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Constituted 1 July 1916 in the Regular Army as Troops E and F, 21st Cavalry. Organized 1 June 1917 at Fort Riley, Kansas. Consolidated, converted, and redesignated 1 November 1917 as Battery C, 79th Field Artillery. (79th Field Artillery assigned 6 December 1917 to the 7th Division.) Inactivated 14 September 1921 at Camp George G. Meade, Maryland, and relieved from assignment to the 7th Division. (79th Field Artillery assigned 1 January 1930 to the 7th Division; relieved 16 October 1939 from assignment to the 7th Division.) Activated 1 June 1940 at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Reorganized and redesignated 23 February 1943 as Battery C, 697th Field Artillery Battalion. Inactivated 12 February 1946 at Camp Kilmer, New Jersey. Redesignated 5 February 1947 as Battery C, 555th Field Artillery Battalion. Activated 1 January 1949 in Korea. (555th Field Artillery Battalion assigned 10 October 1954 to the 71st Infantry Division.) Inactivated 15 September 1956 at Fort Lewis, Washington. (555th Field Artillery Battalion relieved 16 July 1957 from assignment to the 71st Infantry Division.) Redesignated 1 August 1957 as Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 3d Missile Battalion, 79th Artillery, and activated at Fort Hood, Texas (organic elements concurrently constituted and activated). Redesignated 2 August 1965 as the 3d Battalion, 79th Artillery. Redesignated 1 September 1971 as the 3d Battalion, 79th Field Artillery. Inactivated 16 August 1987 in Germany. Campaign Participation Credit World War I *Streamer without inscription Korean War *UN Defensive *UN Offensive *CCF Intervention *First UN Counteroffensive *CCF Spring Offensive *UN Summer?Fall Offensive *Second Korean Winter *Korea, Summer?Fall 1952 *Third Korean Winter *Korea, Summer 1953 World War II *Naples‑Foggia *Rome‑Arno *North Apennines Normandy Northern France *Rhineland *Ardennes‑Alsace *Central Europe

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44 Members Who Served in This Unit
  • Alemany, Ed, SGT, (1979-1989)
  • Barbosa, Manuel, SP 4, (1979-1982)
  • Boone, Sidney, 1SG, (1970-1990)
  • Bruce, Larry, SP 4, (1970-1972)
  • Camburn, Maura, SPC, (2007-2009)
  • Cammarata, Frank, 1LT, (1969-1972)
  • Campbell, Richard, PFC, (1972-1974)
  • Carlson, Keith, SP 4, (1974-1979)
  • Chapman, Mark, SGT, (1967-1970)
  • Connell, Tom, PVT2, (1972-1974)
  • Dean, Douglas, SP 4, (1961-1964)
  • Downing, Ned, SP 4, (1972-1975)
  • Ferguson, Gerald, 1LT, (1971-1974)
  • Flanagin, Harold, CW3, (1972-1993)
  • Goldsmith, Vance, SGT, (1978-1992)
  • Hasty, Roger, MSG, (1986-2008)
  • Helms, Charles, SFC, (1967-1984)
  • Henderson, Joseph, LTC, (1945-1969)
  • Herrington, Thomas Ted, SP 4, (1965-1967)
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