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Military Police
1948 - 2004

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  • Wallace, Jonathan, SPC, (2005-Present)
  • Walls, Mark, S/SGT, (2002-Present)
  • Ward, Frankie, SGT, (1979-1991)
  • Watson, Troy, SSG, (1992-2006)
  • Weatherford, Raymond, CPT, (1983-2005)
  • Welch, Kerry, SSG, (1981-1990)
  • Wenk, Bud, SFC, (1983-2004)
  • White, Carl, SP 4, (1969-1971)
  • Wildes, Kevin, SGT, (1983-1998)
  • Wilkinson, Charles G, SP 4, (1978-1981)
  • Williams, Alec, SP 4, (1970-1973)
  • Williams, Anthony, SGT, (1985-1997)
  • Williams, Earl, SSG, (1973-1993)
  • Wilson, Charles D, SGT, (1976-1979)
  • Wilson, David, SSG, (1990-2003)
  • Wilson, Kim, SP 4, (1980-1983)
  • Wireman, David, SGM, (1981-2009)
  • Woodring, Richard, CSM, (1986-2021)
  • Wortman, Mike, SGT, (1977-1985)
  • Yates, Valerie, SSG, (2000-2010)
  • Young, Denise, 1SG, (1986-2009)
  • Zanowic, Stephen, SP 5, (1972-1974)
  • Zarcone, Howard, SPC, (1988-1992)
  • Zieber, Allan, SGT, (1967-1970)
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Battle/Operations History Detail
This campaign was from 2 November 1968 to 22 February 1969. In November 1968 the South Vietnam government with American support began a concentrated effort to expand security in the countryside. This project was known as the "Accelerated Pacification Campaign."

This period covers the election of President Richard M. Nixon and a change of policy brought about by his administration after January 1969 when he announced a coming end to US combat in Southeast Asia and a simultaneous strengthening of South Vietnam's ability to defend itself. Formal truce negotiations began in Paris on January 25, 1969. The period can be characterized as marking time in preparation for an about face. Forty-seven ground combat operations were recorded during this period, the following being the most important:

(1). Operation NAPOLEON in the Dong Ha area initiated previously (1967) by Marine units, terminated on 9 December 1968.

(2). Operation WHEELER WALLOWA by 3d Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division and 196th Infantry Brigade (Light) in north-central Quan Tin Province. This ended on 11 November.

(3). Operation MACARTHUR initiated by 4th U.S. Infantry Division in II Corps tactical zone terminated on 31 January 1969.

(4). Operation COCHISE GREEN conducted by the 173d Airborne Brigade in Binh Dinh Province.

(5). Operation TOAN THANG II consisted of ground operations throughout III CTZ. This was a multi-division operation involving allied forces.

(6). Operation SEA LORDS was a coast and riverine operation. On 6 December Operation GIANT SLINGSHOT was started to disrupt enemy infiltration of materials from the "Parrot's Beak" area of Cambodia. Air operations continued to be important with over 60,000 sorties flown.
Vietnam, South
Vietnam War
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