were what he he WAS AWARDED, during his 1 ST., (FIRST) tour in Vietnam, 20TH MAY 1968-thru 20 TH OF June 1969 involved in the tail end of the, Vitenamise Holiday; "TET" OFFENSIVE" which continued accross most of  Southeast Asia, Vietnam thru 1968 and 1969.

ADRIAN WAS ALSO AWARDED; THE VIETNAM SERVICE MEDAL, (2 nd AWARD), THE VIETNAM CAMPAIGN MEDAL, (2nd  AWARD), VIETNAM GALLENTRY CROSS with PALM, MEDAL, (2 nd AWARD), NDSM, 3 rd AWARD, IN ADDITION TO THE AWARDS PREVIOUSELY LISTED. HIS fellow soilder's AND HIS SUPERIORS  thought he should have gotten higher awards, however, a third award for a "SILVER STAR",  "paper work shuffel, WAS LOST in channels!!! "My uncles' wishes were not to pursew the the paperwork snafoo"!! (due to the heavy losses & combat he saw).

He attended vocational school learning refrigeration and heating and earning an associate's degree, worked for a period of years in that field. After being injured in a fall through an old building's roof, he changed careers to work at the City Public Services Utilities (CPS) and supervised a security copound with patrols and personnel. As a security supervising officer, (ARMED),  he monitored computer surveillence for the site, without any failures or Breaches of Security, ALARMS, FALSE ENTRYS OR ANY type of DEVATAIONS. .

Bojescul retired after fifteen years at this CPS, site. He worked regular and overtime shifts, accepting evening, graveyard, weekend, and holiday work.  His sister, Mary Sieren and  nephew, John Sieren, would take his wife, Miyuki Shiraza, many times to bring him dinner as he worked two shifts in a row. At that time, their were limited, (take out), or fast food places open, during those years. the round trip to the site was approximately fourty, (40) miles.

 Between 1967 and 2003 he lived with his family in Valley High, San Antonio, Texas, were he purchased his first home in 1968, before he went to Vietnam. He enjoyed retirement, from the military from 31 December 1972, sebsequently from CPS some fifteen years later, approxmately 1988, too. Adrian and his wife travelling and visiting his children and numerous grandchildren. He attended his nephew, John G 's graduation from West Point and attended his niece, Mary's wedding in Boerne, Texas and his other nieses's Evelyn Sieren's wedding in Roseville, California. He worked with his son-in-law, Tim, on home projects back in Texas and were good buddies.

 He dearly loved his sister, Mary Bojescul - Sieren - Kreis and would visit her and her family in California. As usual, when he visited folks, he would fix anything that needed fixin' and help in any way he could.
He enjoyed going to Boerne, Texas, and enjoying the company of his brother, Silvius Bojescul and they often did home improvement on each other's homes. He especially loved the cooking of his sister and sister-in-law (Hildegunde). He would smile and tell his nephew, "BIG JOHN", "Just like mom made". Especially when she would make the European dishes that his mom and sister, Mary made when they grew up with and both he and his nephew, Big John loved. (PROGRAN). OR SOME REFER TO THEM AS PROGIES.

His nephew, John Sieren, remembers a time after his first tour in Southeast Asia, Vietnam, 1968-69, of finding a deceased cat in his back yard. Uncle Ady asked him to bury the "poor thing," as he was noticeably shaken up and he stated solemnly, "I  saw enough death in my lifetime." Bojescul then brought an old blanket in which to wrap the cat and a shovel to dig a hole for the cat's final resting place.  Big John stated, "I remember him making the sign of the cross, as I was burring the cat". I could see the pain in his eyes and face as I knew he had seen death to much in war. Even though he never spoke about it, unless he spoke to his brother in law, Bill, about the experiences when he was in WWII AND POST WWII, 1945 THRU 1950.

This tender streak was also extended to not only his family and friends, as well as fellow soldiers, but also to a stray cat. His selfless acts were apparent to everyone he met. His friendship with a fellow soldier, Tom, and many others made an impression on his oldest nephew, John Sieren, whom he affectionately called, Big John.
Caring for two shelter dogs, Beauty and Happy, Bojescul, was never one to stop caring, no matter who, what color what age, male or female. Adrian would always hand a homeless person a few bucks or coins when we were together on erans or our daily outings.

He was beloved by his nephew, Big John, and his brother-in-law, retired Staff Sgt. William (Bill) Sieren. William Sieren died on March 2, 1974. He was happy to meet his brother-in-law, Civillian, McCullen AFB, GS - 855-13, Robert James Kreis.  Robert, (Bob), died June 21, 1986, suddenly, from a heart attack, he too was a WWII Veteran, with the U. S. Army Siginal Corps and civilian who worked for the military and who as a Civilian, ATTACHED TO THE U.S. ARMY, A U.S. CONTRACTOR,  (RCA), (SUPERVISORY, G.M. 855 - 15) BROADCAST, ENGINEER. in Vietnam, 1967-1969. Mr. Kreis had been instrumential in brigining radio and telivision to South-East Asia, Vietnam, DURING THE "TET OFFENSIVE",  and was awarded the Psychologicial Medal II from the South - Vietnamiese Government also the Vietnam Service Medal, (Civilian), His nephew-in-law, Henry (Hank) Celli, a retired Correctional Officer, 1995, in California. Hank died Dec. 26, 2001, from cancer, (aspestes), Uncle Ady (Bojescul) had reremembered both of them fondly. He would also talk of the orient with his nephew-in-law, U.S. AIR FORCE, veteran, Staff Sergeant Stephen D. Carlile, who had been A CREWMAN, ABOARD C-47, AIRCRAFT, ABOUT THE SAME TIME,  "in Country",  the same years the elder Bojescul had been, Vietnam, (1970-1971.).. HE WAS AWARDED THE VSM, V-GALENTRY MEDAL/W-PALM,I-C, VCM, NDSM, AIR FORCE COMMENDATATION MEDAL.
Adrian was always telling the younger nephew that he too when he promoted to Sergeant, had joined the ranks like John's father as well as him. So, John felt accepted by his Uncle even more-so. This unconditional acceptance and love made an impact on Big John, who tried valiantly to emulate his uncle, Adrian Bojescul, a great person, kind hearted and always willing to help his parents, family members and siblings.

Adrian passed away April 24, 2003 and is interred at Fort Sam Houston Cemetery with, "Military Honors". He was 73 years old. He was an excellent friend, confidante, father, husband, grandfather, son, brother, brother-in-law, and uncle. His family loved and respected him as did his many friends, coworkers, military friends,in-laws, acquaintances, and friends of in- laws  .Even Big John's little son, (dog) "TEDDY" would be upset when Adrian would leave because he paid attention to Teddy, playing and petting him, when visiting California. He lived in 
San Antonio since 1969 at the same address and his many neighbors were like family members, even newer neighbors were eager to befriend him as they could depend on his watchful eye on their property or their cars parked on the street. Or just a friendly helow, until his death in 2003. Adrian lived thir in the County residence for thirty-four years, (34 YEARS). He was able to leave his wife with; " A Home Paid For, with, Zero Debts and Money in the Bank", his, "True Love", he always would say, to his nephew, Big John.

Adrian passed away from complications of infections, (Jungle Rott), diabetes, congestive heart failure, (AGENT ORANGE). He will be missed, loved, and not forgotten. His nephew, Big John, only hopes to be half as good, as his Uncle Ady was to people and animals. He could go around San Antonio, stores and such and be reconized with greatings with his freindly face with a big smile. Not only did John was like a older son, but a younger brother who they could confind in years later about their experiences, as, "Sergeants".


Other Comments:
Adrian was a friend and helped anyone in need including his siblings, sister Mary and her children, Viola, Evelyn, and John. He was a good father figure for all and a confidante to Big John. He considered his brother-in-law, William John Sieren one of his best friends. He treated his sister's children as if they were his own.He loved his younger brother's children, Mary and John as well.He attended both of their graduate, from high school, and college, Mary's from Texas A & M, Texas and John's from West Point New York. John then attended the Medical School, upon graduation was commissioned a Captain in the UNITED STATES ARMY, MEDICAL CORPS. HE THEN LATER WAS TRAINED IN THE ARMY;S AIRBORNE, INFANTRY, RANGER SCHOOL, 10 MOUNTAIN. Division. He stated, I don't know how Uncle Adrian went thru Airborne, Infantry, Ranger, training at Fort Benning, Georgia, in April 1966 thru May 1967, at 37 years old, it almost killed me at young age of, 27. Uncle Ady LOVED being put in the field running circles around solders less than TWENTY YEARS, TO one half, 1/2 his age. sometimes he would double time backwards while the other solders would struggle to keep up. EXCEPT FOR HIS AGE, ADRIAN WAS INTERESTED IN "SPECIAL FORCES".
, . 
Adrian's son, JOHN Adrian, graduated from college and was commissioned a second Lieutenant at Fort Lewis, Washington the summer of 1990, and was in the reserves and Texas National Guard for about eight, (8), years and promoted to Captain, just before his discharge.  Currently he is a Principle at one of the largest High Schools in Central San Antonio, Texas. ADRIAN HAS THREE other children, Mary, married and her husband a retired Lt. Col., U. S. Air Force, Greg Jerald, reticently retired from the civil service and his wife travel to visit two 2 of their four children who are married and their grandchildren. Mary and Greg were in Washington, D.C.. Currently live and travel upon a large boat, (new home), were they travel the world. Margie his youngest daughter and Retired Master Sergeant, U.S. Air Force Raymond Clinger, who reside in Florida with two of their three children, their daughter married, with three children and her husband stationed overseas, U.S. Coast Guard. their two sons work throughout the State of Florida.
His third daughter Mathilda, lives and works in San Antonio, Texas, with her married son,Brian and grandchildren, daughter,Kristi and grandchildren.

Adrian loved fishing, fish fries, stamp and coin collections. Married to Miyuki Shiraz for forty-eight years, he became an American citizen in the Army. He never ever criticized the government or the military, in which he served with distinction. He chose to retire in Texas and loved everything about the United States. He flew a American Flag every day and celebrated every American holiday with seal and excitement.

Although he was strict, he always talked lovingly about his children, their spouses, and his grandchildren. He enjoyed learning about their accomplishments and was proud of his nine grandchildren. One grandchild (making 10 grandchildren) died shortly after birth.

He enjoyed accompanying his nephew Big John on trips to Fort Hood, Texas, where he remembered his service years and educated Big John about his father's service (William John Sieren). The elder Sieren had also been in the U.S. ARMY, HIS military service included;, WWII, Also, He was in route to help the China fight the Japanese, when he was with the 34 infantry Division, 168 th Infantry Regiment, 1 st. Battalion, Military Police, 1942 - 1945, "CHINA DEFENSE.", against the Japanese,who were invading China. (Dispute over Oil). ALSO, TECH.5 th Grade.,SIEREN WAS IN NORTHERN IRELAND, 1941-1942, also, FOR ADDITIONAL AMPHIBIOUS, LAND, URBAN FIGHTING, TRAINING AND CONTROL. ALSO; The European Operations Command' USAREUR, 7 th Army,  350 th Infantry Regiment, 524 th MP  Bn., 68 th MP., Rifle Co."D"., 1945-1950, European Combat and Occupation Forces; (M.P.),  throughout Europe, Le Haven France, thru Germany, Salzburg and finally Camp McCauley, Austria. SENOR STAFF SERGEANT, Sieren, also was on alert for Korea, 1950-54, when he was with the 7 th Army, 647 th  Engineering Brigade, 47 th Engineering Bn., Fort Riley, Kansas. Also Senior Staff Sergeant Sieren was on active duty during the Vietnam War, (POLICE ACTION), FROM, 1955 - 1958, he was with the 4 th Army, Ft. Chaffee, Arkansas, Senior SSG., And in 1959 -1962  when he was An Assistant to the Co's 1st Sgt. with the 3 RD Corps, 2 ND, Armored Division, 2 Brigade, 502 Ad, Co, Fort Hood, Texas, also, he was on Active Duty during the Cold War, 1941-1962, He retired on 01  April 1962, from  the 3 RD CORPS, 2 ND ARMORED DIVISION, 2 ND BRIGADE, 502 ND. ADMIN. Co's, ASSISTANT TO THE COMPANY'S 1 ST. SERGEANT.  ALSO, RETIRED FROM THE RETIRED RESERVES, EIGHT CORPS, (8 TH). SENIOR STAFF SERGEANT, E-6 ON 01 SEPTEMBER 1965.
Unfortunately,  the commanding officer's efforts to try to promote  Staff Sergeant Sieren to Sergeant First Class, E-6, LATER, E-7, were to few and far between AND to due mandatary retirement age, of 60.  Sergeant Sieren couldn't stay in longer then April 1962. however, he had reached that age, ON January 16 th of that year and was also 90 days passed that date. The POST'S Commanding Officer did award the, " Army Commendation Medal", "For Meritorious Service" from March 30, 1959 thru March 30 1962. for his outstanding work at the post for three years while stationed at Fort Hood, Texas, as the assistant to the First Sergeant. A COMMENDATION LETTER FROM THE COMMANDING GENERAL, FOR ALL HIS DEDICATED SERVICE TO THE ARMY. He exceeded all expectations of the retrofit of the DOD's orders from Command that he met and or exceeded the parameters of the Army regulations in a timely manor. STAFF SERGEANT, E-6 SIEREN RETIRED FROM THE RETIRED RESERVES 01 SEPTEMBER 1965, AFTER SERVING THREE YEARS SIX MONTHS RETIRED RESERVE. Additionally he served with the Arsenal, at Redriver Army Depot, Texarkana, Texas, for one year, (1) and six, (6) MONTHS. due to a clerical error, (A OMMISIONIN), HIS ACTIVE DUTY RECORDS HAD HIM LESS THAN THIRTY YEARS ACTIVE DUTY. REFLECTING APPROXMATELY THREE (3), YEARS OF SERVICE FROM HIS MILITARY SERVICE CREDIT.

 Countries Deployed To or Visited


Svalbard Spain United States of America Antarctica South Georgia Falkland Islands Bolivia Peru Ecuador Colombia Venezuela Guyana Suriname French Guiana Brazil Paraguay Uruguay Argentina Chile Greenland Canada United States of America United States of America Israel Jordan Cyprus Qatar United Arab Emirates Oman Yemen Saudia Arabia Iraq Afghanistan Turkmenistan Iran Syria Singapore China Mongolia Papua New Guinea Brunei Indonesia Malaysia Malaysia Tiawan Philippines Vietnam Cambodia Laos Thailand Burma Bangladesh Sri Lanka India Bhutan Nepal Pakistan Afghanistan Turkmenistan Tajikistan Kyrgyzstan Uzbekistan Japan North Korea South Korea Russia Kazakhstan Russia Montenegro Portugal Azerbaijan Armenia Georgia Ukraine Moldova Belarus Romania Bulgaria Macedonia Serbia Bosonia & Herzegovina Turkey Greece Albania Croatia Hungary Slovakia Slovenia Malta Spain Portugal Spain France Italy Italy Austria Switzerland Belgium France Ireland United Kingdom Norway Sweden Finland Estonia Latvia Lithuania Russia Poland Czech Republic Germany Denmark The Netherlands Iceland El Salvador Guatemala Panama Costa Rica Nicaragua Honduras Belize Mexico Trinidad & Tobago Puerto Rico Dominican Republic Haiti Jamaica The Bahamas Cuba Vanuatu Australia Solomon Islands Fiji New Caledonia New Zealand Eritrea Ethiopia Djibouti Somalia Kenya Uganda Tanzania Rwanda Burundi Madagascar Namibia Botswana South Africa Lesotho Swaziland Zimbabwe Mozambique Malawi Zambia Angola Democratic Repbulic of Congo Republic of Congo Gabon Equatorial Guinea Central African Republic Cameroon Nigeria Togo Ghana Burkina Fassu Cote d'Ivoire Liberia Sierra Leone Guinea Guinea Bissau The Gambia Senegal Mali Mauritania Niger Western Sahara Sudan Chad Egypt Libya Tunisia Morocco Algeria

AustriaCambodiaGermanyJapanKorea, SouthPanamaRomaniaPhilippinesUkraineUnited StatesVietnam

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Combat Infantryman 2nd Award
Aviator Badge (Basic)
Parachutist (Basic)Basic Parachutist (1 Combat Jump)
Military Intel
Vietnamese Armor Badge

 Enlisted/Officer Basic Training
  1952, Basic Training (Camp Rucker, AL), A2
 Unit Assignments/ Advancement Schools
2nd Battalion, 136th Infantry 1st Cavalry Division US Far East Command8181st Army Unit, Kishine Barracks, Yokohama, Japan, US Far East Command
U.S. ArmyFort Leonard Wood, MOArmy Reserve8th Army
Army Garrison Fort Lewis, WA1st Armored Rifled Battalion, 50th Infantry 1st Brigade, 50th Armored Division50th Armored Division
US Army Forces Command (FORSCOM)3rd Brigade, 1st Armored Division2nd Battalion, 6th Infantry Infantry Center and School (Staff) Fort Benning, GA
Infantry Center and School (Staff) Fort Benning, GAArmy Garrison, Fort Hood, TXSoutheast Asia Command2nd Brigade, 101st Airborne Division
Special Troops Battalion, 2nd BCT, 101st Airborne Division716th Military Police BattalionUS Army Forces Central (Third Army)1st Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division
3rd Battalion, 506th Infantry 2nd Field Force Vietnam (II Field Force)MAAG Vietnam (MAAGV)1st Battalion, 327th Infantry
Special Troops Battalion, 2nd Brigade, 1st Cavalry DivisionDivision Support Command (DISCOM) 1st Cavalry DivisionArmy ReserveHQ, US Army Reserve Command (USARC)
Army Garrison, Savanna Army Depot
  1952-1952, 111.1, HHC, 2nd Battalion, 136th Infantry
  1952-1952, 111.1, HHC, 2nd Battalion, 136th Infantry
  1952-1955, 111.1, 1st Cavalry Division
  1952-1955, 111.6, US Far East Command
  1952-1955, 111.6, 8181st Army Unit, Kishine Barracks, Yokohama, Japan, US Far East Command
  1953-1955, US Far East Command
  1955-1955, 1745, 8181st Army Unit, Kishine Barracks, Yokohama, Japan, US Far East Command
  1955-1957, 111.6, HHC, US Army Training Center Engineer Fort Leonard Wood, MO
  1957-1957, 111.7, 8181st Army Unit, Kishine Barracks, Yokohama, Japan, US Far East Command
  1957-1959, 1745, C Company, Training Battalion, Fort Chaffee
  1959-1960, 111.7, 8th Army
  1960-1960, 11B40, Army Garrison Fort Lewis, WA
  1960-1961, 1745, HHC, 1st Cavalry Division
  1960-1962, 1745, HHC, 1st Armored Rifled Battalion, 50th Infantry
  1960-1964, 1st Brigade, 50th Armored Division
  1960-1964, 133.7, 50th Armored Division
  1960-Present, 11B40, HQ Forces Command (FORSCOM)
  1960-Present, 11B40, HQ Forces Command (FORSCOM)
  1962-1964, 3rd Brigade, 1st Armored Division
  1964-1966, 11F40, HHC, 2nd Battalion, 6th Infantry
  1966-1967, 11F40, Headquarters, US Army Infantry School
  1966-1967, 11B10, Headquarters, US Army Infantry School
  1966-1968, Headquarters, US Army Infantry School
  1967-1967, 11B40, Infantry Center and School (Staff) Fort Benning, GA
  1967-1968, 11B40, Army Garrison, Fort Hood, TX
  1968-1968, 11B40, HHC, Southeast Asia Command
  1968-1968, 11B40, 2nd Brigade, 101st Airborne Division
  1968-1968, 11B40, Special Troops Battalion, 2nd BCT, 101st Airborne Division
  1968-1969, 11G50, HHC, 1st Cavalry Division
  1968-1969, 11B50, US Strategic Command, US Army Element, US Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM)
  1968-1969, 95B10, HHD, 716th Military Police Battalion
  1969-1970, 11B50, HQ, US Army Forces Central (Third Army, ARCENT)
  1970-1970, 11B50, HHC, 1st Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division
  1970-1970, 11B50, HHC, 3rd Battalion, 506th Infantry
  1970-1971, 11F10, HHC, 2nd Field Force Vietnam (II Field Force)
  1970-1971, 11G50, MAAG Vietnam (MAAGV)
  1970-1971, 11G50, HHC, 1st Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division
  1971-1971, 11F10, HHC, 2nd Field Force Vietnam (II Field Force)
  1971-1971, 11F10, HHC, 1st Battalion, 327th Infantry
  1971-1971, 11B50, 1st Cavalry Division
  1971-1972, 11G50, HHC, 1st Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division
  1971-1972, 11G50, Special Troops Battalion, 2nd Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division
  1971-1972, 11G50, 1st Cavalry Division
  1971-1972, 11B50, 1st Cavalry Division
  1972-1972, 11G50, Division Horse Det, Division Support Command (DISCOM) 1st Cavalry Division
  1972-1975, 11G50, Retired Reserve
  1972-1975, 11G50, Retired Reserve
  1972-1975, 11Z50, Retired Reserve
  1972-1975, 11F50, Retired Reserve
  1975-1975, 95B40, 516th Military Police Company (Physical Security), Army Garrison, Savanna Army Depot
 Combat and Non-Combat Operations
  1952-1953 Korean War/Third Korean Winter (1952-53)
  1959-1962 Operation White Star
  1962-1962 Cuban Missile Crisis
  1965-1965 Vietnam War/Advisory Campaign (1962-65)
  1968-1968 Vietnam War/Counteroffensive Phase V Campaign (1968)
  1969-1969 Vietnam War/Tet 69 Counteroffensive Campaign
  1970-1970 Vietnam War/Winter-Spring 1970 Campaign
  1971-1971 Vietnam War/Consolidation I Campaign (1971)
  1971-1971 Vietnam War/Consolidation II Campaign (1971-72)
  1972-1973 Vietnam War/Cease-Fire Campaign (1972-73)
  1975-1975 Operation Baby lift (Vietnam)
  1975-1975 NEO - Operation Frequent Wind (Vietnam)
  1975-1975 Operation New Life (Vietnam)
 Reflections on Service
Please describe who or what influenced your decision to join the Army.
Whether you were in the service for several years or as a career, please describe the direction or path you took. What was your reason for leaving?
If you participated in any military operations, including combat, humanitarian and peacekeeping operations, please describe those which made a lasting impact on you and, if life-changing, in what way?
Of all your duty stations or assignments, which one do you have fondest memories of and why? Which was your least favorite?
From your entire military service, describe any memories you still reflect back on to this day.
What professional achievements are you most proud of from your military career?
Of all the medals, awards, formal presentations and qualification badges you received, or other memorabilia, which one is the most meaningful to you and why?
Which individual(s) from your time in the military stand out as having the most positive impact on you and why?
Can you recount a particular incident from your service, which may or may not have been funny at the time, but still makes you laugh?
What military associations are you a member of, if any? What specific benefits do you derive from your memberships?
In what ways has serving in the military influenced the way you have approached your life and your career? What do you miss most about your time in the service?
Based on your own experiences, what advice would you give to those who have recently joined the Army?
In what ways has helped you remember your military service and the friends you served with.
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